Friday, March 12, 2010

The Difference Between Reagan and Obama

A Virtual Debate: Reagan v. Obama

We need another Reagan in 2012. And Obama had so much promise and now he is tanking with the American voters. The people put all their eggs in one Obama basket and then that basket sucked. The contrast between the two men and how they give hope to the people is worlds apart. Time proved Reagan right and time is proving obamas progressive agenda wrong. Obama is such a downer and he tears apart America. Reagan built on what made America the greatest nation. Reagan wanted to take up into the future as the stongest world power the world had ever known. Obama want to follow Europe lead. Have you seen what Europe is looking like lately? Is that the model we should be following? I'd like to know what both sides think of how the two Presidents looked at things and troubles.


  1. thats a virtual debate????? All you do is make accusations about Obama and lavish very general praise on Reagan. Would you like me to do a comparison for you.
    Reagan vs. Obama

    1. Both had near equal unemployment rates to start their term. (7.5 to 7.6)

    2. Unemployment rose to over ten percent during the first two years. (10.8 to 10.2)

    3. Both had multiple months with unemployment over 10 percent. (10 months to 3 months)

    4. Both had low approval ratings during their respective financial crisis (36 to 45)

    5. Both had been called one term presidents during their first term due to the economic crisis.

    6. Both faced high levels of terrorist attacks during their first term (5 to 3)

    7. Both increased debt and eficit to unheard of levels at their respective time.

    Now to constrast.

    1. Obama doesn't use lowest common denominator poltics of fear and hate. Unlike Reagan who used the threat of welfare babies and USSR to drive people to drive the party ideology.

    2. Regan pulled out of the conflict after terrorist attacks, Barak has not (yet)

    3. Obama hasn't negotiated with the Terrorists yet. (iran-contra)

    4. Obama hasn't gotten praise for the wrok of the Pope and a Polish union leader by consveratives.

    Well, thats my compare and contrast.

  2. I forgot both criticised SCOTUS in SOTU addresses...

  3. Come on Joe! LOL ... "Obama doesn't use the politics of fear and hate"?!?! Whatever!! LOL "Never let a "CRISIS" go to waste"? I know it was said by Rahm, but that has been the modus operandi for Obama's administration. MILLIONS will die if we don't pass health care?!? Trying to paint the tea party as racist radicals (these are the people that you yourself categorized as a bunch of old folks)? All Obama knows is to create the atmosphere of a "CRISIS" in order to ram through his agenda. Note, I'm not saying Reagan did or didn't do it, but come on, let's not act like Obama is some kind of ... whatever!

    I don't get #4, can you re-write that? Are you saying that Reagan got praise for the work of the Pope and a polish union leader by liberals? I'm not sure what you are saying on that item.

  4. John, #4 Obama isn't getting false praise by liberals as Reagan did by conservatives for the work of others, especially John Paul. Sorry it wasn't clear.

  5. Thanks for clearing it up, I just wasn't sure what you were saying. I'm still not sure, but I get the jist of it I guess. Did Reagan get praised by conservatives for something that the Pope did? Kinda like when Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize after only 20 days in office? LOL

  6. yeah, that a little premature, but Us liberals didn't do that. Socialists from europe did. Yes, i here alot of conservatives use the "played a high stakes game of Poker with Russia" line from rightwingers all the time about the break up of the soviet union, when it was the financial debt of russia coupled with the rise of polish unionism and a communist bloc Pope that pushed the dinosaur to the brink.

  7. Sure sure, but the liberals did praise it for the most part and said how he deserved it. Come on, it was totally undeserved, especially since nominations had to be in, what, 20 days after the guy took office? LOL

    Maybe Reagan was in the right place at the right time, but that goes for a lot of politicians. I'm pretty sure it wasn't Carter policies that helped bring it down either, but rather the unsustainable Communist system. But you say having a Polish Pope brought down Communist Russia? Interesting theory ....

  8. Going From Memory Reagan Took Over From Carter and The First Thing that Happened Was Our Hostages got Released From Iran!

    Reagan Like All Presidents was Not Perfect. Im Sure We Could Find Flaws and Satistics Regarding LINCOLN and WASHINGTON BUT its After The President Leaves Office and What He has Either Accomplished or NOT, That He Will Be Judged On.

    I Do Not Remember Reagan Ever Blaming the PRIOR Administration For What He Inherited From Carter. I Do Remember Reagan At the Wall in Berlin Telling Russian Prime Minister to Tear Down the Wall! The Pope ,the Polish Administration or Reagan Dont Really Matter the Wall Came Down!

    There was A Open Door Policy With Reagan Regarding Democratic Leader Tip O Neal and they Talked Regularly.

    I Do recall Reagan Bringing Back Pride in Being a American and He Must Have Done Something RIGHT Cause in 1984 He Won I Believe 49 States So Wonder What Satistics Say About That!

    Obama in His First Year Cannot Be Compared to Reagan. Obama Will Be Judged By History on His Presidentsy. I Do Beleive He Will Need a Second Term and That Is Not A Certainty at This Time!

    John You Do Bring Up A Great Point What the Hell Was That Prize For other Than Good Standing in The World Community!

  9. Al, your memory is faulty as all hell then. Reagn blamed Carter. your just repeating lies and talking points.

  10. Dont Remember That Joe Could Be, But Where Did You Find Out He Did? Hope Not From Your Memory Because You Do Tend to Repeat Talking Points of Your Own!

    Now We Will See EVENTUALLY What Nobama Does to The Unemployment Situation! Memeory Might Be BAD But Gotta Beleive Hes LAGGING Badly in that Area! Reagan Started Right Away, Nobama Well Hes Just Being Himself. Jobs Dont Concern Him Much Or He Would Have Attacked Job Creation First!


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