Saturday, March 27, 2010

Say A Prayer For President Obama and Congress

I think it is time for us to say a prayer for our country. These are hard times and we the people of America are being tested. I'd like to thank God for all the gifts He has given me and my country folk. When food,water and shelter are our earthly needs He gives us all so much more then that. I forget how blessed God has made me. But I would like to pray for President Obama and his family. I would like to pray for all members of Congress. I would like to pray for my friends on the left and the right. I would like to pray for everyone that wants to do this country harm. I pray that we will all do Gods will. I pray that he gives all the members of leadership the wisdom to do what is good and right for this country and it's citizens. I pray that the love of Christ flows to everyone in the world.                                                                                                                                                              I think now is a good time to start trying to try and be more constructive in our debates.  Things aren't getting any better but much worse. The debt,government take overs and fear in the private sector is hurting our economy and social fabric. We can't keep adding billions and trillions of $ every other month. There must be some form of stability if we are ever going to get back up from this recession. While the government keeps taking over the private sector or destabalizing it the rest of the country is going into a depression and the government is growing leeps and bounds. We need to shore up our businesses and make bussinesses want to come here to produce and grow. Taxing businesses out of existance helps no one.


  1. Nice post - the more prayer the better, not least for our elected overlords...

    God bless.

  2. So true - we may not agree with what he is doing but we need to be praying for him.

  3. You know it was a decent post till you went all ideologue on the second paragraph. just being constructive in my criticism.

  4. Wow, Chris, are you the most hypocritical Christian ever or what?

    You throw around hateful rhetoric, threats, and worse and then you say pray for our leaders.

    You are so full of shit, I can hardly believe it.

  5. I knew you would show the love in your heart Bruce. So now I have done threats and hateful rhetoric or even worse? Bruce you have those thingas in your heart and they are showing through right now. Bruce you are a liar and the most hateful person I have ever known. I've never seen someone with so much evil in him. Even your own family can't stand you and your evil ways. But God still loves you even though you hate Him. It sucks to be a lieing person like you. Joe what parts of the second paragrqaph don't you like? The debt,the government takeovers,what is it?

  6. Chris, maybe you should read Frank Rich's column from today's NYT.

    Chris, actually you have me beat by a mile as the most hateful person.

    You're still full of shit, Chris.

    After all the hate and invective you've spewed on this blog, now you want to pray? What a load of crap. You have called liberals every name under the sun and incited your commenters to do the same.

    You need to take a good look in the mirror, buddy. Maybe you should take that log out of your own eye first.

  7. One more thing, exactly what are you praying for, Chris? Some prayers from the right have been for the deaths of liberals and some of our leaders.

  8. Chris, did you ever think of the fact that President Obama was elected was part of god's plan? I know you thought that about George W. Bush. Do you think god abandoned you this time around in November? Did god take a vacation this time?

    Maybe god actually wants everyone to be able to go to the doctor and be healthy, instead of waiting until it's too late. Ever think of that? Probably not.

    I love it how when god agrees with you, you think it's god's will. When something happens that you disagree with, you and your ilk get all crazy, and become tea partiers.

  9. Bruce, you are the only commenter I have ever seen on this blog who wished ill on someone else, that being me. You can't capitalize God's name, you have no right to speak about God. Chris is right, you are ugly and evil, right down to your soul. I have a hard time believing even Jesus loves you. He probably does, but rest assured everyone else thinks you're an asshole.

    God expects people to accept their responsibilities Comrade Bruce. Those who do not follow him, he still loves but as you might know, though he loved Adam and Eve he still cast them out of the Garden because they disobeyed. Essentially, it's "tough love". He didn't give them a fracking "time out" in the corner of the Garden. Dumbass.

    Comrade Bruce, do you think God wants people to fend for themselves? Do you think God wants me to fund the slaughter of innocent helpless babies? You are one sick bastard Bruce.

  10. Bruce the Alternative To Being In Tea Party is Being Like YOU and REALLY That is NOT a Choice!

    Bruce Come November if NOTHING Else Nobama and Progressives Have Showed Their True Colors, Citizens Aint Going to Put Up With It! Who Will You Seek Guidence From My Guess Another Mushroom!

  11. No Al the alternative is being a thoughtful moderate conservative, not a frothing at the mouth rabid rightist. you don't have to be a Dem or a racist slur calling, brick throwing, death threatening rightwing idiot. You can choose to be thoughtful.

    will you though?

