Saturday, February 27, 2010

This Is Writen By A TEA Party Friend Of Mine

Tonight I did a little opposition research along with three other people from our group. We caught wind of a town hall meeting at a union hall with Sander Levin and decided we would try to get in if we could. We were successful. It was a large event with reportedly over 300 people. The organizers stated the number was 322. It seemed that most of the people in attendance were the party faithful rather than rank and file union members and there were many left wing organizers in attendance from the various sponsoring groups.

They all seemed to know each other and as conservative non union members we did our best to attract as little attention as possible. There were photographers taking pictures of the audience and there were people roving around the perimeter of the room that I thought were probably part of a security detail.
There were a number of speakers from the different organizations, the main ones being health care, amnesty, cap and trade and the war. The main focus of the event was to fire people up to push for health reform now. This was an impatient bunch. They are pretty unhappy that
Obama has not passed any of the promised initiatives. There were computers and phone banks in the room so people could contact legislators in real time. The left wing organizations are really turning the heat up. Organizing for America is pledging 5 million hours from volunteers.

Sander Levin came in and had a few remarks. One of these impatient supporters was trying to engage him in a dialogue but Levin's handlers soon came in and swooped him away for another meeting. There was palpable distress in this crowd that the Obama administration was not using its majority status to shove everything through. This was a cameo appearance at best although Levin did not seem to want to leave when they pulled him away.

Then John Conyers appeared, greeted by a bigger welcome than Levin got. I thought he was less than coherent with some routine with a bag of potatoes "small potatoes". I was more interested in what he had to say about health care legislation and he said he would hold his nose and pass it knowing that it could be fixed. Just get something on the books and it can be remodeled later. He said he supports single payor legislation.

After Conyers left several audience members approached the microphone and made brief remarks in support of their left wing causes. One man in particular was concerned about the foreclosure crisis and wanted a moratorium so that we could go back to Roosevelt solutions to our
current economic woes. He was quite passionate and really most of them were. It just seemed like an alternate universe to me, a place where up is down and down is up. I could see very little common ground. We did not speak up and ask a question or make a comment, because it
would not have been a sensible thing to do in that particular venue. We did not detect any like minded people in the audience and knowing of some SEIU attacks in places like St Louis we were not interested in tempting fate while under cover in the enemy camp.

There were hostile remarks about "tea baggers, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. It is easy to see who threatens them. They all seem to be operating at a very emotional level and there were lots of sound
bites, on stage and off. I heard many talking about all the people who are dying because the health bill has not passed. They still believe in global warming and that Michigan will be saved by "green jobs" like wind turbines (that failed technology the Europeans pawned off on us). Compared to the typical "tea party" I have attended this was a very negative, angry crowd. They seem like very unhappy people and very upset that all the wonders of Hope and Change have not been delivered.

There were shout outs from the audience calling for the bill to be passed by Reconciliation, but Conyers deflected that. He probably does not want to be quoted and said as much as he said there were probably reporters in attendance. This left wing base is certainly for it and there were several calls from the audience demanding it.

All in all, while it was very interesting I couldn't wait to get home and take a shower. You know that great invigorated feeling you get at one of our rallies? Well, this was just the opposite. I had a hard time backing out of my parking space as I was hemmed in by an illegally parked car covered in Obama stickers and one on the door that said "If you want religion in government move to Iran"  I also found it interesting that the same crowd that is so worried about people dying in war and people dying while they wait for health reform can be such champions of Planned Parenthood and their abortion agenda. As I find so often in dealing with liberals, things simply do not hold together in a cohesive argument.

Writen by MAV                                                                                                                              Thanks to conservatives like this we have some great info on the mindset of these radical progressives. This took real guts to pull off and they have it. Like I have said many times in the past. We surround them. Thank you very much MAV you are a real patroit. I can't wait to see what else you and your friends are doing. I know as long as you are there there will be fun had. Keep up the great work and keep in touch.


  1. Chris, Whats new here in this?

  2. I met these people at the Tea Party event in St.Clair Shores. This isn't an op-ed. They are just regular people seeing what the oposition it up too.

