Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Democrat Pull The Nuclear Option On Health Care Reform

Well they did it. The Democrats show us how hypocritical they really are when it comes to the nuclear option. I think this will be a major blow to the Democratic party. I think that the Democrats have misread what the people wanted. But we will all find out soon enough if I am right or wrong. If I'm right the Democrats will lose big in Nov and in 2012. The Democrats have also energized the TEA Party movement with this last move to jam this health care down our throats. Now I do think this is a big win for the Progressives and the Republicans. The only losers will be the Democratic Party and the American people.  I would really like to know what everyone thinks about this and how it will effect both the Democrats and the Republican parties in the future. This is a major part of our economy and it shouldn't have gone down like this with so few votes. But maybe now that this is over the Democrats can get on with their promise to make jobs and the economy the number one thing on their docket. But somehow I don't think they will do that. I think they will go right for the American economic jugular vein,energy. If they push Cap and Trade then they are trying to "fundamentaly change" America by destroying the old great America.


  1. Not only is this a looser for the Dems in Nov. but Progressives. I can hear the train a comein and it's a 200 million+ car freight train that will steam roll the progressive movement 6' under.
    This will also be a looser for the American people and American business, as this will force business, especially large business to shed jobs if it passes.
    Alls I can say, no one gets my vote unless they commit a lot of time during their term, if elected/re-elected, to repeal this mushroom cloud.

  2. I'm glade to see you think the same way. This isn't a bad thing all in all for the Republicans. The Democrats commited political suicide as far as I'm concerned. It couldn't happen to a better group. We surround them.

  3. Great minds think alike. lol

    But the Republicans, especially the conservatives need to "capitalize" on this in the most adamant way.

  4. I agree. I'm still not sure it will pass, as it seems the dems are jumping ship left and right. This bill will tip us over the edge and I fear a total collapse of the economy, if not a complete uprising by the public.

  5. The Progressives win. Told you so. We will all get free health care now. This is the best thing the Democratic party could do for the poor in this country. I know you people just want the poor to die but President Obama wouldn't let that happen. Herbalpagan, are you a pot smoker too? I love herb too. I'm going to do the bad back thing to get medical pot. You are right that if it doesn't pass then their will be an uprising of Progressives. You better hope this reform bill passes or the streets will be filled with tears and blood.

  6. The bill will pass and we will be on the road to health care for all Americans.

    Jay-Ney, it will not be free health care for all Americans. The bill will subsidize poor Americans and keep insurance companies from gouging customers and from throwing people off their policy if they get sick and millions more will be able to get insurance due to reform of the pre-existing conditions language.

    The Bush tax cuts were much bigger as a share of the economy and the Republicans used reconciliation to pass the Bush tax cuts. What is undemocratic about majority rule?

  7. FAILk is still talking about Bush! ROFLMAO

    FAILk, reconciliation has been used to pass budget items, not legislation. You know this is a complete abuse of the system. Even Robert Byrd said so. Maybe he's just being racist?

    Then there's the video Chris posted where all those Hypocrats are talking about what is wrong with majority rule. Watch the video and get it right from your Messiah's mouth FAILk. Don't play dumb (although I have my doubts that you are playing). You should be against this as well, since it is just a big give-away to big insurance. No public option, no single-payer. FireDogLake is PISSED about this plan, you must be the biggest idiot out there, and the most radical.

    Hey FAILk, where do those subsidies come from? How does the bill as proposed cut health care costs? How does it cut health insurance costs? Answer: it doesn't. 2.5 Trillion over the true 10 year cost of this boondoggle. All going to the failed insurance model. And you support it?!?! ROFLMAO ... you have become that which you despise, a shill for big insurance! LOL

  8. Bruce Your Going to SEE In A Big Big Way Majority Rule In November and Thats The MAJORITY That REALLY Counts!

    Bill AINT Passed Yet and Politicans Are Deciding RIGHT Now Wheather to Fall on Their Swords for A One Term President and GO Against the Citizens THEY Represent! Pretty Simple For Conservatives/Republicans Let The Progressives SINK Their OWN Ship!

  9. Chris - why do you perpetuate a gross error of definitions? The so called "nuclear option" has nothing - I repeat - nothing to do with reconciliation. It was a term that I first heard when the Republicans were in the majority and the Democrats were threatening to filibuster some of Bush's supreme Court nominees. The Republicans threatened back, saying that if the Dems didn't allow for an up or down vote, they would "do away" with the filibuster - THE NUCLEAR OPTION. Reconciliation is a voting process limited to certain types of legislation that has a budget component. It only requires a simple majority. I really wish you would not just copy the Republican talking points and once in awhile check your facts. I expect this from Fox Noise. Perhaps you ought to find a better source!!

  10. Mike, Nuclear, reconciliation, up & down, majority vote, all the same difference.
    The Nuclear option is an attempt by a majority of the United States Senate to end a filibuster threat by invoking a point of order to essentially declare the filibuster unconstitutional, which can be decided by a simple majority.

  11. The Nuclear option was a Democrat talking point and it was used as their talking point for reconsiliation. As John and Mark have pointed out why are you so worried about samantics? Is it because that is your only argument? I used the Democrats words against them. Watch the video vomamike and then tell me I'm using the Republican talking points. I never have heard you complain to Bruce and all he ever uses are talking points and radical retoric. The people that comment on this blog aren't the same kind of dumb sheep that post on Bruces blog. These guys also get there voice heard on this blog as I don't block them like Bruce does. Nice try though vomamike.

  12. Nuclear Option Has Been Used By BOTH Sides to Speed Up Legislation BUT NOTHING on the SCALE of Massive Health Care Bill!

    1996 Dems Used it for Welfare Reform Got 78 Votes

    Balanced Budget Act 1997 85 Votes

    Bush Taxs Cuts 2001 with 12 Dems Voting For Bill

    Even Regan Used it in 1981 For Tax Cuts That Effected Numberous Programs and He Got 85 Votes!

    All Cases Above it was Used to Speed UP Proccess and Nothing More! Nobama Wants to Speed UP Process to GO Againts The Majority of Citizens and That is What this Manuver is Citizens Be Damned!


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