Sunday, March 14, 2010

Democracy Is Only Good When It Serves The Liberal Agenda

Associated Press - 3/13/2010 4:30:00 AMBookmark and Share

Associated Press smallINDIANAPOLIS - The top-ranked senior at a suburban Indianapolis high school is asking a federal judge to stop a graduation prayer that the class voted to approve.

The lawsuit by 18-year-old Eric Workman claims the prayer and the vote at Greenwood High School unconstitutionally subject religious practice to majority rule.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana filed the lawsuit on Workman's behalf. It says, "He does not believe that anyone should involuntarily be subjected to prayer and religious beliefs."

But Micah Clark, executive director of the American Family Association of Indiana, says, "Part of being an adult is learning to tolerate speech you don't like."

Why is it that democracy is a good then when it only serve the Progressive anti-Christian agenda?  They somehow think most Americans are dumb and can't understand what is best for them. But by hook or crook they will jam their agenda even though it goes against the majority vote. It is obvious that Progressives wont be happy until they are ruling over us. Or until we become one nation without God instead of under God. They want change as long as it is us that are doing the changing not them. They would rather have us all obey their beliefs and rituals instead of obstaining from ours. The Progressives want us all to be as miserable as they are. You know the old saying, misery loves company? We conservatives and Christians alike need to tell them what they can do with their attempted domination over we the people. It's time we start telling these liberal crybabies to sit down and shut up when they tell us we need to live like them. This is a democratic republic so move if you don't like it. The East and West coast will take you and you can run the states you choose into the ground like you already have.


  1. Because the prayer is an establishment of religion by a state run institution. do you want the constitution or not? Stop being hypocritical like the rest of thr right. Just because you want Christian sharia isn't a reason to force us to do your bidding

  2. I dare you to watch this video and not be touched and understand that passing health care reform is absolutely vital.

  3. Bruce we need health care reform. We all agree on that. You are just being an jerkoff when you act like we don't care. This bill doesn't do anything to fix the problems of health care. It only shifts the problem. But you are smart enough to see past the retoric of And Joe the Christians have had their hand in this country all along. When over 80% of the people in this country say they are Christian. But it hasn't been a problem until you 3% that don't believe in a god want us to live like you as if their is no God. We have freedom of religion and you on the left want to take our freedoms away from us. You don't want us to pray in school,tell what5 effect Christianity has had on the building of this great nation and all the freedom of religion or no religion. But you want us to not pray or act Christian. We are Democratic Republic and those kids voted on weather or not to have a pray. Why can't the athiest obstain from prayer? Is that too much to ask of the 3%? I'm getting sick and tired of you libs telling me what is politicaly correct when you are the moraless minority. Mybe the left can burn down the school or riot? That is their MO.

  4. Most Christains Want Health Care Fixed. How Does The Present Nobama Care Bill Fix Anything Including COST? If This Bill Is Nothing BUT Medicade Revisited WHY Have it? Politcians Do Not Learn From Mistakes And Since Money Aint Theirs SPENDING It Is EASY! Pelosi Says Get The Bill Passed and Then We Will Work On It. Thought Legislation Was DONE the Exact OPPISITE BEFORE It Became Legislation! Progressives Have and Are By Passing Citizens Concerns as Is Administration. Why Push a BILL That Even Demoncrats Are Having Problems With? Mzakes NO Sense At All BUT Still They Push,Their Party Be Damn! November Will Be Interesting! As Sen. Brown Said Legislative Seats Belong to The People and To The People They Shall Return! What Do Dems Run In November on " I Helped Pass This Piece of Crap" or I Voted For it and It Failed! Either Way Not Exactly a VOTE Getter. Maybe They Can Run on The JOBS They Helped Create OOPs!

  5. Another Comrade Bruce and the Hypocrat's EPIC FAIL. I love how their solution to 30 million not having health INSURANCE (12-13 million of which do not even want it) is to FORCE YOU TO BUY IT. What a JOKE!

    That's all it is Comrade Bruce! That's their solution. Oh, you don't have insurance? Well buy it you f**kers! And if you can't afford it, we'll steal from someone else and give it to you. We'll call it subsidies so you don't feel like you are even stealing!

