Sunday, March 28, 2010

Americans Like TEA Party Way More Then The Left Wing Congress

Image: Tea party rally in Searchlight, Nevada
Robyn Beck / AFP - Getty Images
Oscar Murdock from Temecula, Calif., holds signs before the start of a tea party rally in Searchlight, Nev., on Saturday.

Rasmussen Poll: The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 52% of U.S. voters believe the average member of the Tea Party movement has a better understanding of the issues facing America today than the average member of Congress. Only 30% believe that those in Congress have a better understanding of the key issues facing the nation.
When it comes to those issues, 47% think that their own political views are closer to those of the average Tea Party member than to the views of the average member of Congress. On this point, 26% feel closer to Congress.
Finally, 46% of voters say that the average Tea Party member is more ethical than the average member of Congress. Twenty-seven percent (27%) say that the average member of Congress is more ethical.[...]                                                                  This must just burn the lefts britches. No matter what they say about the Tea Party people think better of them then Congress and the left. People aren't listening to the left any more. The left have become untrustworthy and too agressive for most American to even waist their time with. Do you remember what a joke the hippies became? It's happening again to these neo-revolutionaries. But for us to a powerful force for real conservative change we must become bigger. We need to get more people involved in this conservative movement. And as much as the left want to paint us as being as violent,hateful and dangerous as they are we must never ever act like them. That is what they want of us. If even one conservative acts like a liberal they will pin it on us all. But it is up to us to start defining what PC is. We need to remind people of the left and their history of blood,hatred,riots,beatings,racism,violence and intimidation. Remind them of all the left wing radicals that Obama has in his admin. Pass the word on that the Progressives in America have no place in our government. It's time to move forward and do what we know will work. And when you see a liberal tell them what American voters think of them vs. the Tea Party members. The Socialist leaders Pelosi and Reid both have approval ratings less then 11%. 11%. Reid is at 8% approval. Those are the lefts leaders. You really have to suck to not even be in the teens. At least Americans love the Tea Party members. See you at the next TEA Party rally.


  1. I troll a lot, and the lefties are comforting themselves by parroting mendacious DNC propaganda, as seen on MSNBC: The rate of unemployment increases is decreasing, more people are accepting health care, everybody believes teabagger rightwingchristian are hateful racists and the republicans will lose in November...

    It must be comfy in that fantasy bubble.

    Thanks for the good news!

  2. Tea Party Loves Country!

    Congress Loves Congress!

    Case Closed!

  3. Cris,
    The wife and I drove the 45 miles to Searchlight yesterday for the "Tea Party" rally. I was phenomenal!! Cars lined up as far as the eye could see. Young, old, black, brown, white, able, disabled Americans – younger generations pushing the wheelchairs of grandma and grandpa, all with one message…Love. Love for this country and how to get it back on track. My conservative estimate was 10 to 12 thousand. The governor of Nevada received a laugh when he said, “I would like to thank all 250 of you for attending.” Thunderous applause greeted Sarah Palin. Everywhere I looked there were people helping people, talking about issues, the constitution, thanking veterans for their service, and good down-to-earth red blooded Americans celebrating liberty.

  4. Lol.. the fact that people like Sarah Palin there is enough to keep me home.

    Get rid of the dumb bitch and her power hungry ways and perhaps i could figure your serious. till then we know what hacks and nutjobs you guys really are.

  5. joec Back To Anger Management! Sometimes I Thin You And Bruce are the SAME Person Just Different Personality Sorta Like "Sybil"! Sounds Like Palin Is NOT Your Cup Of Tea!

  6. Joe, your attitude is gross. It's fine if you disagree with someone, but try to do it with a modicum of dignity. No wonder nobody respects you the way you talk about women, bigot. I'm sure you, being a fascist, would love to shut up anyone who gives a different perspective. I don't think anyone who supports a guy who declares war on The Constitution, free enterprise and freedom has any room to say who people should listen to, do you? LOL

  7. God bless you Michael. I just watch it on TV. It looked well attended that's for sure. It looked like a conservative woodstock type event. I'm going to the one in my town 5 min. from my house on April 11 fropm 10am till 12pm. I went last year and had a blast. I hope you put the pictures up on your blog.

