Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Killing Corky

Boy child with Downs syndromeSame boy with Down syndrome from different angle and expression
Sister and brother playing on the beach, the boy has Downs SyndromDown syndrome child blowing bubbles
If there was just a way that we could kill off this group of geneticly useless group of humans. They have no value to our society. It's not like they can teach us anything like love and compasion. We need to come up with a test where we can find out who these Down Syndrome kids are before they take their first breath. If we could legally kill these Down Syndrom people in the most traumatic brutal way,then maybe we could purify into a master race of Americans. If people complain about this genocide then we just have to say it's for the better of the family and that dead aborted Down Syndrom baby. Who would ever want to let another human live like that? Happy and loving your fellow man with all your heart. Every time I look at a family with a Down syndrom child I see the sadness in their eyes,even though they are smiling and loving that love of their lifes. We need to get on a Progressive plan to rid this world of this dissease Down Syndrome and the pain and suffering it brings with it. Just look at the pain in those kids eyes in the pictures. Don't you think we should do the best thing for those kids and this country by testing for this form of disablity and push in a Progressive way to erradicate these Down Syndrome babies? Just look at how much distreas Sarah Palin caused to Progressives by not killing her baby. Most Progressives thought it was better for Trigg Palin to be ground up into little pieces then to be born and given a life like that. What a caring group those Progressives are. They have the love of mankind in their hearts. Ya just can't see it easily. But they tell us they love everyone and we should believe them. And the Progressives that say that they don't agree with aborting these kids but women should have the right to kill them is just a cop out to relieve their consciences. Sorry but you are part of the problem. Now if they would put most of the abortion clinics in black and poor areas of the country we will be well on our way of a Progressive future. Now I don't believe one word of this but it is basicly what is being done to groups of people inm this country. It is a form of genocide that would make Hitler proud. The left is killing races of people as well as a genocide on one of the most precious develomental disablity on the planet.  I put myself through college by working with disabled people. We have some in our Church and I will tell you they teach me plenty. I wish I was half the man they are. God gave us these gifts and we allow the distruction of them. Now just think what the government will do when they allow a more Progressive health care system. Is this progress to you? Is this a country you could be proud of? Look at this baby and tell me that anyone should have the right to do this to a child of God! If you have the right to do with your body as you please then why is suicide illegal? Why can't you sell your life,body and parts? You need to rethink the meaning of life if you think anyone should be aloud to murder this living humanbeing.

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  1. hi Chris, thank you for your brief and kindly remarks about my blog.

    I am Canadian, but as it happens I was visiting Missouri recently. I was in Joplin and Cuba, I'm not certain though if these are near Clinton township or not.

    As for the subject of this blog post, I think your sentiments are irrefutable. Life is life, you can't destroy it just for your own convenience.

    RB Glennie


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