Saturday, March 27, 2010

Open Thread


  1. This was a very funny video! Sadly it is the truth. Why is this considered racist Jay?

    Did y'all see this composite of polls showing the approval/disapproval of the health care?

    It's funny how there are only two out of about 22 polls for this month that show a majority approve. And one of those is the USA Today/Gallup poll that basically shows the opposite of what every other poll, even Democracy Corps, whatever that is but I'm guessing it's a Democrat poll, shows. Of course that one poll is the one that gets all the attention from the msm. In November this Republican landslide is going to hit all the deniers like a train. I wonder who they will blame the extensive losses on then?

  2. The progressive machine is destroying the Democratic party from the inside.

  3. Jay, you wanted to get rid of the white man well here you go. You black guys can have the democRATS all to yourself. Good luck in November

    White men shun Democrats

    First published in print: Saturday, March 27, 2010
    Millions of white men who voted for Barack Obama are walking away from the Democratic Party, and it appears increasingly likely that they'll take the midterms elections in November with them. Their departure could well lead to a GOP landslide on a scale not seen since 1994.

    For more than three decades before the 2008 election, no Democratic president had won a majority of the electorate. In part, that was because of low support -- never more than 38 percent -- among white male voters. Things changed with Obama, who not only won a majority of all people voting, but also pulled in 41 percent of white male voters.

    Read more:

  4. Here's another one for you Jay. What do you think about that?

    SATURDAY, MARCH 27, 2010

    Blacks and Latinos Stay Willingly Ignorant and Democrats Take Advantage

    I’ve been called confused and misinformed by friends and relatives who are Black or Latino because I’m a Conservative.

    This is nothing new because I know it’s the other way around.

    However, it’s very hard to explain that to them because the “ignorance” that enslaves the Blacks and Latinos in this country is so strongly embedded in the culture, that it would be easier to convert Osama bin Laden to Christianity than to get Blacks and Latinos to break from their loyalty to Liberalism and the Democrat Party.

    Take for example the reports by some Black congressman last week that they were called “nigger” by protestors of health care reform.

    Now, there was no audio or video evidence of this and if there were, it would have made it to MSNBC, or CNN faster than a coyote can woof down a mouse.

    However, it doesn’t matter whether or not the incident was true. The mission was accomplished anyway by the Black congressmen who made the claim.

    Here’s the dirty.

    The reason this story was put forth is because Democrats know that the Blacks and Latinos that constitute their base would believe the story ON FACE VALUE!

    When the story is believed hook, line and sinker it feeds the perception that’s already held in the Black and Latino communities that the protesters were all a bunch of wicked racist Republicans who hate a Black man in the White House and see how evil they are.

    Mission accomplished!

    This type of thing that Democrats do on a regular basis is what I call “maintenance”.

    Democrats need to feed the beast on a regular basis to keep Blacks and Latinos in line mentally. It’s a form of mind enslavement that works over and over again because Democrats know it’s extremely difficult for Blacks and Latinos to pay the cultural price of breaking out of the socialized template that they are locked into,

    When they do, then they are called “Uncle Tom”, “Handkerchief Head” , “Oreo Cookie” And let me point out, all these terms were INVENTED LIBERALS!

    Democrats know how to work their hustle.

    It’s up to the individual in the Black and the Latino community to realize and recognize in the words of Malcolm X , “ya’ll been took and bamboozled” and you let the Dems do it to you time after time.

    In your heats, you know its true.

  5. you know not to be nasty or nothing but isn't it ironic that white people are always telling the blacks and latinos that vote democrat that they must not be smart enough to see this or that because they vote Dem.

    you'll even quote their leaders at them and act like they are stupid to not see it. And you wonder why you don't get more minorities to vote with you.

    Since the "your too dumb to vote conservative" logic isn't working whats next? Perhaps if you double dog dare them that would work.

  6. Joe, old chap, that was written by a black person. Your "argument" is ... not nasty, but rather idiotic.

  7. I'm sorry, he's Latino, not black. Definitely not white.

  8. Its not idiotic. You and i both have seen that stuff throughout blogs and political discussions, including this one here.

