Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tell Everyone You See To Come

News From Tea Party Express III:
Tea Party Express III Rolls Into Metro Detroit
Sunday April 11, 2010
10a. to 12p.
Come One !! Come All !!
The Tea Party Express III is coming to Metro Detroit on
Sunday April 11th from 10a. until 2p.
If you are a Tea Party Leader, please try to arrive by 9a. to set up.

The Scheduled  Venue is:
40700 Romeo Plank Road
Romeo Plank and Canal Roads in Clinton Township from 10a. to 2p.
It is hoped that we can all help out to pull off this important visit off without a hitch. None of us alone are as strong as all of us together. United, we can make a positive difference.
Metro Detroit Freedom Coalition
MEDEFCO Hot line: 586.416.4867 


  1. I will be there in full black uniform with my BP brothers. We will be there taking care of business the natural way. Bruce can you call the Detroit area anti-christian group that is doing all those bus ads? Look for us Chris. We need thousands of Progressives to protest this racist group of whities. We will out number you at this teabagger convention. Just try and spit on us then.

  2. All aboard! Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!

    Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay

    Crazy, but that's how it goes
    Millions of people living as foes
    Maybe it's not too late
    To learn how to love
    And forget how to hate

    well, i won't be riding either of the crazy trains coming to a ahead the 11th. All you nutjobs have fun.

  3. Joe, come on out. It's a good time. Don't be afraid of hanging with the old folks. Isn't that what you called the TEA Partiers, just a bunch of old folks? Now they are nut-jobs? LOL

    You're just like Bruce. He claimed we were all nut-jobs, but then he said it would be fine if we all stopped by his house and said hi to his wife. Joe, do you think Bruce doesn't care about his wife's safety, or do you think he is just spreading the lies and propaganda that is telling him to spread? LOL

  4. Joe just want to use marjanalizing as his weapon of choice. But the more he tries the worse he looks. If you were right once in a while I might listen more. Joe read Emmett Fox instead of Burtrand Russell

  5. john, i was referring to both the Baggers and the protesters. Both sides are nutjobs. Anyone who takes their time to protest gatherings like this is an asshole. That would include NEY Jay if she/he was real and the NBPP actually showed up and Bruce too.

    I notice that you didn't catch any of that from the first post when i used the phrase like "EITHER OF THE CRAZY TRAINS" right after the republican plant (NEY JAY)suggests the Panthers and Bruce's atheist buddies show up.

    Man, i like the bickering and debate as much as the rest of ya, but you'll are on another level with this shit. Both sides here have too much time in this crazy protest/counter protest stuff.

  6. It says volumes that nobody noticed it was the first verse to an Ozzy song. Ya'll wrapped a little too tightly.

  7. Joe, I totally caught the reference to the song from the beginning. So get off your high horse. Did I have to reference Ozzy or something? Sheesh.

    And talk about being wrapped a little too tightly, you need to relax dude. I took the "either" to mean another stop of the Tea Party Express. So either you are going to have to be clearer in your insane posts, or you will have to put up with the occasional mis-interpretation. You are on some kind of hair-trigger.

    By the way Joe, nobody likes to "bicker". I do enjoy a good debate, but you are really striking me as increasingly unhinged if all you want to do is bicker. It's quite childish.

  8. You don't like to bicker yet you call people names all the time. that my brother is bickering.

  9. I call Bruce names, I don't dispute that, that liar deserves it. Although "Comrade" is hardly hurtful. Maybe only to you and your sensitive psyche.

    I have been trying for weeks now to have constructive dialogue with you Joe, but you are behaving like a little asshole. Look how combative and ugly you are. It's a shame, even vomamike doesn't want to come around because of the ugliness you spew. You have stepped over the line so many times.

    Don't call me "brother" Joe. I'm nothing like you. You claim to believe in God, does God approve of you calling his creation a "dumb bitch"? Does God approve of all the hate and anger and ugliness you have been spewing? I see how you believers act now Joe. You rag on Chris for going to church and being a Christian, but what has he ever done to you? You are not setting a very good example of a believer in God. Just an observation. But there's a reason I didn't know if you believed in God. I bet your co-workers would be shocked to find out.

  10. John, the little bit of venom from me is the least of God's worries. He's got boy loving Christians and Christians looking to kill cops then attack the funeral, so i am the least of his problems.

    Hell, the whole Pope thing probably has his social calender full right now.

  11. Wow Joe, now you say God can't number the hairs on your head? That he is too busy to care for the lowliest among us? Seems a little blasphemous. I don't believe that you do believe in God Joe. You sure don't act like it. But whatever you need to tell yourself I guess. That is of no concern to me. My concern is that you profess to be a Christian, or at least to believe in God and Jesus, but the example you set seems to show exactly the opposite. In other words, you are as much of a Christian as the child-molesters and cop killers that you reference.


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