Monday, March 22, 2010

Thank You Democrats For Conseeding Your Parties Future

I'd first like to thank the Democratic Party for conseeding any hope of being in power for at least a decade.  Too bad it is at the expence of the American people and freedoms. But we conservatives need to look at the glass as half full. So here is a list of things the GOP need to investigate when they get back into power soon. Here is the initial list: I'm sure the list will get much longer seeing what they have done in just the first 1 1/2 years. And just think how many riots and property damage there would have been if the bill didn't pass.
  1. The bribes to get health care passed.
  2. What did the Democrats know and when did they know it about Eric Massa.
  3. ACORN
  4. Kevin Jennings’ appointment
  5. The Sestak promises
  6. The Andrew Romanoff promises
  7. Barack Obama’s foreign campaign donors and what happened with that money
  8. Obstruction by the DOJ of North Carolina’s non-partisan elections laws
  9. DOJ lawyers who represented GTMO detainees
  10. Democratic congressional staffers disrupting Republican offices in 2006 in Colorado


  1. lol...sore loser!

  2. For YOU Two To Be Happy The Country Has Lost a Bit Of Its Freedom Shows JUST How Uninformed Because of Idealogy You Two Are And There Is NO Difference Between Yas!

    Taking One Bit Of Freedom at A Time or Taking it ALL At One Time Does Not Make a DIFFERENCE Cause in the END its GONE So Be Happy You Two, You Do Deserve EACH Other So Back to The MUSHROOM Patch! Actually Applauding this EPIC LOSE to NOT Republicans BUT to The Nation! WE Are NOT Going to Let This BE The Begining of The U.S.S.A. Period!

  3. As AL said enjoy this moment of your Socialist Party winning because you will feel the effect for at least the next decade or so.

  4. 34 blue dogs stood in bipartasianship with the Republican party. The Democrats hold this bill all by themselves just like the failed Stimulus bill.

  5. Bruce this isn't an Epic Fail for the Republican party. Not even close. This is the best thing that could have ever happened to the Republican party. The Democrats and the Amerikan people are the big loosers out of this socialist bill. The Republicans will show the face of the Socialist party and will run on that and take over both houses of Congress and in 2012 and maybe even for decades. The American people hate this bill 3 to 1. This is one of the best things that could have happened to the Republicans. Just wait till the Blue Dogs and Socialist of the Democratic Party start going at it. The best part is we will be paying for this thing for 4 years before there are any rewards. You Socialist Party tried to sell the bill to us but the move you sold the less we bought it. But the sad part is this will be the day when America became Amerika and the Democratic party was overthrown by the Socialists.

  6. Chris, You use the term "rewards", what rewards? If as you say Americans are against this 3-1, then are Americans against rewards?

    This is a lose-lose situation.

  7. three to thats amazing but none of the polls have it at that.

    the average is 40 for and 49 against. thats a far cry from 3 to 1.

    You didn't take statistics did you?

  8. JoeC, Does it really matter the ratio in your admission that a majority of Americans are against this travesty?

  9. I have seen 67% of American voters are against this obamacare bill. Don't worry Joe that number keeps rising the more Americans hear about the bill. That is what has been going on all along. Christopher the "rewards" are some people will get health care insurance that need it. Not all parts of this bill are bad. There isn't much that is good but some is. Most everyone would like to see people with previous ailments still get insurance even if they loose a job. The main focus on this bill has only been on about 1% of the bill. Just wait till the other parts of this socialist bill comes to light. It isn't going to be a good thing. But at least Bark Stupak has his airports.

  10. ObamaCare socialized medicine has never really been a very popular idea with the American people, even with its many false promises of better care at lower cost.

    But now, the bottom seems to have fallen out on the plan.

    A recent poll by CNN finds astonishing opposition to ObamaCare. Only one-fourth of Americans surveyed said that reforms along the lines of ObamaCare bills that have passed the House and Senate should become law. But a stunningly high 73 percent say either that some new proposal should be brought before Congress or that lawmakers should cease work on health care reform entirely. Incredibly, even most Democrats polled do not support ObamaCare legislation.

    That enormous opposition comes despite a year-long, full-court press by the Obama administration and its numerous allies in the liberal news media.

    It is evident that the American people do not favor a federal government takeover of health care, nor the trillion-dollar-plus "guesstimated" cost of ObamaCare. And yet the president and most Democrats in Congress push forward with a plan that, if it passes at all, will do so only over the opposition of virtually all Republican and some Democrat lawmakers.

