Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Think He Needs To Eat Better And Work Out Once In A While

This video is of Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO in Washington D.C. yesterday.
There are some big problems with these sheeples "Stop Big Insurance" Progressive talking points. First off Medicare is the #1 insurance that turns down the most for care. Yes the governement option that we already have withholds medical treatment more then any other insurance company. And Medicare has more waste then the insurance companies have profit. In other words the government waste more then the 3.4% profit margin the insurance companies make. And while Big Labor wants this health care reform they don't want to pay for it.  And how in the world can the government compeat with the non-profit Blue Cross? You can't do better then that when it comes to profit. Is there anyone out there that believes that insurance companies are the enemy of the people? Or could it be BIG Government and Big Labor that are our real enemies? Take a look at the facts and then ask yourself if what these idiots in Washington DC and Big Labor Unions are trying to do is in our best interest or theirs. If this is such a great thing for these unions then let them pay for it. We need to stop listening to the Progressive lies these people are trying to sell us. We all want people to have a fair shake when it comes to previous conditions. Both parties agree with that part of the bill. It's just all the other BS progressive special interests that are killing the bill. When Big Labor Unions pay for whaqt they want and the governement Medicare cleans up their messes then maybe we will listen to them. But until then they are just playing loose with the facts and trying to pull the wool over our eyes by attacking the insurance companies while the rest play loose and free with our money. An another thing. Have you ever heard of having to pay almost $2 tillion to save money? What kind of VooDoo  are they trying to pass off as a good idea?


  1. Chris -

    I read a remark someone made yesterday which struck me. It went something like this:

    Big Corporations do come and go. There aren't any more buggy whip companies any more, even though maybe those were big at one time. There is no more AMC, although that could be argued was a pretty sizable corp. at one time. The only thing that has persisted and has gotten bigger and bigger, no matter the economic conditions, and will continue to do so unless we put the brakes to it, is government. So to be "scared" of corporations and not government seems to me to be a preposterous idea. As I like to say, I can vote with my wallet, and no corporation can make me buy their product except through government coercion.

    And then there are the mentally weak who apparently can't stand an ad put out by a corporation for or against a politician. Poor Comrade Bruce. LOL

  2. That dude looks like a fat Hitler.

  3. I finally got a chance to watch this video. Is this the rally that Jay-Ney and Comrade Bruce were going to car-pool to and share a hotel? LOL

    Well according to some, this is NOT a peaceful protest. People yelling and some guy using amplified sound. Very disturbing how unpeaceful it was.

    Plus this guy is pretty full of sh*t.

    I loved how he was asking "what do you call it when ..." over and over, and the guy in the crowd is yelling "CRIMINAL" ... and when the dude doing the talking answers his own questions with "GREED", all of a sudden the guy in the crowd changes to "GREED".

    Thanks Chris for the video. It was a long day and I needed a good laugh! Leave it to the liberals to give me just what I needed!! BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  4. #1 The STOP Sign In Front of This Guy Did Not Keep Him From Going For SECONDS Many Times! Looked Almost Like a MOB to Me!

    Relaxed Now Walking, Golf with Couple Buddies Today and Then This Guy! Gotta Love a Good LIB in Full Throttle Open MODE!

  5. Fearmongering from the left again.

  6. I see the left wing isn't saying much for their Great One Obama. The silence is nice for a 'change'. I 'hope' it lasts.

  7. It looks like health care reform will pass next week, perhaps even with a public option.

    It will be a great day for America when we finally start down the road to making sure health care is a right and not a privilege for only those that can afford to pay for it.

  8. LOL ... health care is not a right, no matter what law you try to pass Comrade Bruce. Is a house, clothing and food a right as well? You are a nut.


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