  3. I'm not surprised by your comments, MAV. I feel the same way when I've been anywhere near a group of tea baggers.

  4. My point remains the same. What do you think we have been fighting? There is nothing new here.

  5. Bruce , Is it not obvious yet to you that your opinion is worthless and really tiresome at best.

    I am particularily bored with you as I am well aware of the daily liberal talking points.

  6. Chris, as I read this it gave me the creeps. I can't imagine being surrounded by a large group of people who are so ignorant that they actually believe that the government is here to take care of them. Yecch....

    I can't imagine going through life thinking that the government (taxpayers) exist to take care of you. What weak, clueless people.

  7. Christopher, I feel the same way about the conservative talking points.

  8. Bruce, The difference is the Conservatve "talking points" are based on the Constitution whereas yours are not.

    Can you hear me now?

  9. OMG, ROFLMAO. Christopher, since when do conservatives really care about the Constitution? You are a joke. Where were you when Bush did away with habeas corpus? Where were you when he started two illegal wars? Where were you when he allowed torture?

    I'll tell you where you were, nowhere to be found.

  10. Bruce- Did away with habeas corpus.
    Ever read the preamble, which sets the tone for the Constitution? If not here it is.
    "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."
    You see there these words in there that define the document, those words are "We the People" and "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves"
    On 9/11, that was an act of war and the rules of war is that when you attack the citizens it becomes a military matter of crime. Not civil matter of crime.
    -"Where were you when he started two illegal wars?"
    Both wars were funded by Congress, nothing illegal about it.
    -"Where were you when he allowed torture?"
    If you are referring to cruel and unusual punishment, first those are guarantees for citizens, second the jury is still out on whether waterboarding is cruel or unusual punishment.
    Stop given Constitutional Rights to the enemy.
    It's treasonous.

  11. That is bullsh1t. You are lucky you didn't get hurt. If you pulled that sh1t in Flint you wouldn't have been able to write this story. Bruce do you check out the people mgoing to your meetings? Do you just let anyone show up? Those people could have poisoned the treats or drinks. When the enemy comes into our camp we are in trouble. You need to start putting some more gaurds outside to scare those teabagging people.

  12. Christopher are you as dumb as you sound? I can't understand what the F#$k you are even talking about. You sound like a crazy person. Mark the Constitution is outdated and needs to be thrown out and remade. Obama will do that. He will make up for all those years of black torture. The Constitution hasn't done anything for the black man or woman.

  13. Jay-Ney, it wasn't my meeting. I brought the possibility of teabaggers attending the meeting to the organizer and he wasn't overly concerned about it.

    MAV, there were not security people at the event. You really do have to get a grip on your imagination. You might want to stay off the crack or whatever drugs you're taking.

    Since you say you felt like it was an alternate univese, maybe you were taking LSD.

  14. This is from Bruce Fealks blog. How can anyone read his lieing BS? Republican Congressman - "Black people were better off as slaves"

    "Why are there so many Republicans that make really stupid, racist remarks like this?
    "In this country, we had slavery for God knows how long. And now we look back on it and we say "How brave were they? What was the matter with them? You know, I can’t believe, you know, four million slaves. This is incredible." And we’re right, we’re right. We should look back on that with criticism. It is a crushing mark on America’s soul. And yet today, half of all black children are aborted. Half of all black children are aborted. Far more of the African American community is being devastated by the policies of today than were being devastated by the policies of slavery. And I think, What does it take to get us to wake up?"

    That's what he said, really. You can watch the video. And people actually voted for this guy. It's beyond comprehension that anyone this stupid could get one vote, much less enough to be elected to high public office."

  15. Bruce first you tell MAV to get a grip and then you say you had paranoia over conservatives showing up. You are the outright nuts and could use some help. You are mirroring and most likely a drug addict because of your asked about LSD. I'm sure you had your share of acid and shrooms in your day. They are just backing up on you now. Flashbacks.

  16. Bruce Name One Thing Progressives Have Done For ANY Minority That DID Not Make Them Beholding to The Party! War on Poverty, Education! Look at Detroit Bruce and That is The LIBERAL Legacy to Minorities Bruce and SHAME on that its Disgraceful!

    Jay-Ney Seek Medical attention of Some Kind, I Fear You Have Had ONE to Many Mushrooms!

    Wars were FUNDED By CONGRESS I Thought You Knew That! It would NOT be Like You to Misinformed Any Body. NEVER Mind You Do it ALL the Time!