  8. Michael, I just want everyone to stop by your blog, Right At Black Mountain and see the pictures of Navada TEA Party Express. It is awesome the pictures he has. Let people know about his blog and these great photos of how many thousands of thousands of great Americans. This same event is coming to my town of Clinton Twp. on April 11 from 10am till 12pm. I went to the one in Troy Mi and it was the best. These events are a powerful force in bringing us all together for one cause. It works at organizing and planning future events. Help make this event big by telling everyone you can that this event is happening. Spread the word.

  9. JoeC"Get rid of the dumb bitch and her power hungry ways and perhaps i could figure your serious."
    The same can be said about Obuma
    'get rid of the socialist hack and his power hungry Chicago style political machine called the "administration" and perhaps WE could figure the Democrat party as serious Americans.'

  10. John, what i say has anything to do other women. It has to do with her. She's a power hungry bitch. Your just not smart enough to see it. (does that make you want to become a Democrat? then you know why the right isn't the party of minorities now huh?)

    And anyone who uses catch phrases like "declares war on the constitution" needs to start thinking on his own and put the talking points down. Come the fuck on, who talks like that? its no wonder people find you Baggers nutjobs when you talk that way. Speak english not crazy.

    I feel bad for you, brother. Your life is reduced to that silly lunatic fringe shit. the only people that talk like that are the crazies on the edges of reality. Its sad to see people so caught up shit that they lose their sanity.

  11. But Joe you Democrats are rougher on the women then the men. Just look at how your party treated Hilary Clinton as well as Sarah Palin during the campain. I've never seen so much sexism as I did from the far left. I'm not saying all Democrats are sexist,I'm not like the left, I'm saying there were a lot of Democrats that made it look sexist. When your group only goes after the women and leaves the men alone you have to ask why? So why so hard on the women? Hilary is twice as strong a political figure them Barack Obuma.

  12. Joe why are the catch phrases bugging you guys so much? Could it be they are leaving their mark? We are just learning to use the trick the Democrats have been using for decades. And your catch phrases of "teabaggers","racist","haters","dangerous" and "christian hypocrites" never get Joe I hate to wake you up but you are the fringe once again. 20% is the fringe.

  13. Joe why are you always talking about "teabagging" and "nutjobs"? Are you bi? You do know what Burt Russell would say about your choice of talking point words don't you? He is your hero isn't he?

  14. Chris, the catchphrase soundbite mentality bothers me so much because its a stupid inane way to be about something so serious. If that is what your politics is reduced to, catchy sayings that have no real meaning, then perhaps we are best without your involvement.

    I'd like to think that the opposition atleast has some original thoughts on things, but given that 99 percent of your blog is things Glen Beck says or is emailed to you makes me wonder. Then you add in the talking point ctachphrases and its all just not that bright.

    And Chris, while the conservative mindset maybe a majority at this moment, you, john, the name pimp and others are not in the "majority", your the fringe of the majority. Don't act like your part of the right of center moderate thoughtful conservative group, when your the extreme hateful angry potentially violent fringe of the conservative movement.

    And its Freud your thinking of. Bertrand Russell was a philosopher not a shrink.

    Baggers is a nickname. something i uise to indentify the nuts with.

    And your point about Hillary isn't true. you on the right were particulary viscious towards her when she was first lady. Rush and even that wack job that was on the air here, David Neumann used to attack her all the time. You just don't want to admit that. Denial for you is the key.

  15. Bruce/joe So Many Words Once Again So Little Substance!

  16. Joe all you on the left are is catch phrases. Where are you all now that Obama isn't closing GITMO,the "illegal" Iraq war,the national debt and budget? Why is it you are in lock step with what the UAW says? Why is it you use the same talking points as Bruce? You still think you are above everyone else but come to find out you are no different then we are. Thew "talking points" are the subject matters. You like to marjanalize them by calling them "talking points" and whatnot. But we see you doing the same thing. You libs wallow in crap and then go all schzitso when some crap gets on us. No one cars about the little poo on us when you are covered in it.

