Saturday, March 13, 2010

Coffee Party Is Astroturf And Here Are The Radicals In The Coffee Party

  • Stacy Hopkins is a black leftist radical.
  • Alex Oxford is a big time gay rights activist.
  • Tony Anderson has ties to Van Jones. 

How is it that CNN didn't find any of this on these radical Coffee Party leaders? What a health looking group they are. I bet they want free health care?LOL. The Progressives are regrouping and ready to push the conservatives down. We conservatives have made some major ground in politics. The TEA Party is the reason the Health Care debate is still going on and the Blue Dogs are sticking to their beliefs.  And that is why the Progressives have come up with this liberal buffoon fest of radical fringe progressives, the Coffee Party. We conservatives need to gain more people to our conservative left of center idealogy. We need to tell friends and family to go to the rallies and write to newspapers. We need to get more people involved if we are to make a difference. We need the Blue Dog Democrats to take back their party. We need to insure that all the Progressives are out of the Republican party. Progressive isn't working and never has. I wish both conservative Democrats and conservative Republicans would take back their parties. Both parties need to push the Progressives out of their party. When they loss power and start rioting like they always do we need to put them in jail.  They need to learn how to rally in a civil way and jail time might teach them a leason.


  1. Jesus, you need some hobbies. There's a conspiracy behind every door and a monster in every closet for you guys huh?

  2. So I have a question for you libs/regressives.

    You say the corporations are taking over Washington, and Washington is so corrupt, right? And you are all scared because of the Supreme Court decision upholding freedom of speech, and you are scared because (non-foreign) corporations can now donate money to ads and campaigns for politicians, as well as release print media supporting or denouncing certain candidates, so you feel that this is going to destroy the political system.

    Well frankly, the Hypocrats have been making steady gains in power, correct? I mean, you have the super-majority in the Senate, control over the house and now the Presidency! It's THIS corrupted system that has swept the corrupt Hypocrats into power. So it seems to me the corporations have been throwing their weight behind .... yep, Hypocrats! LOL It's not even CLOSE! So these corporations that were lobbying Hypocrats will now be throwing even more money at the Hypocrats. It's a winner for the Hypocrats, but a loser for America and Americans.

    Sucks doesn't it, when reality exposes how corrupt the Hypocrats are, and what shills for corporations they are?

    I mean, let's take a look at the government takeover of health care. Big Insurance, by keeping quiet and not fighting this (and writing the legislation) they will be getting 30 million new customers. This is the Hypocrat's OWN LEGISLATION! And the regressives say "pass this and then it will get fixed"! LOL, It's PREPOSTEROUS! THIS is the legislation that the Hypocrats WROTE and PASSED! It IS fixed! LOL

    You regressives can keep your head in the sand and keep ignoring reality. It's unbelievable to me that any sane adult could look at this legislation and believe it is anything more than a big giveaway to big insurance, big pharma, trial lawyers and unions. But then again, nobody ever accused regressives of being sane!

  3. Not sure where the conspiracy is here Joe. The Coffee Party is obviously an answer to the Tea Party. Not sure if that would be considered a conspiracy. Care to elaborate?

  4. Joe, our hobby is keeping progressives out of Americans lives and defending Americans rights to less intrusiveness by the Government.
    That's one hell of a hobby, most would think.

  5. When Looking at Actions of The Progressives Just On Health Care Looking For Monsters and Conspiracy Behind Their Actions ACTUALLY Sounds Like the PRUDENT Thing To Do!

  6. Seattle down Joe the Truther.

  7. Mark you need a new hobby then. One hell of a hobby? No its a stupid hypocritical double standard applying joke.

    John, you rail about Big Pharma and big insurance and lawyers but plenty of your own party's candidates are almost wholey owned subsidiaries of them. lets look at some of them.
    Top 5 Industries, 2009-2010, Campaign Cmte

    John Boehner minority leader
    1. Insurance
    5. Pharmaceuticals/Health Products

    Eric Cantor minority whip
    3. Insurance
    5. Lawyers/Law Firms

    Thad McCotter POLICY CHAIR
    3. Insurance

    And other local michigan Republicans

    Mike Rogers
    1. Pharmaceuticals/Health Products
    3. Insurance
    5. Lawyers/Law Firms

    Dave Camp
    1. Insurance
    3. Pharmaceuticals/Health Products

    Candice S Miller (owned by
    1. Transportation Unions
    3. Building Trade unions

    So what is your hypocritical butt worried about. the dems are only taking care of the major donators to the Republican party.

  8. UNIONS Seem to Be Doing Pretty Well for Their CASH Also! Seem to Remember that Insurance Thingy For Union Guys! Also Have to Check and See How Many Times Union Officals Visited The White House and Speak to President.

    Sad To Say BUT Most Politicans From BOTH Sides Are Lawyers! Best Way to Get By The LAWYER Thing is DONT VOTE For Lawyer Politicans!

  9. JOEY, we've been through this before. Stop being an asshole. Or at least make an attempt to. Jerk.

    Frankly, your "two wrongs make a right" mentality is sad as hell. I never said that Republicans don't take money from special interest. I HAVE said that we need to get it out of politics, and Rep. Paul had some suggestion. You are the little bitch that is deflecting. This government takeover of health care was written by big insurance, pharma, unions and trial lawyers. All you have to do is look at the results. There is no reason for those special interests to waste money on the minority party. So you can either try to defend your corruptocrat Hypocrats, or you can be a man and stand up and tell your party that you won't take it any more. That is what the tea party is about. Telling ANY politician, no matter the party, that they WILL vote the way their constituents want them to, and if they don't we will can their asses. And now we see what you are about, defending your dirty politicians. You are lame as hell.

    And who cares what their #1 contributor, #2 or #20 is. The fact is, the Hypocrats get a LOT more $$$ in contributions than the Republicans do. So the Hypocrat's #1 is a lot more in quantity than the Republicans #1's. So, whatever JOEY. You just can't bear to admit that your regressives are just as dirty as any other politician, and probably in most cases dirtier. You're no better than Comrade Bruce. Defending those crooks. Shame on you JOEY.

  10. Joe and Bruce are just playing dense John. Or maybe they are that ignorent.

  11. Joey would make a great defense lawyer: "Your honor, my client might have killed that man, but hey, OJ did it and he was let go, so you shouldn't even charge my client with a crime!"


    And by the way Joey, those others that you mention aren't trying to jam legislation through that will force me to buy a private company's product against my will. Huzzah for those wonderful Hypocrats who are obviously the most honorable people ever. What a joke.

    Is that what you teach your kid(s) Joey; if anyone calls your corrupt Hypocrats out, just say it's okay because Republicans do it too?!?! LOL


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