  9. Joe, black people tell black people they are stupid for voting Hypocrat all the time as well. I'm not sure at what your point is. Should we not tell people that they are mistaken? Should we not use their leader's words to show them? Should we not hold up instances, such as Detroit, where Hypocrat minority leaders get what they want and create a third-world mini-country in Michigan?

    Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas ... is it okay for them to tell minorities that the Hypocrat policies hurt minorities, but it's not okay for me?

  10. This Blog is Opinions And Some Think Being "Moderate" Without Open Discussion is Better Than Putting The Topics Up For Open Dicussions and Debate!

    Any Body Black or White That Thinks Demoncrates Have Helped Poor of ANY Race To Better Their Race Or Well Being As a Whole Are Either BLIND or IGNORANT Take Your Choice!

    Not Counting Entitlements What Has Government EVER Done For Any Poor Citizens Other Than Making Them MORE Beholding To Government, Which in The END Keeps The Poor Poor! Perfect Example Any Large City! After Decades With Trillions Going to Cities What Has Changed? More Poor Citizens Relying MORE On Government and The Cycle Continues!

  11. John,
    of course its wrong for Clarence Thomas to do it too, because he's the first one to run crying racism (the hi-tech lynching bit), but its just plain dumb for a white guy to continually tell minorities they are too stupid to know they are getting duped (not that they are) because its not working.

    Perhaps listening to their concerns and actually taking them seriously would work better. It must work better than "Welfare Mommas' and your too dumb.

    I'm not sure that i believe the right when they talk about inclusiveness, because so much of their philosophy is excluding people. No marriage for homosexuals, that type of big tent shit.

    The biggest reason is that you call it racism when a black man votes for a person based on skin color but its not like your denouncing the white people who couldn't vote for a black man. You can't even see the racism in that but its there.

  12. Joe -

    Your argument about Clarence Thomas makes no sense, and we are all dumber for having read it! LOL

    CT can't espouse the advantages of conservatism because of something about high-tech lynching? I fail to see the connection. Maybe I need to smoke a bowl or something, get caught up with you LOL

    So what are the concerns of the black people Joe, you're such an expert? I would think they would want to lift themselves out of the poverty their progressive agenda has driven them to (think Detroit). If it ain't working, maybe try something new? But no, they double-down on stupid.

    The right that I am a part of believes in freedom, no matter what color or religion, as long as you aren't harming anyone else. The regressives, such as yourself, believes in discrimination based on color and sex. You want to force your global warming religion on everyone, you are intolerant against Christians based on your posts on this blog. Truly terrible people are these liberals. I read a blog of a black woman who said that she never heard such racist stuff as she heard from her liberal friends.

    What are you talking about in that last paragraph? LOL, of course it's racism if someone votes for someone based on skin color. You are the one who said it's racist if a white votes for a white because of the color of their skin, but not racist if a black votes for a black because of the color of their skin. I denounce it no matter what the color, but I never said it doesn't exist. You are a total fool and hypocrite. Didn't you ever hear the things that blacks like Jesse Jackson say about the Jews? There is such a thing as racist blacks Joe, just look at Jay-Ney.

  13. John,

    Clarence Thomas has no credibility in anything. When a educated black woman spoke against him, he cried about racism like a little bitch. Funny the man didn't see anything racist in Reagans "welfare mommas" attack language but when his nomination is opposed suddenly he's a BLACK MAN and its all racist.

    As for the needs of the black community you haven't heard me talking about it. Just responding to why the rights tactics don't work. But then you go and prove me right. You say that minorities are doubling down on stupidity which show me what you think of minorities. You think they are stupid, you said it. Thats why they don't vote righty, because thats how the white conservative feels. You put on this blog tonite.

    As for religion, i am sorry that your intolerant of possible climate issues and that you see only the christian religion as correct for the country. You know i haven't heard of one "Mother Earth" play other than here. And did that happen to you or your kid?