  17. Christopher what are you talking about? Did you and Bruce take LSD together or something?

  18. Now I understand what AL is saying. AL I like where you are going with that post.

  19. Jay-Ney
    The Constitution has been working for 200+ years.
    "Constitution is outdated and needs to be thrown out and remade. Obama will do that"
    Over my dead body.
    "Constitution hasn't done anything for the black man or woman."
    Really? Ever read the 13th Amendment?
    Ever wonder why you still have the right to vote,
    Ever wonder why you still have the right to express yourself... Like on this blog.
    Please, if you and all the left truly feel the "Constitution is outdated and needs to be thrown out" I guess we might be heading in to something this country has not experienced in 150 years...........

  20. Bruce-"there were not security people at the event."
    Can you verify that Levin and Conyers were there? If they were..... then yes there was security folks there, you just didn't notice.

  21. Yes, Levin and Conyers did appear. I've been to lots of events with Congressional members and never seen any security details.

    They did have staff with them, but no one that anyone would refer to as security. Maybe only Republicans feel the need security to go out and meet the public, Mark, since they seem to be so afraid of terrorists all the time.

  22. Bruce you are the one that told the head jerk at that meeting to be careful of conservatives. Sounds to me like you are the on that is afraid.

  23. I didn't tell him to be careful, just to be aware there may be some trying to cause some trouble.

  24. ALERT: Did you think that, just because Barack Hussein Obama called his meeting this week a "bipartisan healthcare reform summit," that the Democrats were serious about starting over and including the Republicans' ideas in their plans?

    WRONG!When Sen. Lamar Alexander opened the President's health care summit for the GOP by saying the Democrats should renounce the idea of using parliamentary tricks to pass health care, Obama concluded that the American people were not concerned with the arcane processes of the Senate and would be "comfortable with a majority vote."

    Sen. Alexander stated:
    My request is this, that before we go further today, that the Democratic congressional leaders and you Mr. President, renounce this idea of going back to the Congress and jamming through on a partisan vote, through a little-used process we call reconciliation, your version of the bill.
    Obama refused to renounce "reconciliation" to pass his plan! So, in other words, Obama is LYING about compromising on his healthcare plans, and Reid and Pelosi are preparing to use a parliamentary trick to ram ObamaCare down the throats of the American people!

    IT'S TRUE -- so WE have to make sure that Obama, Reid, and Pelosi FAIL in their trickery!

    Here's the "trick" that Obama, Pelosi and Reid are planning to use to ram ObamaCare through: it's called "reconciliation". As the Wall Street Journal explains, "House Democrats would pass a series of 'fixes' to the Senate bill. The Senate would then pass the House reconciliation bill, sending amendments to President Obama to a bill that -- strictly speaking -- didn't exist, because it hadn't yet emerged from the House. The House would then retroactively pass the Senate bill as is."

    So by using the "reconciliation" process, the Senate will only need 51 votes to pass their socialized healthcare bill!

    Regardless of the fact that the biggest reason Republican Scott Brown was elected to Ted Kennedy's old Senate seat was because he promised to help kill ObamaCare -- Democrats are still willing to use more corrupt tactics to get it passed! In fact, the liberals on the far left have their own interpretation of why Brown won: "people want more change... bolder change... more populism... and the public option is that in this healthcare fight." Check out this YouTube video where they state very clearly that the socialized healthcare "public option" is "back on the table" and will be passed by using the "reconciliation process" -- because in their minds, that's what "Americans want"!

    Are they serious about using this trick to pass their bill? You BET they are. Nancy Pelosi, on a conference call with bloggers, said, "We will not be deterred from this course of getting something done one way or another, and I'm hoping it will... be mainly by passing the comprehensive bill. That's our plan."

    Democrat Rep. Charles Rangel of New York stated that they are looking to start the process soon, and that he believed both chambers could muster the votes needed for passage, despite virtually unanimous GOP opposition. And Harry Reid said a scenario in which the House produces a reconciliation package "seems like a strong possibility." In fact, As of Thursday afternoon, 17 Senate Democrats were pushing Reid to use reconciliation rules to sidestep a Republican filibuster of health care reform.

