Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Even Warren Buffet Thinks Congress Should Scrap This Bill And Start Over

Grace-Marie Turner on President Obama's Health Care Summit

MedicaidA healthcare reform expert warns that the healthcare legislation Democrats are pushing will be a major expansion of a welfare program that is already being administered poorly.

Congressman Peter Roskam (R-Illinois) last week pointed out that over half of the health insurance expansion obtained by Americans through the Democrats' health bill is accomplished by putting them on Medicaid.

Grace-Marie Turner, president of the Galen Institute, served for a year and a half on a commission that studied Medicaid. She feels that in many states, Medicaid has become the "ghetto of our healthcare system," and adds that far too often, people are promised access to care but cannot find a doctor or dentist to see them because the program pays so little.

"How dare we think of putting another 15 million of the 30 million that would allegedly be covered through this bill, expanding Medicaid, on a program that already is having a hard time serving the people who are on the program," Turner contends.  "The other 15 million that would get coverage would be in these government-required policies that would be hugely expensive.  And many of them will be required to pay for some -- or in many cases, a large portion of -- their health coverage."

One of President Obama's economic advisers, Warren Buffet, suggested yesterday that Congress should scrap the current healthcare bill and start over with the main goal of addressing rising healthcare costs.


  1. What the heck are we complaining about, I'm certain government health care will be as successful as the Post Office.


  2. WTF Paul the post office is doing ok. Isn't it???

  3. Republicans are desperate to stop health care reform, now that it is certain to pass with no Republican votes.

    Good for the Democrats for finally growing a spine and using reconciliation to pass a health care reform bill. Republicans in Congress are just afraid once the bill passes and more Americans can get insurance because of the ban on pre-existing condition to disqualify people and no more caps on payouts and other important provisions of the bill Republicans will pay a price in November for standing in the way of reform, especially in light of the recent development of Republicans standing in the way of an unemployment benefit extension.

    It's as if they are trying to throw the November elections to the Democrats. Keep it up Tea Party.

  4. Bruce, the problem with your argument is NO ONE will reap any benefits from this for another 4 years. So there will be no ban on pre-existing conditions, etc, etc
    Nov and 2012 Reps will take back congress and the Whitehouse and repeal this fiasco.
    Obama, Pelosi & Reid are leading the lambs to the slaughter.

  5. And Bruce you keep pointing out the 20% of the bill that might be good. It's the 80% that is bad and costly that we the people hate. Americans aren't going to remember the good things,only the bad. And there is a lot of bad in this bill. And Mark after this fiasco distroys the Democratic Party and the Progressives movement for decades I will be dancing in the streets with most Americans. We the people are getting sick and tired of being pushed to the left by the fringe 20%.

  6. LOL ... FAILk gets schooled again. FAILk, you never did answer how the Hypocrat plan will lower health care and health insurance costs.

    The Republican plan will allow over 11 million to afford insurance, just by allowing inter-state shopping for insurance. That's without changing anything else. Hypocrat's plan relies on obfuscation, taxes, and cutting (but then putting back in the cuts) Medicare. Oh, and more taxes. And did I mention the taxes? LOL

  7. Paul you made a good discovery on the post office. I will do a post on it tommorrow. Bring your thoughts on it. I wish more people would post. We have a lot or readers but not a lot of posters. We need to hear what people think. It helps us form our opinions on subjects.

  8. lol ... liberal progressives, now 150% fringier! Running campaigns against other Hypocrats, passing laws and then complaining when people obey the laws (aka encouraging their Hypocrats to break the law they themselves wrote and passed). What a bunch of nut jobs.

  9. I Dont Believe Reconciliation Will Work as A Vote Getter For One Reason BRUCE, Majority of Citizens DONT Want This Socialized Insurance and Forcing it UPON Them BRUCE is a Bad Thing for YOU Progressives to DO! As Was Pointed Out Bill Dunt Take Effect Till 2013 or SO and By Then POOF All Gone with That NASTY Progressive Movement Hopefully! Either Way Bruce a Liberal Party That Has Super Majority Out Right And Cant Pass BILL Tells Citizens theres a Whole Lot of Smell In This Manuver and Come NOVEMBER MOST of the Smell Will Be Gone!

  10. Well, guess what, Al, it's going to happen and then we'll see you in November.

    And if the public option makes its way back it, it will be even better for Democrats in November.

  11. Bruce You Been Eating Those BAD Mushrooms Again! Citizens Do Count And In Novemeber You Aint Going to Like That COUNT! I Bet You Really DO Pee Into The Wind and Like It! Remember Bruce "The Winds of Change" are Acoming!

  12. I hear ya Chris. The Dems keep using the words "majority vote" or "Up & Down" wording, like we will now see 'reconciliation' in a different light....the problem they are having is that they are only listening to the minority 20% of the American people, aka; progressives or better know as socialist.
    Receipt for disasters, which is fine with me.

  13. Mark, that's not true. The insurance reforms basically go into effect right away.

  14. Bruce where in the bill does it say that? And what insurance reforms are you talking about? Why is it that the majority of the bill gets paid for for 4 years before anyone sees any real change. Would you be happy payi9ng for something for 4 years before you start seeing anything for your money?