  12. John, I am glad you pointed out the lack of a capital "G", it shows Bruces atheism.

    Chris, Just as I would never offer a prayer for Osama Bin Laden, Kim Jong iL or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad I will also refrain in your call in this post.

  13. Christopher, just because I use a lower care g does not mean I'm an atheist.

    John, you wished ill on me many, many times, even to the point of wishing me dead. How dare you get up in my face because one time I wished you would be uninsured and have a need for health care. You are a miserable excuse for a human being.

    Christopher, I thought god would want you to pray for everyone, not just people you like.

  14. Nowhere in the Good Book does Our Father in Heaven nor His Son on Earth call for Satan to be prayed for.

  15. I Have Always Been Thoughtful, Just Think "Moderate" Is The Same as Feeling Strongly BOTH Ways! Do Not Beleive In Violence Of Any Kind Been There Seen It! Dont Like The Word "Idiot" Either But Dislike The Word "Moderate" More!

  16. Joe-"you don't have to be a Dem or a racist slur calling, brick throwing, death threatening rightwing idiot"
    The good book says 'thou shall not lie'
    RW Racist slur calling-No proof
    RW brick throwing-No proof
    RW death threats-No proof

    I pray for you to find the 'right' way in life.

  17. Comrade Bruce, show one instance where I have wished ill on you or wished you dead. You are demonstrating the out-and-out bald-faced lies that the Hypocrats are famous for, and the lies that they have been making since this health care tax law was passed.

    You have an open forum here Bruce. Show me one instance Comrade Bruce. I am calling you out right now. You wished me and my family would get ILL. YOU did that you asshole. You are one sick son of a bitch. And not only did you do that, but then you lie and accuse me of wanting you dead? You are sick, sick, sick. A disgusting immoral piece of shit is what you are Bruce.

    Look at all the "friends" and family that want nothing to do with you Bruce. Your own lieberals are afraid that you are going to drive a mentally unstable man to kill himself, and you accuse me of wishing harm on others? Get a grip on reality Bruce.

  18. Al,
    Thanks, I cannot stand the term "moderate" as well.

    Good ole Joe is attempting to twist terms here, there is no such thing as "moderate Conservative" you are either Conservative or not, it is referred to as "moderate republican" or popularly known as RINO.

  19. Our Father, who art in heaven,
    hallowed be thy name.
    Thy Kingdom come,
    thy will be done,
    on earth as it is in heaven
    Give us this day our daily bread.
    And forgive us our trespasses,
    as we forgive those who trespass against us.
    And lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil.
    For thine is the kingdom,

    the power and the glory,

    for ever and ever.


    (King James Bible AD 1611)
    Bruce just so you know it Jesus loves you and so do I. You do make it hard most of the time but I even prayed for you,JoeC and vomamike. You did put words in my prayer that weren't there but that is part of what is broken with you. I forgive you for your hate of me and all I stand for. I hope you can forgive me for hurting you. God bless you.

  20. Chris we must pray for our enemies and love our enemies. I pray they do Gods will and see the Light. It is hard to pray for those that want to do us harm and I'm not saying I'm good at it.

  21. Bruce first you say I'm threatening and now you say John has wished death on you? Are you nuts or in need of Holy water and the Word? Apl.11 at the Macomb County Library in Clinton Twp, Mich. at 10am the TEA Party will be there. I hope you all can make it there.

  22. Chris, I don't think it's worth coming to your protests any more, frankly.

    Health care is the law of the land and you can whine all you want, you won't be able to repeal it. You don't have the votes. Now you just look like sore losers, which you are.

  23. So, Christopher, now you're calling me Satan.
    Christopher said...

    "Nowhere in the Good Book does Our Father in Heaven nor His Son on Earth call for Satan to be prayed for."

    You really are nuts. I have different political views than you, but that doesn't make me the devil.

  24. You really have an ego Bruce? Where did you see me mention your name in that particular comment?

    Although you could qualify as one of Ba‘al Zebûb minions.

  25. Bruce You Going to a Tea Party Event, With All That "TRUTH" Youd Be Hearing Youd Probablly Turn To SALT! Bruce Liberals Protest, Tea Party Demonstrates, The Main Difference Tea Party Does Not Need Police On Hand To Control Angry MOB!

  26. Whine, whine, whine, Al.

    You are sore losers. You'll be bitching in November too.

  27. "you won't be able to repeal it. You don't have the votes."
    The votes will be there, but probably not enough to override the veto pen.
    If this is not struck down by the SC, the first thing to happen after Nov is defund it. That will stop it dead in it's tracks for the ramp up of benefits that start in 2014.

