Sunday, March 7, 2010

What Are Your Kids Learning?

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Years ago, there was an announcement before the local newscasts: "Parents, it's 10 o'clock. Do you know where you children are?" In fact, there's a station in New York that still does it.
That question or maybe a somewhat-modified version is even more relevant today: "Parents, it's 2010. Do you know what your children are learning?"
You should. There is a concerted effort to indoctrinate your children with progressive propaganda, going on right now. It's everywhere: the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, with the global warming agenda. And many of our nation's schools are hitting our kids with the full progressive assault.
Thursday, the "The National Day of Action to Defend Education" took place. It sounds innocent enough. The rally Web site says the event was to protest against the current assault on public education: tuition hikes, budget cuts, furlough days, intentional reduction in enrollment.
So if it's really just about education and protecting the kids, why did virtually every socialist and communist organization in existence support this event? Groups like Students for a Democratic Society, the Socialist Party USA, several progressive student alliances and something called Fight Imperialism — Stand Together among many more. For a school function?
A faction of La Raza — a Latino civil rights organization — is jumping onboard and they are apparently trying to turn this into an "education is a right" message and use this platform for allowing illegal aliens to use in-state tuition as their protest message. M.E.Ch.A is also involved — they're a radical group who wants to reclaim the Southwestern U.S. for Mexico.
What's going on? Well, there's a battle for the hearts and minds of your children. While you're busy trying to make a living and navigate through the daily madness piling up all around you, progressives are working on indoctrinating America's youth, your kids. Everything is about planet worship, social justice and supporting Barack Obama. Just look what's happening in our schools:


  1. If you let your kids go to public governement schools you better know what they are being told. Go in their school and see if they have "Mother Earth" all over the play this spring. My sons old school did that every Spring with the Eath worship. I pointed it out to them his last year.

  2. This is why you need to send you kids to private or parochial schools. If they are going to be indocrinated then it should be what you believe is the right whay to indoctrinate. First they got rid of God and then they replaced Him with their gods.

  3. Chris,this has been going on for years, my daughters are in college now but I was at the schools fighting them from the first grade onward. You have to watch everything from the books, homework and projects. Go to the school and check out the classrooms and speak with the teachers, get involved and stand your ground and watch how other parents will join, except the liberal ones that will attack. I did find they were more bluster than anything when you just confront them with the facts, then they backdown very quickly because you have proven your point and they have no way to defend it.

    I have pulled my daughters from classes, asked for teacher changes and even kept them out of school until my requests were met. They don't like you keeping kids home, it hits the pocket book of the school. You have to also be a pest with the school superintendent by phone and fax/emails and let them know you have a great attorney working with you.

    If I had to do it all over again, I'd really would have mobilized more parents to assist me, it's a big job. They're our children and we have to fight for them, plus it's a disgrace what the schools are doing with our tax money. These people work for us and I never let them forget it.

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  5. Cathy your comment came up 2 times so I removed the last one.

  6. Teachers Unions Get Stronger Over Several Decades and at Same Time Students Grades and Learning Curve Go DOWN! Wonder if There is a CONNECTION!

    Progresives Have Managed to Remove GOD, Discipline and The Teaching Of Subjects That Will Actually Help Students When They Enter Adulthood! Nation Has Always Moved Forward on Education Of The NEXT Generation and NOW the Lack of Learning is Going to Effect This NATIONS Continuing to Move Ahead!

  7. I was lucky enough to have my kids go to a small school in a small conservative district. However, I was at the school every day, talking to the teachers, seeing what was going on and even talking to the superintendent. I would remove them from class for the programs that I didn't feel were appropriate. If I still had school age children, I would either send them to a school I had checked out, probably private, or home school them myself. This government would like nothing better than to direct how we raise our children...following the UN reccommendations. NOT MY CHILD!

  8. Crack-pot Detroit Socialist Explains His, Unions’ Agenda for Soviet States of America by Kyle Olson

    Bruce, you look younger in this video, did you find some miracle age-reversing creme?

    Militant socialists were out in full force Thursday, March 4th, for a “Day of Action to Defend Public Education.” The nationwide event was organized by fringe, left-wing groups like Michigan’s “By Any Means Necessary,” Ohio-organized “Community Organizing Center for Mother Earth,” Los Angeles-based “County Peace and Freedom Party,” the “League for the Revolutionary Party” of New York, and North Carolina’s “Destroy Industry.”

    In Detroit, a chap representing the Che Guevara-loving, Mumia Abu-Jamal-supporting “FIST Youth” educated a crowd of about two dozen about the virtues of socialism. He also lectured on the Soviet Union, its roots and the glory days when the “people’s council” made all of the important decisions.

    Strangely, that’s not the Soviet Union I learned about in public school. I was taught about a ruthless nation that annihilated the United States. I learned about a Soviet Union that starved its people and constructed drab buildings while its leaders lived the high life. (Well, that last part I had to find out on my own.)

    But that’s enough of my take on the socialist rally in Detroit. You can enjoy the history lesson for yourself.

    I respect this guy - he represents the strain of socialism that lays it all out for America to ponder. That’s more than I can say for our current leaders, who couch their true beliefss in poll-tested phrases and flowery language.