  15. Bruce did you know that if the governement took the insurance companies rights to make a profit and made them a non-profit organization(single payer) it would only add up to about $100 per person? Do you really think that the insurance companies 3.4% profit can be reduced even more with the "help" of the government? Or is making Americans give up their God given rights to not buy insurance is a good way to kick back to the insurance companies? I hope the Amish like it in jail or getting fined for not believing in insurance. Who cares if their religion says it's wrong to buy insurance. "Imagine no religion too",John Lennon. Is that song the Progressive anthum?

  16. Thomas Sowell's two part series is a must read for everyone, including Bruce. Unfortunately, for the likes of Bruce, fact are nothing more than a minor inconvenience on the road to statism.



  17. Bruce Name ONE Item in This Nobama Care that Goes into Effect Immediately Other Than the Taxes For It!

    Citizens Will Be Taxed For Nobama Care That Majority DUNT Want Bruce! November Will Be a Great Time For Tea Party, Lousy for Progressives and Thats The Reason for This Rush to Piece of Crap! After November One Termer is Done!

    Nobama Wants OUR Nation To Mirror Europe so WE Can Join the World Community! Four Countries in Europe are Near Bankruptsy! Portugal Italy Greece and Spain! PIGS Not Exactly Poster Childs For Nobamas Agenda are They!

  18. Al, the insurance reforms, such as not being able to discriminate on the basis of pre-existing conditions, also the lifetime caps are lifted and being able to throw people off their insurance when the get sick all start shortly after the bill is passed.

  19. Al, I disagree about November too. People are starting to wise up to the Republicans and the Tea Baggers' lies that they've been feeding the country.

    People understand that the Republicans have no good ideas and are just playing partisan politics to try to win elections and the tea party and Republicans don't give a crap about middle-class Americans, as evidenced by Jim Bunning and Jim Kyle obstructing on a 30-day extension of unemployment benefits, basically calling people on unemployment lazy.

    They are all privileged millionaires that don't give a crap about you or the rest of America. They are using you, Al. You are a pawn in their game that they've been playing on the American people.

  20. Bruce did you know that when GW Bush got elected in hism first term the Republicans gained seats in both houses of Congress? So it isn't true that Congress allways looses seats. If Obama and the Democrats were on the right path they should gain seats like the Republicans did the year after Bush was President.

  21. Yeh Bruce you don't use scare tactics. You are something else. If you weren't so serious I'd be laughing right now. But I'll wait till Nov to laugh at you and you idealogical twin JayNey.

  22. This article lays it all out, how the Hypocrats will be abusing the system if they use reconciliation. Even Byrd has come out against this. Do you think it's because he's racist Bruce?


  23. Obama and yet another hypocritical moment. Does this guy realize that there are things called video cameras that record everything he says? What a jerk.


  24. Bruce Regarding Bunning He Was Only Following What President Had Just Signed Pay to Go! GEE Follow the Rules Politicans Set UP and They Get A Bit NERVOUS! The Thirty Day Extension on Benifits is a ADD On to Almost Two Years Of Unemployment Benifits! Appears Progressives are Attempting to Build NEW Group of Citizens Dependant on Government! Why LOOK for Work When The Checks in the Mail. JOBS Were NOT a Priority With This Administration Until Massachusetts Election Period!

    Private Sector is Answer to JOBS Not Big Government Who Believe Taxes and Hand Outs Will Cure ALL!

    Citizens Are NOT Like YOU Bruce! They KNOW When There Standing in POOP and Get Out of IT! You Look For More to Stand in! In November Citizens Will Flush The Toilet Bruce!

  25. Bruce,

    Government is CREATING More Dependence on Government BY Virtue of Doing Nothing, Zip ,Nil to Create JOBS Period!

    Nobama PROMISED if STIMULUS Passed Unemployment Would NOT Go over 8% and There Would Be Shovel Jobs Bruce and Still Nothing!

    The ONLY JOBS This Administration May Have Created is Clerical Jobs for Unemployment Checks!

    Economy Was Not/Is Not Priority of This Administration, It Still Appears to be On Back Burner to Health Care for this Administration! If Administration HAD Started on Day One Working as Hard On JOB Creation Has They Have on Health Care and DONE it Right Economy Would Be Moving and JOBS Coming Back! Government OUT of Private Sectors WAY is All That Has To Happen BUT This Administration AINT Getting Out of the Way!

    Wheather Bunning VOTED for Bill Or NOT is Unimportant! President Signed Legislation and ALL He Did Was Follow the Letter of the Legislation!

    Bruce You Talking About the Bible NOW Thats a Miricle!

    Never Said Any Thing About Woman, Children, Dogs, Cats or Any Body Being on the Street! Like ANY Government Entitlement Abuses Do Happen and Bruce Thats a FACT! Just look At Medicare/Medicade!

  26. FAILk, you said you believe in God, so how much do YOU give?

    Show me the passage where Jesus or anyone else said that the government should steal from me to distribute as it sees fit.

    In fact, the opposite is true. One of the 10 Commandments is Thou Shalt Not Steal. The Bible teaches that it is incumbent upon everyone who believes to give what they can. We all give our time and money to charity. You don't. You believe in a society of stealing and jealousy. You are going to hell. Make sure you take some marshmallows.


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