    Ignoring broad public opposition is politically risky to members of Congress. But passing ObamaCare would be economically perilous to the entire United States. Lawmakers and the president should step back from the brink and drop their costly ObamaCare plans.

    From the Times Free Press.

  11. It's gone up since I last looked.

  12. We'll have 2700 pages of back-room deals to expose. That will hold us over during the few months until November. It's going to be a blood-bath.

    Joe, I'm rather surprised at you. I see you attacking things like polls and racism or whatever, but I don't see you addressing the loss of freedom and the bastardization of The Constitution that has occurred. I expected a lot more out of you than just repeating the Hypocrat lines and ideology and just trying to stir shit up on this blog. This is serious stuff m'man. As one protest sign said (and it wasn't attributed to anyone, so I can't say who said it first) "I will fight for your freedoms even as you vote to take mine away". And I will. And we are. And you should get on the side of freedom and liberty, not tyranny.

    Forced to buy insurance under threat of fines and jail. I never thought I would see the day, and I bet you didn't either. Freedom and liberty got shot in the back last night. That's the bitter truth.

  13. Well Comrade Bruce, I can't wait to see Obummer lower my rates by $2,500. Of course, if he does that only means that my taxes will go up by $3,500.

    Shame on the Hypocrats. They have lost their way. They have been hijacked by the radical left regressives.

  14. Chris, what's going to happen now is that the media will be telling a little truth about what is actually in the bill, instead of the lies from the conservatives.

    Also, as people actually benefit from the early provisions of the bill, more and more people will realize it was nothing to be afraid of in the first place.

    I predicted you or someone on this blog would say you have the Democrats right where you want them for November. You are so laughably predictable.

  15. Comrade Bruce, who was keeping the media from telling the truth? You said Fox News was giving all this disinformation, I didn't realize it was all the main stream media?! Your opinions are laughable at best Comrade Bruce. In fact, I asked you several times to explain how this bill was going to lower health care or health insurance costs. You have an open forum to explain here Comrade Bruce, and yet you refused to. And we all know the reason why is because IT DOESN'T.

    Enjoy the victory of this one little battle. It hasn't been signed into law just yet and the Senate still has a trick or two up their sleeves. LOL

  16. And hasn't Comrade Obama been explaining it all this time? WTF are you talking about Comrade Bruce? Comrade Obama was even on FOX explaining! LOL, Comrade Bruce has severe metal damage.

  17. Bruce, what don't you get about the outright distain from the American people for THIS piece of legislation?
    The fact of the Cornhusker kick back (yes, it's still in the bill, and yes violates the Constitution) or the Louisiana purchase (yes, it's still in the bill and violates the constitution), or the tax on Cadillac plans that unions don't have to pay, but others do (yes it's still in the bill and violates the constitution) or Congress mandate that all American must purchase healthcare Ins. (and yes it still in the bill and over steps it constitutional authority)
    Maybe it’s the backroom deals that Obama, Pelosi and Reid made while they thought the American people weren’t watching. Like promising Stupak that Obama will execute an executive order barring Federal funds for abortions, which he cannot issue an executive order against a law, but policy.
    Or is it favors to liberal special interest maybe?
    The whole thing was Chicago style politics at its best.
    Obama thinks America is his Chicago… He’ll learn (as will the Dems) you don’t strong arm the American people.

  18. When The Totality of This 2700 Page Bill Finally Comes To Light with All the Ear Marks and Actual Bribery, Citizens Might Wonder,WHOs Paying for This? First Answer Seniors with The 500 Billion Taken Out of Medicare! Question Medicare 12/15 Trillion in DEBT How in the Hell Do You TAKE 500 Billion From NOTHING?

    Next Michigan Seniors Lose Their Advantage Care BUT Florida Seniors DONT, WONDER WHY?

    Any Body That Thinks Losing Freedom of Choice Is CHEAP It AINT Taxes Will Go Up For ALL!

    By The Way Progressives Where are Those Lazer Jobs! This Administration Does NOT Want To GOVERN it Wants To CONTROL and With JOBS,Citizen Dont NEED Big Government Control!

    Next Program For This Administration AMNESTY cause There Going to Need 12 or So Million More For Their VOTING Block Come 2012.

    The Democratic Party Should Just Call Itsef "Socialist Party" and Be Done With It Cause Thats The TRUTH!

  19. Bruce how can you "predict" what we have been saying all along you dope?


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