  17. Joe you have been indoctrinated so much that you are starting to think you have original thoughts. But when you go on,bruces blog,the dnc,olbertmenn and madcow your original thoughts are their talking points. You believe everything the Solidartity UAW mag. preaches. How is that Joe? Are you such a stong original thinker that those liberal organizations follow your lead? In your world you are the center of the univers aren't you? Joe why is your belief system the same as the song John Lennon wrote Imagine? You are such a narsacist. You spend the day justifying your every thought and belief so we wont think you are so narcasistic. You and Obama are cut from the same narsacistc coth. He thinks he has original thoughts too. But we are finding out he is just following Bush and McCain down to a tee.

  18. Chris, now your calling me narcistic? lol.. thats a hoot or is it hooterville like Al says.

    As far as original ideas, there aren't alot of them but you COPY outright. Remember the Nancy Pelosi blog where you cut and pasted a fallacy. You dsidn't even check to see that the inofrmation was correct. The blog said "Snopes verified it" but it really didn't. I haven't seen where you owned up to it yet either.

  19. Al, so many capital letters so little to say.

  20. Chris,
    Thanks for posting on "" about our trip to Searchlight, NV Tea Party. It was great! About Batman, some "Liberal Fools" think that anyone from Harvard Community College is a free-minded, intelligent thinker. They couldn't be further from the truth. Harvard has "third-rate professors" at best, that preach hatred and distain for American tradition and Constitutional Law. Feel for the blind, for one day they will see the light ....

  21. Joe said: "John, what i say has anything(?) to do other women. It has to do with her. She's a power hungry bitch. Your just not smart enough to see it."

    Joe, I don't care what you think of someone, she never did a thing to you and it is no excuse to call a woman a bitch, no matter who they are. You are scary angry at women. I don't know what your problem is, but you need to get a handle on your anger issues. Bigot. You and that asshole Grayson who thinks its fine to call a woman a whore. These women are somebodies daughter. I hope you aren't bringing your son(s) up to treat women like this. The government might have to step in and take them away and raise them right. LOL

    Joe said: "(does that make you want to become a Democrat? then you know why the right isn't the party of minorities now huh?)"

    Joe, I don't even know what the hell that is supposed to mean ... do you mean I should want to be a Hypocrat because they call women bitches or something? I'm going to need some clarification on that one.

    Joe said: "And anyone who uses catch phrases like "declares war on the constitution" needs to start thinking on his own and put the talking points down. Come the fuck on, who talks like that? its no wonder people find you Baggers nutjobs when you talk that way. Speak english not crazy."

    Joe, that's not a catch phrase that I have heard. I am speaking the truth here, and came up with that just based on what I witness this President doing. Again, I don't have cable and the only talk radio I listen to is that idiot Ed Schultz, because it's hilarious to listen to the idiotic libertards that call in, and it's hilarious when Ed hangs up on a conservative who schools him and then says that he showed them stupid conservatives! I heard that idiot have an argument consisting of "no he didn't. no he didn't. no he didn't" repeated over and over when a caller was saying that Obama originally supported single-payer! LOL

    So anyway, my point is, if that is a catch-phrase I'd like to know where it comes from, who is saying it. Obama has declared war on The Constitution. He is trying to shut down free speech as upheld by The Supreme Court. He is trying to force us to buy a private company's product against our will. Show me where that one is Joe. Along with the free speech thing, he is the one who declared war on Fox News, remember that one? And he and the Hypocrats are trying to tell states what to do, they are trying to silence all their perceived enemies and keep them from assembling peacefully by slandering and spreading lies. Congress making it up as they go along, passing laws by "deem and pass", executive orders, signing rules or whatever that was called ... none of that is or should be considered Constitutional. Again, Obama and his administration have declared war on the Constitution. You call it a catch-phrase, trying to label and negate it, but it doesn't make it any less true. This is an all-out, coordinated assault on our freedoms, make no mistake Joe.

    So, open your eyes Joe. Although, you being an anarchist fascist I'm sure you know exactly what is going on here, and you are all for it.

  22. John, don't have a problem with women. Never did. That bitch is scary though. she;'s a nutjob in heels, nothing more. You can rant about how YOU FEEL i have a problem but i'm nicer about sarah than any of your conservative counterparts here at work are about Nancy and Jen Jen. Still you think the left has issues. Your bad.

    As for an explanation, you and i had a discussion about how telling black people they were stupid to be democrats wasn't a good strategy for getting them to join your party. I referenced that discussion by suggesting that my use of words should entice you to become a Dem based on your attempts to woo minorities by calling them stupid.