    We CAN still stop ObamaCare, by STOPPING the Democrats from using the "reconciliation" parliamentary trick... but we can't do it without YOUR help!

  25. sorry bruce you said what you said and now you don't look so normal.

  26. Fealk and Jay Ney are like a comedy team, dumb and dumber. I will leave it to each individual to determine which is which.

  27. Bruce, they all, meaning elected officials, have some form of security with them in public, even some of their staff are trained in security and defense.
    And Republicans are not afraid of terrorist. We want to go after them. It's folks like you who would rather the US retreat from the fight... as you said earlier 'illegal war'
    I am not seeing your logic on Afghanistan. Lefties, even the President said this was the right war, but now you want us to cut and run.
    Pretty much shows who are afraid.

  28. wow, that was a bunch of nothing. So people are mad that they voted for someone and all his work is being denied by the right. Big deal.

    I am impressed though that Mark managed to reach into the way back machine and pull out the most useless of talking point cliches "cut and run" Wow, you dug deep for that one huh?

    Christopher, talking points based on the constitution? lol....not in this decade. Perhaps you need to reread them, or study some of the founders words on them, or just stop using talking points. Whatever the case may be its time to find some "new Points" based on reality not some intellectually deficient ideological stance that doesn't hold any water.

    Chris, interesting that you guys take this so seriously too. I thought it was only Bruce and
    Brian. Me, i don't have time to infiltrate meetings and worry about what this group might do in their meetings. I have kids to raise a job to go to, and life to live. Anyways i spent more time thinking about my garden and my sons upcoming hockey than any of this stuff. But hope the upcoming week is cool for you all.

  29. JoeC Glad to See Your Still Around, I Myself Am Polishing Up the Golf Clubs For the Upcoming Season! Im Not The Scholar You Are But I DO Think Most of OUR Fore Fathers were Concerned With Big and Intrusive GOVERNMENT and They Were Indeed CORRECT!

  30. Does anyone notice the irony of JoeC stating, "wow, that was a bunch of nothing", and then proceeding to engage in the same act he just denounced. Read his post and tell me one thing he offered that made a point or contained anything of value. Which begs the question, "If this "stuff" is so unimportant to you, then why are you here?"

    Is it simply to grace us with your presence?

  31. Paul,
    I didn't say politics was unimportant to me, but i did say that infiltrating the other side was. Nice that you read the post, but struggle with context.

  32. I think I understood the context rather well. You're simply arguing semantics. Regardless of what you were referring to, you offered an opinion that it amounted to "nothing" and then your comments equaled the same. In my book, that is rather ironic.

  33. Joe I also raise my boys,serve in the Church and their schools as well as I have a greenhouse and a large garden. Does that somehow make you of a higher person? You are sounding like an ilitist the more you post. Do you somehow think you are better then us because you have a garden and a kid? I'm trying to figure out why any of your post matters. I guess it doesn't. It is just your way of putting everyone on this blog down for being on this blog and into politics. Has anyone ever told you that you sound judgemental?

  34. Great point Paul. Joe does like to talk down to people. I think it is great that someone took the time to know the oppositions stance and their actions. It's kind of what you do when you read this blog, isn't it?

  35. "I am impressed though that Mark managed to reach into the way back machine and pull out the most useless of talking point cliches "cut and run" Wow, you dug deep for that one huh?"
    Wow, Joe, that's the best you got.... don't quit your day job.
    Hows that "We've lost this war" thing going for you lefties?

  36. Chris, i'm not talking down to you. I'm just suggesting that perhaps we are taking this thing too far. Arguing over politics is one thing, but everything isn't a virtuous battle for a righteous republic as conservative andrew sullivan says.

  37. Get in the real world JoeC. You are talking like a sausage when you say things like "righteous republic". You are the one that thinks he is righteous and for the greater good. You are the one that thinks we are the evil ones.

  38. If Andrew Sullivan is a conservative, then Reagan is a liberal. Are you talking about the same guy who gets the shiver up his leg for Obama, and who either started or perpetuated the story that Sarah Palin's kid was actually her daughter's?

    FAILk says he isn't a socialist but he is. Just because you say you are something doesn't mean you are. Andrew Sullivan is not a conservative. I'd like to know what makes him such, other than that he claims he is.


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