Sunday, February 28, 2010

This Is Real Change

Brian Pannebecker of Shelby Township asks a question at a Tea Party meeting in St. Clair Shores on Tuesday. The gathering had no special agenda. Still, about 150 people attended. (WILLIAM ARCHIE/Detroit Free Press)
Brian Pannebecker of Shelby Township asks a question at a Tea Party meeting in St. Clair Shores on Tuesday. The gathering had no special agenda. Still, about 150 people attended. (WILLIAM ARCHIE/Detroit Free Press) .I'm the dumb looking guy in the far left corner.LOL
This T-shirt expresses one man's views at a Tea Party meeting in St. Clair Shores. The movement could have
There's plenty of evidence to support the everyman theory of the Tea Party, expressed above by the chairman of the Metro Detroit Freedom Coalition, a self-styled Tea Party organization. His comment came at a packed meeting of the group Tuesday evening in St. Clair Shores.

On a snowy, midweek gathering with no special agenda, people still showed up -- about 150. Tea Party demonstrations in Michigan and around the country have routinely drawn hundreds, sometimes thousands of participants. National polls have suggested the general public views the Tea Party, which is not a formal political organization, more favorably than either the Democratic or Republican Party.
And its members have become the public face of voter dissatisfaction and have been given a large measure of credit for delivering a body blow to President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats for the role they played in the upset victory of Republican Scott Brown in the special U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts last month.
Since the Brown election (coming on the heels of Republican victories in Virginia and New Jersey last fall) politicians of every stripe have been less inclined to dismiss the Tea Party as a phony grassroots outfit of fringe bigots and haters, as some on the left did when the movement took off last spring and summer.
Republicans, meanwhile, have tried to enclose the Tea Party in a warm, albeit self-serving embrace. State Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, a Rochester Republican and 2010 candidate for attorney general, was on the agenda of speakers in St. Clair Shores. His speech was peppered with kindred-spirit language.
"It's our responsibility to take back our country."
"This is America right here."
"You all have to stand up and say, 'No.' "

'We have a common goal'

In Oakland County, 9th District GOP Chairman Glenn Clark has taken on an alter ego as a Tea Party activist, organizing protests mostly aimed at the district's Democratic U.S. Rep. Gary Peters. Clark said it's a natural fit. The Tea Party, he said, is "bringing together the former pieces of the Reagan coalition."
an impact on the 2010 elections. (Photos by WILLIAM ARCHIE/Detroit Free Press)


  1. Chris, we agree, "you're the dumb looking guy" in the corner. Brian reminds me of Joe the Plumber. I wonder if John McCain ruined Brian's life too.

  2. I knew you would like my little caption. I have thick skin unlike many on the left.

  3. Chris you are so funny. It's good to see you can laugh at yourself as well.

  4. I wonder if you are still ruining people's lives like Andrew DuPont, who got canned by the OP thanks to his involvement with you Bruce?

  5. Bruce No Reflection on You Chris BUT Bruce Does Know DUMB!

    Had a Great Time On Tuesday!

  6. Brians pretty good at getting Brians face and name out there. Tween work, the meetings, constantly writing the papers and working for candidates whose raising the kids.

    I'd call him an attention whore, but that might slander decent hard working attention whores everywhere.

  7. JoeC You Seem to Know Alot About Whores! Wonder WHY!

    This Is Still a FREE Country to Express Ones Opinions, Work and Perhaps EVEN Protest if Citizen Finds it Necessary! One Who Brings Family Members Into Subject Are Very Small Minded and Really Do Sound Like Bruce. Begining to Think YOUR One and The SAME! WOW

  8. Wow, just a shame. Some people need to grow up and provide solutions rather than just anger and jealousy. Lead, follow or get out of the way, but your jealousy isn't doing a bit of good. Insulting people who are doing their civic duty and trying to make a difference takes a very small person.

  9. Yo0u guys are right it does sound like Joe is jealous of Brian. Joe don't be jealous of Brian just because you can't do what he does. I happen to know Brian is very close with his boys. But see teenage boys aren't like toddlers. They don't want to be around you all the time. Joe you are in a different place with you one son that is young. I also look up to Brian but I'm not jealous of him. I just wish I had his energy and writing ability.


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