Saturday, February 20, 2010

Art Laffer on Stimulus

Things have not been working the way Obama and Congress said they would. In fact if you bet against them you would be right almost 100% of the time. Now I understand that Obama has never been in the real world and he needs time to adjust to it and his new job. But the facts still remain that Obama is wrong almost always. And being wrong so often you would thing he would be wrong in a way that is good for America. Now soon Obama wont be able to blame everybody and his Grandmother for what is going wrong in the country and with his booksmart planes. Soon he will blame his own admin. I can already tell that Obama never blames himself for anything. That isn't a leader that leads as AL pointed out in another post. But maybe as the Conservative movement takes shape we may be able to lead our President to victory over this recession. I still have hope for Obama. And he seems wishy washy enough to go with the strongest flow. As spring nears and more and more rallies take shape,we will see it effect Congress. November will be the thing that will make Obama stand up for the Conservative movement. The Democrats think the unemeployed want extentions. No they don't. They want the jobs that were promised for the first jobs/stimulus bill. We have been waiting patiently for Obama and the Democrats to do what they promised they would. We watched them bail out the unions at the Big Two,the unions in the government and they bailed out the banks. Giving the unemployed a check for $25 a week isn't what they wanted. They want the governemnt to get out of the way of the businesses they will end up working for. It is the private sector and the non-union employees that have bared the brunt of this recession on their backs. Over the last 5 years the private sectors average pay went from $41,700 to $41,300 a year. The union governemnt jobs went from $59,000 a year to $71,000 and next year it will go up to $75,000. This is all a bunch of BS.  And these same government employees have a pention plan like none other. They can retire when they are 50 with 90% of their pay in many cases as long as they get their 30 years in. They can't get fired. Isn't that about right Bruce? You were a government employee until you "retired" didn't you? Why don't you tell us how that works out for you? Being able to retire long before you are even 60. Is that fair or is it greed? Will it be fair if you union members don't have to pay for your "cadillac"health insurance to help pay for the health care reform you want? Is it fair that you put that tax on the people that make almost half as much as you union government emploees . We the people are getting sick and tired of getting bullied by the greedy unions. It is time they start paying and recieving just like we do. We employee them not the other way around.


  1. Every time we elect a democrat we get a klatch of pointy headed pseudo-intellectual marxists just dying to try out their academic theories on the public.

    Simple economic principles work every time. Keynesian policies have NEVER worked. The US came out of the depression not due to FDR controlling the economy, but because we started building ships, planes and armaments preparing for WW II.

    In a roundabout way, government spending got us out of the depression, but it wasn't with make work paying men to lean on shovels.

  2. James Madison recognized something that just about everybody in Washington tries to forget. The government does not run the country. It is one institution among many that makes a self-governing society work.

  3. Chris, whats wrong with wokring 30 years and being able to retire? Working till 60 leaves people like me born in the 70's with a life expectancy of 68 years. So if i work from the time i graduated high school till 60 and then retired i will have to work 42 years for those 8.

    Sorry if i can make 55 and have my 30 i am out. I want to enjoy my retirement.


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