    Hey Comrade FAILk, who is keeping you from donating money to those who don't have insurance, so they can buy it? Why haven't you done your part to give, and to encourage others to give, so that someone doesn't have to wait FOUR F**KING YEARS for the TAKERMENT'S "plan" to go into effect?!? EVERYTHING you stand for is a JOKE Comrade Bruce. EVERYTHING. And you can't even defend it, except with anecdotes and videos. Look at those HYPOCRATS trying to work around their own rules, and bend rules and create rules in order to jam this hated legislation through. Does that sound like a popular bill?! Does it Comrade Bruce? Are you telling me that if the roles were reversed, the Hypocrats wouldn't be FOAMING AT THE MOUTH?!?!

  6. What is so disgusting is at the State of the Union and the next few days thereafter Obama and Democratic leaders vowed to pivot to jobs and the economy yet here we are still harping on healthcare, the 4th or 5th priority for Americans. Peolsi even said they were clearing their agenda to focus on passing the bill. It is like an addiction to the Democrats to do whatever is necessary to pass the bill, regardless of what the voters say. While everyone likes some aspects of the bill, Americans are still opposed to the overall bill but Democrats continue to turn a deaf ear with their "arrogant holier than thou we know better than you attitude". How does 10 years costs for 6 years benefits work for Americans and the CBO even said that a 20 year projection is just a guess. The CBO has to score the bill only with what the Democrats give them so it is easy to skew the results to make it look better than it actually is. I am all for some of the propsals of the Democrats but the sleazy way they are ramming this through with back rooms deals and bribes sure makes it hard to support the entire proposal. Finally, Obama promised we could keep our plan if we like them (which 85% of Americans do), but we now learn we can only have policies that are from an exchange, so once again, Obama has lied. Obama will not be remembered as our first half African-American president, but instead as the worst one term president in history. I blame myself also because I drank his kool-aid and voted for him, something that I and millions of other Independents won't make the same mistake of again.

  7. Joe- There is nothing in the US Constitution that states Wall of Separation, or what some call separation of Church & State. The vote by the student body to voluntary prayer at graduation does not force Mr. Workman to participate.
    The Supreme Court has consistently said that a school must not ENDORSE a religion. The school is not, the students want to voluntarily do so. And the word 'Prayer' is not solely adhered to Christianity, either.
    The American Civil Liberties Union reason for filing the suit is BS. "He does not believe that anyone should involuntarily be subjected to prayer and religious beliefs."
    No one is subjecting this young man to involuntarily participate in the prayer.
    I'll bet his father is probably an atheist, though.

    Bruce- Was does the Heath Care issue have to do with this subject???

    Rick in Texas- The administration next priority, Cap & Trade... Guess they forgot about jobs.....

  8. This Administration Has NOT Forgotten About Jobs! Creation of JOBS and Economy Does What To Make Citizens NEED Big Government! Answer Nothing and That Is What This Administration Has DONE Nothing! Anytime Nobama Speaks About Private Sector it Turns into Frontal ATTACK on Private Sector and at the Same Time Its ATTACK on JOBS! Without Strong Private Sector JOBS Will NOT Be Created!!! This Administration Once Again With All Its Brilliant Minds Cant Be as STUPID as They ACT!

  9. Mark, the fact that prayer doesn't have a denominational meaning will be solved by the choice of the religious leader. that fact wasn't included in this posting and i hadn't looked to see who they choose.

    But if the students choose a prayer then lets have it a Muslim one. Then we can have prayer at public school functions and piss off the right wing... ;)

  10. JoeC When You Get a Chance Look at The Supreme Court Building From a Frontal View and Then Check Out Photos of Inside! My How Things Have Changed! Building Built in Mid 1930s! ALL Changes are NOT Good Thats My Talking Point for the Day!

  11. Al, that makes me think of all the amazing lawgivers the court has friezes of. you know how the Christians were the only ones to establish laws. What would we do with out Menes, Lycurgus, Solon, Hammurabi, Draco and Confucius. Where would the world be without these Christian law givers???

  12. Joec Just Showing You What Fore Fathers Thought of Religion! Hell Even in The Thirties You Could STILL Put the Ten Commanments On A Public Building!

    Hows Does it Feel NOT Passing on to Your Children and Grand Children the Freedoms You Were Given By the LAST Generation! Passing on Massive Debts To Next Generation That They Can NEVER Pay!

    Wonder What Confucius,Draco,Solon,Menes and Jesus Would Think Of That Joe. Bet They Would ALL Say "Its a SIN What Is Being Done to This Great NATION By SUCH a Few!


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