    Perhaps the most humorous part of the rally was the SEIU jacket-wearing lefty holding the banner. That’s what really makes SEIU’s influence so scary. Its members stand “in solidarity” with these radical windbags, while its leaders and former staffers roam the White House.

  9. FIST Youth. LOL. Apparently this guy didn't know what fisting is, and that you shouldn't be doing it to youth. Perfectly describes what their policies are though.


  11. John, Great link.

    As I was watching I came up with so many counter arguements that simply takes up too much space. But as a UNION MEMBER (UAW)I could not think of a better way to debunk this by asking the following;

    Does any UAW member believe Ron Gettlefinger is "middle class" or let alone limited to one house?

    Does any union member think that should they get a better oppertunity (more $$$) they should be denied it so as NOT to go beyond "middle class"?

    Basically as the writer states, the speaker lays it out - shared misery.

  12. A few words with fellow parents and calls to our office had the Obama speech brought front and center. Our school didn't show it originally, but after fights from leftist parents, they re-aired it the next week, with the idea to opt out. We had already talked about the speech and our concerns with the kids, and let them choose if they wanted to see him.
    They chose dodgeball.

    The point is, our principal knew these parents were upset and aware, and the district gave us options. I live in a fairly conservative area, so I don't have to fight much, BUT more alarming to me is the erasing of critical parts of our history. That is done on a national (govt approved textbooks) level, and angers me. Private schools here are harder to find, for a good quality, and the price is outrageous. I just wish as a whole the nation had more options when it comes to education!

  13. Great posts John,Herbalpagan and Christopher. When I see the test scores of the public schools system and then i see the test scores of the Lutheran school my son goes to and there is no comparison. And then top find out what they are teaching these kids makes me angree. But the left say nothing when it is pagan worship in the schools. But if it was Jewish or Christian they would be all over it.

  14. Ramsam I also wish the kids had more options in schools. Voucher would help get kids out of bad school districts all together. They have been proven to work and yet the teachers unions and the Democrats always get rid of them. I guess they just don't care about the kids as much as they care about politics and unions.

  15. Being that some here are just now going through this with the public school system, I wish it now was 12 years ago so I could forewarn you of what Beck is now discovering.
    Many times I have had to deprogram my kids, back, then to undo this form of indoctrination, that was happening in my conservative city school system. Yes, it even happens in conservative areas, also.
    My best advice to all who have school age offspring, be VERY involved in your child's education, even through college.

  16. Mark, I agree, have performed Constitutional education myself as is required by Americans.

  17. This should really piss the lefties off, but someone is finally standing up for the law instead of PC.

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia's attorney general is advising the state's public colleges to rescind policies that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.

    Kenneth Cuccinelli says in a letter to college presidents and other officials that only the General Assembly can determine which classes of people are protected by state government nondiscrimination policies.

    Proposals to ban such discrimination against gays have repeatedly failed in the legislature. The Republican attorney general says in the letter, dated Thursday, that state institutions cannot adopt a policy position rejected by the General Assembly.

    Virginia's Democratic Party chairman says colleges can set their own policies. Gay-rights activists say Cuccinelli's move could cost Virginia top students and faculty.

  18. Christopher as a UAW member i can tell you that i do not see Ron Gettlefinger as middle class. i see him as vastly underpaid. Don't you think its amazing that in this day and age the president of an organization with more than 512,000 active dues paying workers and more than 569,000 retirees would make what he makes?

    Think of it in pure business numbers. Would you represent that many people for the money he makes. Hell there are Church leaders who make more than him let alone the people on the other side of the bargaining table. He's a pauper compared to the people he has to deal with.

  19. As a liberal and i too am worried about indoctrination in public schools that's why i long for a John Dewey style private school around my area.

    But i worry about different sorts of indoctrination than i believe Mark or the other bloggers. take the Pledge of Allegiance. we force kids to say it for years until it is just accepted and considered patriotic. But do we ever discuss the reasons for a pledge of fealty? and why to a flag and a nation. Do we discuss the roots of swearing Fealty or do we just require it to start the school day indocrinating the youth. see how little we teach them and how much we indoctrinate them.

    and yet when a kid comes along and questions the "pledge' we make a big deal of it. Some states require a parental permission slip to get out of it. people have sued to get out of it. children have been suspended for not reciting it. We limit a childs education because he won't artificially swear loyalty to a country.

    Thats where the problem begins, where we demand fealty and rote recitation instead of teaching kids the reasons why they should choose to do it. that type of stuff happens in the former communist russia, not the freedom loving United States. How can we get any better when our school day begins with indoctrination.

    And just to be clear i do say the "pledge" but i do it out of choice not demand. As do my kids.

  20. JoeC, You miss the point. Did you watch the video John gave a link to? If not please do.

    In short the 'socialist' speaker guauntees a 'middle class' but at the same time LIMITS it to that. Now compare that to Gettlefinger and you will understand.

  21. How much does Gettlefinger make JoeC? Or are you just assuming he doesn't get paid much? And why is it the UAW has billions $ in the bank while not paying Gettlefinger more and the union members more for 'strike pay'?

  22. Chris, i know his salary. Its available on the WWW.DOL.GOV website. Unions are required by labor laws to fill out an LM-2 which lists expenses including all wages and bonus's paid by the union. So every union member can see what his dues are going towards.


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