    John, now can i use rightwing postings against you? If your not using catchphrases then how powerful you are to have all the rest of the conservative blogosphere using the same terms as you. Clearly they must be following your example.

    As for a war on the constitution, thats just bullshit. Ohh, he's attacking free speech rights. wow, thats just crazy. You didn't have a problem when AG john Ashcroft told the Seante that "anyone criticising the president druing a time of war was aiding and abetting terrorists" did you? Wasn't that an attack on our first amendment rights. But that was okay, because it wasn't a democrat.

  23. JoeC,
    Isn't it a talking point to talk about talking points You know change the subject and ignore the original question. Now isn't that progressive.

  24. leroy, whats the opriginal question? please tell me.

  25. Little joe The question is when are you going to stop babbling about catch phrases and talking points. You rail againist others for not having an original thought and then act like the mouth of the DNC. Again I guess your just too progressive

  26. Joe, once again I don't go with the "two wrongs make a right" line of bullshit that you seem to love. Wrong is wrong, and you know it. I hope your kid doesn't witness the kind of rage and bigotry you display on this blog. Your soul is really ugly and nasty. Quite an example you set Joe.

    Joe, I don't really care what you think, I don't use "catchphrases", I asked you to show me proof and I don't see any proof. The fact that everyone says it, did you ever stop to think that's because it's true? If I call water wet, is that a catch-phrase, or is that just a fact? LOL

    I laugh because the liberals liked to rag on Bush, and now that we rag on Obama, even Comrade FAILk said that that is helping the Taliban win. You are a bunch of Hypocrite Hypocrats Joe, LOL. You are the "two wrongs make a right" guy, so I guess it's fine to do it if the libs did it first, right Joe?

  27. Joe So Much SMALL Print So Much Small Talk!

  28. Joey is all union talk.

  29. John,
    Comrade bruce as you call him is acting a fool with talk like that. (if he said it. I'm taking you at your word) You can bad mouth Obama about things all you want. Doesn't hurt the country or its military.

    the problem with your water analogy is that you figure that there is a yes/no answer to the supposition, not the reality that some say yes and some say no. You can't even get Constitutional scholars to agree. so what you claim is true can be claimed not true.

    Then again your not really saying water is wet, what your saying is more like, "water is waging a war on coastlines" which is really nothing more than your interpretation of what is happening.

    As for Two Wrongs thought, thats another case where your interpretation is faulty. I'm not saying its right, i'm saying your only after certain people when they do the same thing. Its called a double standard. You seem to subscribe to an awful lot of them.

  30. Joe, you can take my word for Bruce saying those things, or you can read it. Either way, the fact is he said those things, and you know the things he has done in the past. You like to talk about what a bunch of liars the right is, but all Bruce tells is lies and I never see you call him on it. Which leads me right into your "double-standard" comment. That's just not true Joe. I have no compunction about calling out things that are wrong, no matter what the "side" or "party". My interest is in getting the government off everyone's backs, and promoting a more free society, for everyone.

    In my estimation, whenever a left-winger is pointed out doing something wrong, you have to come out and say that somebody on the right did it. Why can't you just denounce a wrong as a wrong? If you don't denounce it, then you are definitely using the "two wrongs make a right" argument. Which is idiotic, and absolutely the least productive thing you could do. And it makes you look like you support corruption and things like that. Can't do anything about things that were done in the past, but I sure as hell can point out things that are being done now, right? What you fail to recognize is, for the most part when others have done wrong they have been caught and punished. That's how our system should work. I'm saying people that do these things now should also be punished, and you are saying that it's fine to do it because the other side did it! LOL

    Joe, you said I was using a catch-phrase, right? I said I wasn't, because I came up with it myself. You give no proof that this is all over the blogosphere or talk radio or something. I'm still waiting for that.

    It's obviously my opinion, and I give evidence to back it up, and now you want to talk about Constitutional Scholars. That's definitely changing the subject Joe. I know you don't want to stand up for The Constitution because you are an anarchist, so this is about the level of conversation I expected from you on this topic. If you cared about The Constitution and our system of governing, you would truly be concerned. I get the feeling from you that sometimes you agree with a few points that are made, but you would rather be an a-hole than discuss things. Is that an accurate assessment?


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