Thursday, March 11, 2010

83% Of Americans Think Obama Is A Liar and so does Dick Durbin

Senator Dick Durbin  (D-IL) didn’t come right out and say “Obama is a liar,” but he may as well have.
“Anyone who would stand before you and would say, ‘Well, if you pass health care reform, next year’s health care premiums are going down’ I don’t think is telling the truth.”

By a slim margin, voters would advise their representative in Congress to vote against President Barack Obama's healthcare bill, a new poll found.

48 percent of people told the Gallup poll that they would tell their lawmaker to vote against a health bill similar to Obama's, while 45 percent said they want their representative to vote in favor of the bill.

The three point margin is within the poll's four percent margin of error, and seven percent of respondents told Gallup they had no opinion on the legislation.

The close tally reflects the split public opinion over the healthcare proposals favored by the president as Democrats in Congress appear to be moving toward finishing work on the legislation.

The reasons cited by poll respondents for favoring or opposing the bill also closely track the lines of arguments made by lawmakers in support of and against the health reform plans.

29 percent of supporters of the bill cited concerns over too few people being uninsured as their main reason for favoring the legislation, while 20 percent of opponents said they feared the plan would make healthcare less affordable.

The poll was conducted March 4-7.


  1. Barack Obama now has a negative approval rating in every state he flipped from the Bush column to his in 2008. In each of those places his level of support is now in the 44-46% range. It's probably a good thing he doesn't have to run for reelection this year. He can only hope things start turning around for him once the midterms are in the rear view mirror, much as they did for Bill Clinton.

    Here's the state by state rundown:

    -In Colorado a recent Rasmussen poll found his approval at 45/53. Research 2000 found his favorability at 46/47 in January.

    -In Florida Rasmussen found his approval at 45/54 and Quinnipiac's latest found it at 45/49.

    -In Indiana Rasmussen has his approval at 44/54 and Research 2000 finds his favorability at 46/49.

    -In Iowa Rasmussen has him at 45/54, and the latest Des Moines Register poll put his approval at 46%, though I can't find the disapproval number anywhere.

    I'm a democrat and I can't stand this lawless president and congress. I'm starting to like the libertarian party more.

  2. And exactly which Republican would beat him if the election were held today? No one. That's who.

  3. Bruce What DO You As a UNBIASED Liberal Base Your Assumption On? Just Wondering How You Could Be SO Enlightened.

  4. Al, then tell me who you think would be able to beat President Obama if the election were held today. In all the polling Ive seen of anyone even remotely considering running in 2012, Obama crushes them all.

  5. Shemp Hamilton would beat Obama right now Bruce. Even Santa Claus could beat Obama. No one believes what he says. That mean no one would listen to him. See how lieing works Bruce? Obama and Congress have lost all credibility with the voters. Bruce the Republicans can't stand him,the Blue Dogs don't support him and the Progressive haven't gotten what they want out of him. Who likes Obama other then a fringe minority?

  6. Bruce 2012 is a long ways away. But 2010 is here and now and Obama only hurtse the Democrats running. He isn't helping them that is for sure. Obama and the Democrats in Congress have been sinking the Democratic parties ship. Did you know that Bush gained seats for the Republican party his first term? It is obvious that the Democrats don't know what they are doing. And you can say that the Republicans aren't much better but they are still better and that must burn your britches. It real does suck to be a Democrat. Don't forget that it is we the people that must agree with what Obama and Congress are doing. If we don't then we will vote people in that will change things the way we the voters want. The Democrats gave a lot of false promises and false hope and they will see what happens when you lie to the American voters. Bruce you and your minion can say Obama and the Democrats are great all you like but the vast majority of Americans think you are wrong. I've never seen a Presidents number go down so fast in my life. And Congress can't even get a lower approval rating then single digits.

  7. Bruce Just Beleive You Got Another Jimmy Carter On Your Hands! At Least Carter Was Just Incompetent! Nobama Has Proven to Be Quite a Campaigner But His Record Does Speak For It Self to This Point!

    Full Steam Ahead on Nobama Care and OOps on Economy and Jobs ,The Two Items That Concern Citizens The Most. He Has Pushed His Agenda Forward and Pushed Citizens on Back Burner! You Know Saying One Thing Lazering in On Jobs And Then Doing Something Else!

    How Much of That Stimulus Went to Citizens and JOBS, Not Counting Unemployment Benifits Which Are a Seperate Issue!

  8. What is in the bill? Why are the "Blue Dog" Democrats holding this bill up if it was so good and what the people wanted? I want reform like most Americans. Just not this reform bill. It is too Fed up to pass. These Democrats don't know shit from Shinola.

  9. If Stupak sinks this government takeover of health care, I will personally donate $100 to his re-election campaign.

    The Hypocrats should be celebrating the fact that they (finally) have a man of principle standing up for his constituents. Instead they will tear him down and destroy him. Destroy at all costs. Their scorched-earth tactics are going to come back to haunt them, no matter what they do.

  10. Once Again Nobamas LEGACY " He Woke Up Voters and Made Them Think"! Good For Country REALLY Bad For Liberals/Progressives! Wonder if That Will Be Etched on The Outside of His Library When the Times Comes. Maybe Sooner Than Later!

  11. 24% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. 42% Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -18

    37% give the President good or excellent marks for handling the economy while 47% say he’s done a poor job in this area. On national security, the numbers are 41% good or excellent and 33% poor. On a generic basis, voters trust Republicans more than Democrats on both issues.

    Overall, 44% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President's performance. 54% disapprove.

    34% believe unemployment will be higher in a year while 29% believe it will be lower.

    25% say the U.S. is generally heading in the right direction.

    57% believe that passage of the proposed health care legislation will hurt the economy. Just 25% believe it will help. 42% favor the President’s health care plan while 53% are opposed. 55% say that Congress should scrap the current health care legislation and start over.

  12. LOL, good one Al!

    I think they should at least have a bronze statue of Comrade Bruce in a flaming Prius, do it where it looks like it has crashed into the library, as a shrine to his last blind supporter! LOL

  13. where is the 83 percent cited at???

  14. Good point ... 83% DOES seem a little low! LOL

  15. Just looking for the figure. didn't see it in the blog only the title.

    i did see this RCP average generic poll...
    2/12 - 3/7 -- 44.0 43.4 Republicans +0.6

  16. Yeah, I was just joking around. I googled but couldn't find it. Not sure if it's a composite or what.

  17. 83? Isn't that Bruce's IQ? On second thought, that is probably too high to be his IQ.

  18. I heard something today on WJR about 83% poll number. But I didn't listen to what it was about.

  19. Good video of Durbin and the other idiots.

  20. This is for Comrade Bruce, who says that tort reform would do nothing for health insurance reform. Comrade Bruce, you sir, are an A-hole. And I confer upon you the BIGGEST A-HOLE OF THE YEAR award. BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA

    Panel: Women Need Chance To Avoid Repeat C-section
    LAURAN NEERGAARD | 03/10/10

    WASHINGTON — Too many pregnant women who want to avoid a repeat cesarean delivery are being denied the chance, concludes a government panel that urged doctors to rethink litigation-spurred policies that have swung the pendulum back toward the days of "once a C-section, always a C-section."

  21. where is the 83 percent figure???

  22. It's at the heading Joe. Can't you see it?

  23. lmao, you got me there....but where is it in the body of work?

  24. LOL ... you two are pretty funny Chris and Joe. Thanks for the laugh!


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