  28. You pigs will all go to hell. You christians are evil and bush is the anti-christ. Bruce we need to get the anti-christian group in the detroit bus ads to come to their racist convention of idiots. Bruce I went on the web page and they are against everything Progressive. To them this isn't about just health care. That is why we need to shut them down. We need to scare them into not showing up. Mark was your family slave owners?

  29. Jay-Ney, now from here on out, I would like you to remember this, so you don't ever ask that question to me again.

    Was John Adams a slave owner- No.

    Was Samuel Adams a slave owner-No. Johns cousin apparently received a slave named Surry as a gift in 1765. Samuel freed her immediately. Slavery was outlawed in Massachusetts by a bill Samuel introduced.

    Was John Quincy Adams a slave owner- No.

  30. Jay Ney the whites helped the blacks in the civil war and helped them get equal rights. Not all white,black or what ever are racist or bad. May whi9te people died to give blacks all the same freedoms. And it has been a big part of the Republican party. Don't forget all those black slave owners. The nice thing is that you are giving away our freedoms that people died to give us. Your wish of becoming a slave to the government is coming true every time Congress and Obama vote in new laws. You are helping inslave us all. Talk about cutting off you nose to spite your face.

  31. Jay-Ney Spoken like a True Intellectual Genius! Scaring to Some is Incentive to Others! See Ya!

    Bruce See Above and If Theres Any Body That KNOWS Whining Its You! Back To The Mushroom Patch With Ya! November Autum Air Crisp Mornings and Those Out Of Work Liberals Politicans! Wonder If Nobama Is Lasering in on JOBS For Them. Her Seems To Have Forgotton About Citizens Jobs!

  32. lol...this is good stuff

    the rightwing plant acting all angry black woman.

    And Mark, doing his best to name pimp his ancestry. AGAIN.

    Mark, way to go you dropped the John Adams, John Quincy Adams thing on us again. That must make your uninspiring drivel so much smarter because your the spawn of such enlightened thinkers. Bet they feel so much better knowing you pimp their names on this blog.

    this is seriously funny shit.

  33. Joe, your jealousy is scary. Mark was answering a question. Grow up.

    And you're a little ... conspiracy-minded. But that's cool, because some of the stupid shit that you and Bruce say make me think that sometimes you guys are plants! LOL

  34. Wow Joe, do you really think that the 'whore/pimp' comments coming from you about my ancestors upsets me? HA, please. :)

    As John said, I was answering a direct question asked of me.
    Your infatuation with me and how I happen to be a descendant of "such enlightened thinkers" shows you've got a jealousy streak that their bloodline continue to this day. LOL

    I am sure if they were here today they'd tell you that a piece of dog shit stuck to the bottom of their shoe is better than shaking your hand.

  35. Joec You Have Posted Better Blogs Than Todays! If Your Intent Was To JUST Fill UP Space You Have Succeeded Beyond Your Wildest Dream. NO Content Just Words and Same OLD Rhetroic!

  36. Al, I'm just here staring at the window into the loony bin and laughing at it. Nothing more.

    Mark, did you notice that you referred to what "they" would do? Now your talking for them. lmao. Name pimping isn't enough for ya. Now your putting words into their long dead mouths.

    As for an infatuation with you, well i am infatuated with watching the actions of the "seriously f-ed up" and your name pimping qualifies you for that category. Comeon man you gotta see it though, that your just using the name to advance yourself. Thats the only thing you want anyone to know on your blog site. Nothing more than your ancestry.

    Here i'll give you an out. why is this the only thing anyone should know? why does anyone who looks at your site to find out more about you need to know who your related to?

  37. Joe- I see you've been over at my blog... but as I see it, you're to chicken shit to even see anything but my Bio, which shows your infatuation with something YOU lack... And that is 'anything'.
    You have no info about yourself, nothing, zilch, nada. At least I provide info about myself that is relevant to my "political & patriotic" blog.
    If I blogged about motorcycles, my bio would be of what bike I ride and where I ride, etc.
    Do you see, Joe, it has everything to do with the relevancy of the blog.
    Is this sinking in to that polluted melon on top of your neck, yet??

    You just can't handle that my family tree dates back to the discovery of this land.
    To bad, So sad to be JoeC.

    PS, Joe, I am not speaking for them, I said "I am sure" not I know.

  38. Jealous Joe. Typical Hypocrat liberal. I guess Joe just expects EVERYONE's genealogy to be as easily distinguished as his. Joey, you're a son of a bitch if I'm not mistaken? LOL ;o)


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