Saturday, March 13, 2010

Open Thread:Speak Your Mind Or Ask Questions

From the LA Times: The ad man who brought us Demon Sheep -- along with King Rat and other strange political fauna -- is back with another outlandish production.
Call it Fred’s Zeppelin.
Actually, it’s Barbara Boxer -- blown up and distended to grotesque proportion -- floating malevolently over a travel-scape of California: vineyards, palm trees, sandy beaches, Victorian homes, the Golden Gate Bridge.
The ad for GOP Senate hopeful Carly Fiorina features plenty of creator Fred Davis’ trademark humor, from the ominous opening scene, which portrays the U.S. Capitol as something out of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” to the finale, in which a pin-pricked Boxer sinks ignominiously into the sea.
But there’s also plenty of venom packed into the seven-minute web spot. “A problem-solver…a problem-causer,” goes one compare-and-contrast between Fiorina and the Democratic incumbent. You can guess who is who, and which is which     Here is the video, what do you think?

The Democrats are being revieled for what they are and what they have become.


  1. Hey Chris, you should move to Texas so you could have a public school system that works like a Christian Madrassa.

    No more Jefferson, but more John Calvin.

    No more Seperation of Church and state.

    No more explanation that Constitution prevents the U.S. government from promoting one religion over all others.

    No study of liberal or civil rights groups, but study of the conservative resurgence

    So welcome to the 19 century Texas where you can not educated your children but indoctrinate them about conservative views. And posters on your blog thought i was wrong to suggest that christian conservatives were following muslim education standards.

  2. Bwaaahahahaha. No you aren't loosing it. Can you come back to reality Joe? I've seen more "Mother Earth" and Pagan religious things in the public schools system then Christian,Jew or Muslim. Why is it OK to have Islam and pagan Earth worship in public funded schools but you go nuts mwhen it is Christian or Jewish? Joe if we are bringing in Muslim educational standard then why is it that you libs are pushing for Sharia law?

  3. Heres a Interesting Idea. Why Not Teach Classes That Actually Help Youths When They Become Adults and Have to Begin Their Career in the JOB Market! Therories, Opinions are Great For Debate But Lets Face Reality. Without Being Able to Read,Write,Do Math and Communticate ALL Therory and Opinions Become MOOT! Granted Been a Long Time Since My School Days BUT Remember Nothing Of Teachers Pointing One Way or the Other on Political Subjects. IF That Is Happening NOW Then Things Have Turned From Education to Indoctrination! Try Making a Living in ANY Career Spouting Off Political Therories. EMPLOYERS Want Trained, Educated, and Employees that Can Speak and Understand the ENLISH Language. Politics or Religion in School Should Not Occurr Period. SIMPLE EDUCATE and Give Children the Chance to Succeed!~ Politics Per Se They Can Learn with Their Own Brain and Thought Proccess!

  4. Whaaaa, earth day. Is that what you have? that joke thing you bring up almost every post. Stop being a parrot and think brother. The right has trained you to repeat words and phrases but you still have a brain.

    Why is it okay to eliminate Thomas Jefferson an american patriot for a merely influential thinker from EUROPE (omg, why does the right want us to be more like EUROPE?!) like Calvin?

    Where's your love for america?

    Hey if your happy with a christian sharia so be it, but don't kid yourself the road your traveling.

  5. Joe, where are these poor kids that are being forced to worship God? Or practice any religion? Man, you would think they were being forced to pray and sing hymns. You regressives are the thinnest skinned bunch of whiny bitches I have ever had the displeasure of seeing.

  6. John, why do you hate america? Why do you and other conservatives hate the writer of the Declaration?

    Please start loving our country john and not europe.

  7. Joey - You first, bitch.

  8. Joey, the anarchist, loyal member of the party that is trying to re-write rules and laws to jam their socialist programs through, lecturing me on my love of my country and the Declaration of Independence, and I guess by default The Constitution of These United States? BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    I guess when you have no response you just resort to your petty little bitchiness. LMAO @ little Joey.

  9. WoW joe Citizen Expresses His Opinion and YOU of All People ASK Him Why He Hates This Great Country! That joe Sounds Like a LIB Talking Point, SHAME on YOU! Citizens That Are Critical Of Administration or YOUR Beleifs are NOW Haters of This GREAT Country!

    They Love This Country MOre Than You DO Cause There NOT For Changing it Into a Country OUR Children Will Have to Live in and PAY For! Progessives TRY at Every Turn To Get Around The CONSTITUTION But Just Like YOU "Flaunt" it When It Suits A Cause! Just My Opinion and I Really Love This Great Country!

  10. Al, i am only applying a typical right-wing tactic against John. You all have heard righties say it or read blogs and retorts that have used it against liberals.

    Suddenly i am the asshole for doing it to him. LMAO you hypocrites. I've read tons of rightwing stuff about how Obama idolizes Europe and how he wants to ruin America by making us more like them, but when i question why the TEXAS school board would choose a European as their primary study of enlightenment thinking over an American, especially the one American who wrote our declaration of independence you guys fall all over yourself to defend it.

    You realise why the TEXAS school board choose Calvin right? He was a christian, alot more so than Thomas Jefferson and he thought of the State as a Christian nation rather than a secular government. Thats why he tops ole Ton Jefferson. nothing more than religious BS.


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