Friday, February 19, 2010

Vice President Biden gave a mini media tour to defend the $787 billion stimulus package on its first anniversary -- while saying the country is in "deep trouble."
In a USA Today op-ed, Biden touted jobs created, taxes cut and infrastructure projects started because of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. "The best is yet to come," he added.

We've gotten the act moving ahead of schedule, and most projects are coming in under budget. A tough, independent group of inspectors general is on the lookout for fraud, and we've killed scores of projects that don't pass muster. Your tax dollars are being used wisely and quickly to turn the economy around.

Americans know this downturn isn't over yet -- we have a long way to go before we are over the economic chasm left by the Great Recession. Year Two of the Recovery Act will build on the successes of Year One, continuing to generate jobs while seeding the transformative investments needed to ensure that our economy remains the world's strongest.
On CBS's "The Early Show," Biden said he understood why people were angry. "We get it," he said. But he said the White House was doing better than Congress.
"Washington, right now, is broken. I don't ever recall a time in my career where to get anything done, you needed a supermajority, 60 out of 100 senators."
"I've never seen it this dysfunctional," he said.

Biden also talked about national security, saying he was less worried about a large-scale terrorist attack than a lone bomber.                                                                                                                                      OK, I have some issues with what honest Joe Biden said.  First off he calls Washington more "disfunctional". Is that the Republicans fault even though they have the majority in Washington? Is it disfunctional that the Blue Dog Reagan Democrats agree with the Republicans and the American people. And does this admin. really think that 96% of Americans just are too dumb or ignorant to understand that the stimulus package "worked"? Come on Joe when 7% of Americans thinkl that Elvis is still alive I'd have to say that only Washington DC thinks the stimulus worked. Maybe that is because it only worked for Washington. Heck, Obama said that Mighigan got 180,000 jobs and Biden says 96,000 jobs. These guys can't keep their stories straight. That is a sign of a lie. And I see a lot of that going on in Washington.                                               Now this one bothers me the most. They have been telling us about the economy and the jobs when they were running for office. They called it the worse recession since the Great Depression. If that was true,and it is looking more true since they took office, then why did they put the jobs package in the second half of the stimulus spending jobs bill? Their first year they have done nothing short of attacking businesses. They attacked and put fear in the businesses that give us jobs. And now in an election year they decide to focus on jobs. But see they think that 96% of Americans are too dumb to understand the difference between Wahington reality and the American reality. Jobs should have been job one for this admin. Did they start the fire so they could sell us the hose and water? Their words and actions aren't matching up. Washington is out of cantrol and they are blaming the Republicans. Give me a break and start taking reponsability for the actions of your administration and their effect on the culture of Washington. I don't think 96% of Americans are too dumb to know jobs creation when they see it. They were the ones that defined what the Stimulus would do. And what would happen if we didn't do the Stimulus Jobs Bill. Americans listened to what you told them and now they are learning not to listen to the BS they are selling us. How dumb are they to be so far on the fringe of "believers" without any tangable evidence? They are the Elvis lives "believers".


  1. You are right on Chris! We were talking here at work, and then I checked your latest comment and you touched on everything that we had been talking about!!

    Keep up the great work Chris!

    This administration doesn't care about jobs. If they start concentrating on jobs, it's merely because they have found a way to push their power grab through using jobs legislation. They are as sneaky as they come.

  2. DITTO. Great blog Chris. I email you to all my friends. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  3. Chris have you not had your posts put up on Bruces blog? Bruce has block half of my posts from going on his blog. He is a typical communist control freak. I'm going to stop posting on his blog since he doesn't post all the comments. I would suggest you and all your readers do the same. I've noticed that his comment and profile hits go up when he posts on your blog. Why don't you start bumping his comments? He is just such a weasel. I am posting this as Anonymous because I don't want him to know who I am.

  4. I have had many of my post scubed from Bruces blog as well. That pisses me off but I live with it cuz I like him. But it is running thin. My brother is friends with John Conyers and he set up John to go oh Bruces blog as a interview. But John saw the blog and said he didn't want anything to do with it. Bruce must have something in his blog that John doesn't want to be a part of. And John never says no to a left wing attention. Chris would you like me to ask John to do an interview on your blog? I don't konw what he would say but at least you are fair to posting both sides.

  5. Jay-Ney, I saw Congressman Conyers yesterday and I'll set up the interview on my own, thanks.

    I don't post all the comments because I want my blog full of some of the immature comments that are posted on Chris' blog. I try to resepectfully disagree and present an opposing point of view. I never use bawahahaha or other immature expressions.

    Congressman Conyers staff has called me a couple of times to set up an interview. I'm sure he will be on soon.

