Sunday, March 14, 2010

Obama Doesn't Care If Americans Like His Agendas

    Obama doesn't care if you or I like what he is doing to his country. He has the power and he will use it like he sees fit,not what we see fit. The way he looks at it, America voted for him and the Democrats in office to govern as they see fit. They ran as moderates and now they are far left. The Blue Dog Democrats better wake up and take back their party before it's too late. 

    Patriot Uprising Protest Against Obama & Health Care in St. Louis | March 10, 2010
Obama draws crowd estimated at 100,000 in St. Louis

In battleground Missouri, record U.S. crowd gathers

This Is Before He Was President.


  1. Wow....thats heady stuff.

    I remember the limbaugh and other rightwinger attacks on Clinton for running the nation based on opinion polls. Strange that you guys want it both ways.

    Beside didn't Ole George say he had a mandate to do what he wanted when he won the second election? How quick we forget.

    As far as the lively 2,300 that turned out to portest Obama Bush ignored the millions that turned out before the invasion of Iraq so get the F over it.

  2. Joe Said,"Beside didn't Ole George say he had a mandate to do what he wanted when he won the second election? How quick we forget." So are you now for it or against it now that Obama is doing it? Joe why is it when we do what you did you can't "get the F over it"? By the way there already has been millions protesting high deficit spending and the health care bill. Do we not have the same rights as you did to protest that which we dissagree with? Get off your high horse and realize we all have the same rights as you did. Why don't you sithe the F down like we did when yopu A-holes where bitching at nothing and conspiracy theories. Have a little of your own medicine for a "change" you crybaby lib. Why aren't you still protesting the wars and the Patriot act now that Obama has made them both bigger? Where are those millions now? Did they change their minds on how important the wars are to protest? There is less then 10% of liberal protest now that Obama is doing the deeds that USED to anger them. Why is that? You libs had your shot and F'ed it up worse then before. Sit down and shut up because now it is our turn and you bitching baby liberals better strap in because we are going to make Liberal and Progressive dirty words by the time we the people are done with revieling you and your agrendas. Joe did you also notice President Obama had fewer people there to see him then he had when he was running? The pro Obama crowed shrank exponetialy while the protesters grew exponentialy. That has to hurt. Maybe it's time for another leftm wing riot to make a point. Maybe you just need to destroy someone elses property or beat as few conservatives at a rally to make. Dry your eyes my liberal friend and take it like a man just like we did.

  3. Millions Chris, lol.... you haven''t had millions protest. and not in one protest in one city.

    Jesus, first the starkist email and now the "millions of Tea bagger". Damn i haven't seen this much hype since Titanic.

  4. Its Not the NUMBERS But The Results! Hype/Titanic Sounds like Demoncrats Come November!

  5. Joe if you add up all the protesters in all the cities you would get millions. That is what you did to get your number. You on the left are in your final death roll with this Presidents agenda. You know your time has come and passed without the change you wanted. And you can thank all the TEA Party protesters for that. We have pushed the Blue Dogs into resistance and the Republicans. You Progressive Democrats have lost your foothold on this country and the Democratic Party. We will flush you like the turds you are as well as your agenda.

  6. Joe why did so few people show up for PRESIDENT Obama when they had so many show up for candidate Obama just 1 1/2 yrs later. Is it because they are so happy with him? Forgot to wake up? Why are their so many more protesters this year over last year? It sucks to be a Democrat.


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