Monday, March 22, 2010

Sharpton Says American People Voted for Socialism When They Elected President Obama

After the health care vote last night, Reverend Al Sharpton told Fox News:  “I think that this began the transforming of the country where the President had promised. This is what he ran on.” When the interviewer interjected that many view the vote as a step towards socialism, Sharpton didn’t skip a beat, responding:
"the American public overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they elected President Obama."    Even good old Al Sharpton thinks Obama is a socialist. We are seeing the real face of the "progressive movement" and it used to be called Socialism. "A rose by any other other name is still a rose."  Like Newsweek mag. said "We Are All Socialist Now".


  1. Obama campaigned as a centrist. He is governing as a socialist. 53% Of the American people were not awake in Nov of 08. But Obama does what he does best... Awake a sleeping giant.

  2. Health care passed. This is great, right?

  3. Yagmur, it would be great news if the bill was great. This bill sucks so this health care sucks.

  4. Ever heard of the American Center for International Labor Solidarity?

    Well, the ACILS is a cover from the AFL-CIO. Same group. Different name.

    See, Congress can funnel money to the AFL-CIO through this front group and no one can attack the AFL-CIO because who the heck has ever heard of ACILS.

    Well, the AFL-CIO is now endorsing health care deform despite the excise tax in the legislation that creates a HUGE tax burden on workers. In fact, the Machinists Union is wholly opposed to the health benefits tax. Tom Buffenbarger, the Machinists’ union leader, is flat out at war over this provision and lots of union leaders are wondering why the heck the AFL-CIO decided to line up behind legislation that taxes union workers.

    “For decades, IAM members exchanged substantial wage increases for the best possible health insurance,” said IAM President Tom Buffenbarger. “Now, in a bizarre turn of events, their insurance premiums will be subject to a forty percent excise tax if the Senate version of health care reform becomes law. Democratic leaders have the power to stop this travesty and I urge them to do so, quickly and completely.”

    Well, guess what? This leads us back to the American Center for International Labor Solidarity. Here is the ACILS’s 2009 annual report.

    If you look on page 29, you will find that Congress funneled $28,475,408.00 to the AFL-CIO through the ACILS for the year in 2008. And I suspect if you dig around you are going to find that the AFL-CIO now stands to get more money.

    In other words, the AFL-CIO’s leadership is getting federal money in exchange for supporting a health care proposal that will screw its workers.

  5. These Democrats make the Republicans look like angles.

  6. Chris, FYI Acorn going out of business.

  7. Mark,FYI it's only a name change. They will be teaching whores how to make money in no time.

  8. Do Not Be Shocked if ACORN Shows Up Under New Name and Package! Just DONT Believe Their Going Away Not For One Second!

  9. They will change their name to Oak tree. lol


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