  6. Bruce then why didn't you post my other comment on your blog? I posted two comments and you only let one through. This was just today. And you do it all the time Bruce. You like to only let in your responces and then not let us have a dialogue. It seems like a lot of people here have been complaining about you not letting people post. That is unless they arte left wing wackos. I let people have some freedom of expression on this blog. You dictate over yours like you want to dictate over this country. I have noticed that it is you blog posts that are immature. JayNey, I don't think I would be interested in having an interview with John Conyers. I've heard enough from him and his wife to last me a lifetime. I can't believe Bruce still respects the guy. Well they are cut from the same cloth. Oh, and Bruce I'm glade to hear that us laughing at you bothers you. You on the left have become nothing more then a joke to most of us on the right. BWAAAHAHAHAHHA And for any of you that don't know who John Conyers is google him. Look what he has done to Detroit and what they want to do to the rest of this nation. Only Bruce would look up to a person like him and his wife.

  7. Anon even though it might be fun to delete Bruces comments I think it serves us better to hear what he has to say. He sure as heck doesn't help the left any. Thanks for being another person that feels they need to vent about Bruce's blog on here. I know he wont post your complains or valid points because he can't handle them.

  8. Chris, I'm another Anon. I agree with you that you shouldn't delete comments just because you don't like them like Brucie CENSORS (under the guise of not wanting immature comments - that's hilarious!).

    I've responded to a handful of blogs over the last couple of years, and it's always the libs who CENSOR. Just like the W.H. and government controlled media, they only let through what they want people to hear-what backs up their agenda. They can't handle anything that goes against what they think.

    I don't know how libs survive in this world. Oh that's right - they're the ones that want the government to take care of everyone. Even those of us who don't want to be taken care of. That's how they survive - by whining to the government and getting their piece of the pie - that piece earned by somebody else!

    I believe that I will show up at the MEDEFCO meeting on Tuesday for the first time. I've been to a number of tea parties over the last year, and I can tell we're getting stronger and stronger. "We" being people who believe in the Constitution and limited government!

  9. One More Anonymous19 February, 2010 21:21

    Chris, I follow your blog every day. I looked at Bruces blog and his profile. It looks like your blog is doing much better then his. And his has been around for years. I also wanted to read what all the fuse was about with Bruces blog. I see he rarely ever has any comments other then a few from you and Silverfiddle and his left wing buddies. Chris you are doing the right thing even when it doesn't feel right to you. I remember them calling you names and making fun of your spelling. You left those all those posts up. Good for you. That says a lot about you and him.

  10. Bruce John Conyers and You! Conyers must Have a Weak Schedule BUT a Strong Stomach!

    I Am Not Stunned to Hear That You Sensor Your Blog, I Could SEE Where TRUTH Would Cause You A PROBLEM!

    Chris Feeling Better Great!

  11. One More Anonymous19 February, 2010 21:32

    From Bruces blog: "Tea Party Candidate Wants to Hang Her Opponent"

    "The tea baggers deny that they encourage violence." This is another title of his blog: "Have You Noticed The Lack of Minorities at Tea Parties?"
    Here is another one of his titles: "Why Do Republicans Want to Kill Grandma and Grandpa?"
    And all this was in just one weeks worth of posts. I think Chris is even handed for what he has to deal with. He has a real mental case of a blogger with Bruce Fealk. And for his own brother to go after him on a blog he must be a real peice of work.

  12. Thanks everyone. OMA thank you for pointing out Bruces blog topics.

  13. Chris, I think it might be fun to go through your topics.

    Pretty much every one though is full of your hateful agenda. I use my topics sometimes to fire back at your ridiculous rhetoric.

    We had an awesome rally on Thursday night. I was almost hoping some of you would show up. There is a lot of enthusiasm for President Obama's and the Democratic agenda to pass health care reform, immigration reform, another jobs bill and energy reform.

    What all the obstructionism has taught us and the President, get it done without the looney right. The public option still polls over 65%, into the 70's in some polls. I'm so glad Democrats are finally growing a spine.

  14. Go ahead Bruce and go through my topics. Post them so we can see them. We will push back as hard or harder then you on the left Bruce.

  15. Bruce who paid for all those signs? It doesn't look grassroots to me. Did Levin and Conyers pay for them or Soros? And I see you had two of the biggest slimeballs at that event. A lot of pictures but none that show how many people there. By the way I wouldn't waste my time going to an event that was of no consequence to anyone other then the far left. I'm in Sandy Levins district and this will be his last term. But that is a ways away. I see you didn't have anyone there that was up in 2010.

  16. I just watch the video. Wow it looks like you had about 100 people. And you all worked so hard to get the word out. You guys sent out 10,000 of email and all the personal invites. You spent all that money on making signs because no one would make their own. And all they talked about were the same talking points as in the election. At least the unions showed up or no one would have been there. We aren't as organized as you on the left. I'm sure there wont be printed signs given out or 10,000 email blasts. Our meeting will only grow if people tell other people. It is great that at least the right wing tea party people don't show up to disrupt your events like you guys have done.

