Sunday, March 7, 2010

Obama Tells Dem: I Promise to Pursue Public Option


“The meeting with President Obama today was productive and necessary, and I was glad to hear him speak frankly about where we stand on health care legislation. He said the public option – a well-known and long-standing progressive priority – lacks enough Senate support to be included in the final package. However, he personally committed to pursue a public option after passage of the current bill," Raul Grivalja, co-chair of the Progressive Caucus, said.                                                                                                                    So this is a slippery slope now isn't it? Obama and the Progressive Democrats are just building the framework for more Socialism in the future.  We need to stop this Progressive agenda now.


  1. Hopefully the public option still has a chance this time around. 50 Senators have signed on to a letter supporting the public option and the public option would do more to provide competition and hold down premium costs than almost any other provision.

  2. Bruce, why do so many Democrat Senators hate the public option so much? Why are they not voting for it? Are they not voting for this bill and that option for the3 same reasons the Republicans are against it? Umm. It looks like their is biparticanship in Congress. It's biparticanship against this health care bill. The Progressive Obama admin and Congress brought the Republicans and Reagan Democrats together again. Thanks.

  3. Chris, most Democrats don't hate the public option, obviously. You didn't read my comment. 50 Democratic Senators have signed a letter supporting the public option.

    So you are factually wrong. The public option didn't have support because they were trying to get 60 votes and since there is NO Republican support for the bill, they had to try to bring along conservative Democrats.

    Now that they're going to use reconciliation, the public option I think still has a chance.

    The Democrats that are against the public option seem to be heavily supported by insurance companies, along with ALL the Republicans on the take from the drug and insurance companies.

  4. ROFLMAO ... there's no reason for the big insurance or big pharma or unions or trial lawyers to spend one red dime on Republicans Comrade Bruce. The Hypocrats have the majority, and HAD the supermajority. Anything spent on the Republicans is a waste of time and money. But then, you knew that, didn't you Comrade Bruce?

    You know the Hypocrats are on the take. The proof is in the laws that they make. The laws that force people to buy insurance from private insurance companies. Everything the Hypocrats have produced has been all their work. Nothing to do with the Republicans, remember they didn't want, nor did they need, one Republican idea.

    Here's a great article on just how bent the Hypocrats are:

    So Comrade Bruce, you say "the public option would do more to provide competition and hold down premium costs than almost any other provision." So, what other provisions hold down premium costs, and health care costs Comrade Bruce? Right now the public option is fantasy. I want to know about the plan they are attempting to jam through against the wishes of a vast majority (3 to 1) of Americans. So let's hear it Comrade!

  5. Obama has been campaigning against the public option ever since he signed off on a backroom deal with the pharma and insurance industry representatives.

  6. Thanks for the vid. Here's another one:

    Trojan Horse to eventually get rid of private insurance is what we find in the above.

    Public option, they say?

    The Obamanauts know that people will choose "cost savings" for the most part, and that if the issue is forced, most people will end up under the Government "option" (so-called) and eventually, as Obama and his cronies have plainly admitted, everything will get crowded out of business other than the "public option." This is the history of almost all such "option" plans initiated by governments that have socialized meds by force. There will only be ONE option. The Government Option. Period. That is the final goal. Did we not see his plain admission on this point? Do we not believe him when he crows about it? His minions who say the same thing? The idea was not to scare people and lull them into the plan with the notion that nothing much will change and they will always have the "freedom" to choose from among several options. Until the day the don't.

    As the computer types say, that's a feature, not a bug. It is intentional. There is not going to be any kind of real "choice" in the matter after a couple of decades. Real competition would bring reasonable costs to the table so that the choices are not expensive A vs. expensive B. Something in-between that, say, merely covers hospitalization. But that's not on the table for Statism Lite.

    The other problem here is the old phrase of "he who pays the band gets to call the tunes."

    I.E.--If government is doing all the reimbursing (and it will) then it gets to monitor and micromanage lifestyle habits and choices in all areas of life. As is the situation in Europe today to some degree, and increasing. It is unavoidable. He who pays the bills gets to dictate the terms. So this will be less about "health care" than about control.

  7. Spot on points Mr. Tolbert. Spot on. Of course, the regressives are communists, so in the end what they want is government control over every aspect of our lives. People like Bruce Fealk and Gary Peters think only the governmeny knows what's best for me and my family. Oh, gosh, they would be furious if the government told THEM what to do, but it's fine for everyone else.

    PS, just note that if you want to shut up the psychotic ramblings of Comrade Bruce "Epic" FAILk, all you have to do is tell him to prove the lies he spews.

  8. Bruce, It isa the Democrats not the Republicans that are holding up the reform bill. Why is that? Could it be that the bill sucks to everyone that doesn't have a Progressive agenda? 50 vote aint shit when it comes to passing a bill this size. The left wing of the Democrat party that is for a government take over of the privet sector are losing it. The Blue Dogs can't stand the bill the same way the Republicans casn't stand it. It's because it's good for socialism but bad for we the voters. When the Democrats give special treatment to the unions so they don't have to pay the same taxes as the rest of Americans,it's wrong and bad for America. Obama and the Progressocrats have done nothing but devide this country up. They have told who the enemies are and that is business and the unions are the friends that must be given the country with a big red bow on top. The Progressives have brought the Blue Dogs and Republicans together better then Jimmy 'the progressive' Carter did. Thanks again.

  9. Tolbert you made some great points. They will dictate our lifestyles next in order to control costs. All those fat unhealthy liberals that want someone else to tell them what they can and can't eat will riot again when twinkies and fried foods get pulled from the shelf because of health risks. Or they will just 'sin tax' it to death. Enjoy your soda pop now because oncew the progressives get a hold of it you wont afford to drink it.hee hee hee. Who needs personal responsability when you have obama, pelosi and reid.

  10. Bruce Might Get This Bill If All That VOTE For it Have Something Else To Do After November! You Can Spew Your CRAP and Then Go Make Paper Heads, You Looked Better With It ON!

    Politicans Will Have to Face Citizens and One Thing About Politicans, MOST want To Stay With the 535 Elite in Their Ivory Tower! Citizens Once Again Will Hold Elite 535 Feet to The Fire On Health Care and Defict!

    Nobama Is On the CAMPAIGN Trail Again For Nobama Care. If the Votes Were There, Why Go Out Stumping For It! Hard To Beleive there Are NO Other Issues That Concern Him at This Time! You Know ECONOMY/ JOBS Which Without, Government Health Care Aint Going to WORK Anyway!

  11. Nobama Does Hate Insurence Complanies Period!

    Question Who Is the CEO of The Largest Single Payer Insurance in the WORLD? Who Is the CEO of The Largest Single Payer Syestem in the World that is About 14 Trillion Dollars in Debt With NO Hope Of Breaking Even! Who Is CEO of the Largest Single Payer Insurance System in The World That DENIES More Claims/Procedures Than ANY Other Insuranse Company? Answer Nobama and Medicare/Medicade and YET Progressives March to The Fiddler Blindly So Governmetn Can Do It Over Again with the Same Results ONLY Now Were Are Tapped Dry and Will Never Be Able to Fund This Bill!


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