    And you heard it right here on this blog that i have never heard such hateful things about Blacks and Women as i have heard from righwingers at work. You think me calling Sarah a power hungry bitch is bad, you know what the rightwingers call Nancy and Jen Jen. It starts with a C and ends with a T. Out loud and in public. I never refer to any female as a CoUNTry but your side does.

  14. Clarence Thomas, married to a white woman and a racist. Thanks for your stunning analysis Joey. I guess only if a Hypocrat nominates a black man to the Supreme Court would it not be racist.

    Here's what I said Joey, since you can't seem to read: "I would think they would want to lift themselves out of the poverty their progressive agenda has driven them to (think Detroit). If it ain't working, maybe try something new? But no, they double-down on stupid."

    Where did I say all minorities do that Joey? Did you know there are minorities other than just blacks that live in Detroit? LMAO

    And now I'm "intolerant of possible climate issues and see only the christian religion as correct for the country"?!? Joey, I can't have a discussion with you if you continue to put words in my mouth. Seriously, you owe me an apology for suggesting I said anything of the sort.

    Joey, you referred to Palin as a bitch. That's bad enough. It's not acceptable no matter who says it about who. You think you asshole Hypocrats are lily-white? Once again Joey, you are trying to condone behavior that you wouldn't want your own child doing, by saying it's okay because the "other side" does it. I don't do it, I don't associate with anyone who does it, I don't condone it, no matter who it is said about. Your side has said AT LEAST as bad about Palin, and you know it. If you condone it on one side you are condoning it for both you bigoted racist. Next comment is going to be one showing how racist you Hypocrats are. Enjoy it you jerk.

  15. Racist Hypocrats:

    Racial Preferences in Obamacare
    By La Shawn Barber • March 23, 2010 12:43 PM
    Hello, comrades! The government’s take-over of the American health care system is almost complete.
    The federal government, which does all things so well, is one step closer to making our medical decisions and having access to our medical records.
    If that sounds like a far-fetched conspiracy theory, stretch your mind for a moment. Who could have imagined that the United States would adopt socialized medicine? That was a far-fetched idea not too long ago. But here we are.
    Transfer of wealth and “crucial decisions” aside, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act contains provisions that provide incentives for racial discrimination. I mentioned the so-called health care bill’s racial preference provisions on the American Civil Rights Institute’s blog a while back.
    One provision states that programs with “a record of training individuals who are from underrepresented minority groups or from a rural or disadvantaged background” will be given priority for government money. This is only one of several such provisions. Programs and medical institutions that practice racial preferences will be moved further up the money queue than programs and medical institutions that disregard race.
    The one who disregards skin color is penalized. Hopenchange in America!
    By the way, the Civil Rights Act prohibits government racial discrimination and preferences. The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights called the provisions racially discriminatory and sent President Barack Obama and Congress letters warning them about the provisions. The politicians ignored the warning, naturally.
    The Commission said the inclusion of the discriminatory provisions appeared to motivated by a crusade to narrow racial health care disparities and the belief that the disparities are caused by a shortage of medical professionals who are members of preferred minority groups. Seriously.
    The Commission rightly concluded that medical institutions competing for federal dollars may end up lowering academic standards for minority applicants, and added that “race-based attempts to achieve some ill-defined ‘critical mass’ of minority students or to demonstrate a ’sufficient’ record of training such students are constitutionally suspect… As we noted in our October 9, 2009 letter, it is generally illegal for the government to show favoritism or even use classifications based on race, ethnicity, or sex.”
    If the Obama administration’s going to violate the Civil Rights Act, one would think the discriminatory provisions actually would solve the racial health care disparity problem. The Commission cited research that showed raising the quality of care at hospitals in the 500 largest minority serving areas would improve minority health care more than eliminating racial disparities within every provider in the U.S.

    This finding seems intuitive, but the racism-under-every-rock civil rights industry prefers to deal in quantity over quality. Why adopt controversial and illegal discrimination and preferences over simply improving care for all?


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