  17. And they say the Tea Parties aren't grass roots. This is who sponsored this event.In addition to HCAN and OFA, the following groups were sponsors:
    Repower America AFL-CIO
    United Food & Commerc. Workers SEIU
    MichUHCAN MI Citizen Action
    UAW Mich. Universalist Social Just. Net.
    Reform Immigration of America Planned Parenthood of MI
    Women's Internatl. League for Peace & Freedom Progress Michigan
    AFSCME Council 25 America Votes Action Fund
    Unite HERE Local 24
    Ameinu Detroit MOSES
    Michigan Voice ACCESS
    Interfaith Council on Peace & Justice Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring of MI
    Health Care Now SE Mich. Jobs with Justice
    Detroit Metro Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice Detroit Area Peace with Justice Network
    Gray Panthers of Metro-Detroit Mich. Alliance to Strengthen Soc. Sec. & Medicare
    Mid-MI Coalition for Health Care Reform
    It looks like Big Labor wants health care but they don't want to pay for it. What a group this must have been. They said they had 350-400 people at the event. But all the pictures only show about 180 that I could count. Why lie about the number of people there? They always try to make themselves seem bigger then they are. It was nothing more then a union rally. Shame on you for lieing about the number of people there. Now we can't believe anything they say.

  18. All those unions there, I'm surprised anything got done! LOL

    Must have been one big coffee break. Did they have free donuts or something?

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. Only Problem Some Have on this BLOG is You Get a LITTLE Confused When Confronted with FACTS or TRUTH! Your Talking Points Fail the "COMMON SENSE TEST"!

  21. You cons will have your day in hell. You are evil.

  22. Al, we had sign-in sheets and I know you can't count very well, but we had a standing room only crowd of over 350. Sorry buddy. None of the pictures include all the people there.

    We on the left will not let the looney right take our country back. You are in for the fight of your lives.

  23. ROFLMAO ... Al, your count is right on. FAILk always counts the ones with extra chromosomes as two, so I'm guessing there was at best 175.

    FAILk hopes we don't take this country back?!? Sounds to me he likes the Hypocrat gridlock and epic fails of not being able to do anything even with the supermajority! LOL

  24. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA ... did you guys get a look at the fresh new blood that they Hypocrats are bringing to the dance? John Dingell, 55-year rep going for his 28th term. I guess 28th time is the charm. He's going for what will probably be his final chance to put the final nail in the automotive industry coffin! LOL ... This is the kind of "fresh new thinking" that the Hypocrats bring to the table; Dingell, Conyers and Byrd. ROFLMAO

  25. Bruce I Never Said Any Thing About the Head Count At Your BAT CAVE Meeting!

    Get Back on YOUR Meds and Like ALWAYS Try to GET The FACTS RIGHT! WoW EVEN in YOUR Own BAT CAVE YOU Do Not GET the FACTS RIGHT!

    Progressives are Going To MEET Alot of LOONS In November BRUCE and Then As You Say This Country WILL Be RIGHT Again!

  26. LOL Bruce. You have a sign in sheet that doesn't match up with photos.BWAHAHAHHAHHA. That is a good one. Were the people on top of each other? Or did half the room leave when the speakers started talking? What you are saying doesn't make sense. For you to say that a sheet of paper is more right then the photos is just idiotic. But you do come form the group that touts saved jobs that don't exist.

  27. Chris, so tell us how you counted the room when none of the pictures show the entire room. I'm sure it will be most enlightening.

  28. Go on the blog page you gave. It clearly shows the guy is not in the middle of the room. He is showing how many people are there. Just because you keep saying it aint so doesn't change the pictures. The picture I have is cut off from the origanal. Post the blog sit you did last time and people can see for themselves. But from what I've been reading almost everyone says the same thing. They all think you guys are lieing because the pictures tell the truth. Saying half the people didn't listen to the speech is just dumb. You guys lie and we believe the pictures long before we would believe some left wing blogger that took the pictures. I guess he never thought that anyone would notice that the pictures don't show no were near 350 people. Say what you want but the pictures don't lie.

  29. Bruce Fealk said...
    Madison Heights Call for Action Rally
    I will have the video up soon. This is the first 10 minutes.
    Call for Change Rally Part 1

    20 February, 2010 08:35 This is the sit Bruce gave. Watch the video for more proof of liberal lieing on how many people they had. They just talk about wanting more free stuff from us tax payers. The union members make almost twice as much as the average non-union members and they want us to pay even more for them. Greedy bastardes.


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