Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nancy Pelosi Said She Has The Votes To Pass Health Care Today

Queen Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi said she has the votes to pass ObamaCare if the vote was held today. Now if she really truely believes she could pass health care today what is she waiting for? Wouldn't you pass the bill today if you have the vote to pass it today? We are all holding our breath to see what is in this bill the Democrats can't make their minds up on. The suspence is killing me. This is like the game show Lets Make A Deal. I just hope we didn't win the jackass behind the curtian.                                                                                                                                                There is something I just don't understand about this Voodoo health care bill. We are being told that this bill will save us money in the end. Why do we have to pay almost $2 Tillion to save money? That just doesn't make sense to me. And with 83% of Americans thinking Obama is a liar. Maybe 83% of Americans can't be wrong. Maybe this suprise health care bill behind curtain number 2 is another big fat lie. This is what Nancy Pelosi had to say. Tell me if this sound logical or more like BS to you.
"Yes," Pelosi said when asked if she believed the House would end up having the votes to approve healthcare.

"If we took it up today, yes," the Speaker quickly added.  

Pelosi still cautioned, though, that the timing and actual vote count on the bill couldn't be entirely set in stone until the final legislative language was finalized and until the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) delivers its score of the bill's impact.


  1. If Pelosi says she has the votes, she has the votes, Chris, and we'll all be better off when health care reform passes, even you, Chris or someone you know.

  2. Chris, based on what both House and Senate bills reflect, there is no way anyone over the 200% FPL ($29140) will be paying less, they'll be paying more in combined premiums and taxes increases, especially 3 years in to this, after the return on benefits takes effect.
    And if your HC Ins company is not apart of the exchange... look out, you're looking at paying at least 50% more then you do now.
    As for Pelosi, she BSing, putting a positive spin on this, so her extreme minions stop hounding her while she is trying to strong arm support.
    Remember the first go-a-round? She squeaked by, here's the key to her comment that she really doesn't know if she has the support she needs "until the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) delivers its score"

  3. Oh, one more thing.. Could you please make the picture MUCH smaller. LOL

  4. Bruce, you are an idiot. Hope nobody needs insurance for a few years, because the Hypocrats tax first and distribute the wealth much later. Their plan, apparently, is to let 30 million people without insurance die off over three years, after which they will insure the survivors. LOL

  5. Here is what the government thinks of REAL reform. Hint: They don't like it. It costs them power and control.

    F You Comrade Bruce.

  6. Bruce, we're still waiting to hear how the government taking over health care and funneling billions to big insurance is going to lower health care or insurance costs for anyone.

    Hell, I would like to hear how government has lowered the cost of anything.

  7. Bruce For Next Four Years or So What Will The Uninsured use For Insurance! Medicade Bruce and thats Already a Single Payer System That Citizens Pay For and Hows That Working OUT! Government Insurance and That is What It Will Become Will Help The 85% Satisfied With Their Insurance HOW? Answer It WONT!

    I Also Agree With Mark, MUCH Smaller Photo We Get The IDEA!

  8. Well, it they might not wait for the CBO, or the CBO will have reported it by as early as tomorrow. We'll see.
    This just reported.

  9. John, just the insurance reforms, such as no more caps on payments and the ban on pre-existing conditions, to name two reforms, will help millions of people, which go into effect shortly after passage.

  10. Bruce with all the Blue Cross non profit how can the government beat non profit when it comes to compatition? Bruce can you tell me what is making the price of Blue Cross go up since we know it isn't 3.4% profit? And what has the governement done to help out the non profits from goping up in price?

  11. Well Comrade Bruce, you managed to list two things that will make costs skyrocket. LOL

    But once again, you have nothing that will bring costs down.

    The Republican plan does. Guaranteed to bring costs down and allows millions to afford health insurance if they want, or allows them to save their money in an HSA if they prefer, which I know you would agree with me is better than throwing your money away on insurance that you might not need for dozens of years. Republican plan also establishes pools for high-risk/pre-existing conditions, so the insurance will be inexpensive. In fact, the Republican plan should be the one you back Comrade FAILk. It hurts the insurance companies, it doesn't pour billions into the insurance company's pockets like the Hypocrat's plan does. Forcing healthy young adults to buy insurance, you should be ashamed of yourself. You'll forgive me if I chuckle when I hear that your daughter is forced to buy insurance and she has to borrow the money from you, or get a second job or something. Because the reality is, that is what a lot of kids will have to do.

  12. Bruce If Pelosi Had The Votes There Would Be A VOTE Before Somebody Changed their Mind Again! It Will Be Interesting to See the Out Come and Who Voted For this Massive Entitlement and WHO Will Not Be a Member of the Elite 535 In Washington D C Come November!

    Once Again Its JOBS and ECONOMY Stupid!!!

    How Do You Pass A National Health Care Bill First and Then TWEAK It! Always Thought Legislation Was Done The OTHER Way Around! The Process Liberals Are Using Seems FLAWED at Best!

  13. Bruce STILL No Vote!
    Some May Be Fooled By Pelosi BUT in The END The VOTERS WONT! Bet Thgres Alot Of Demoncrats With SORE Arms From Them Being Twisted SO Much!

    All That Majority and NOTHING!


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