Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thanks John For Your Work At Making This Protest So Large

Thank you John and the other patriots for doing unto the left as they have done unto us. It is a good thing when the media shows that their were more protesters then supporters at the event. Bruce and his ilk say that everything this guy says is a lie but he gives nothing to back up his assurtions. That is nothing more then the lefts gutter snipe tactics. When there is this many more people protesting then are at the event supporting you know that Peters is on the wrong side of the health care issue.  Now for some left wing tactics: These Democrat want nothing more then to kill our kids with this debt and health care reform. They are taking from the elderly and the youth in order to give a health care that will be paid for for 4 years before any benifits are seen. Can Americans afford to pay for something right now that we wont get for 4 more year? How many poor children and blacks will be dieing in the streets because of this "health care reform bill"? What kind of sick people want this bill that will put even more pressure on the working class? No wonder only a few dozen people showed up in support of this bill that will harm the American middle class and poor. And who would believe the cost of this bill when the same people projected the effects of the Stimulus jobs bill and the deficit soooooo wrong? Only the fringe, that's who.


  1. Obama Imposes HealthCare Edict On America

    ALERT: The Democrat controlled government of the United States has failed to lead on healthcare. Obama has ordered Pelosi and Reid to impose Obama's will on all Americans by forcing ObamaCare through Congress using gorilla legislative tactics. Obama is not leading, Obama has become a Progressive Dictator ruling from the extreme liberal left with his own agenda.

    TELL ALL 261 Democrat/Independent Representatives, Blue Dog Democrats AND President Obama To KILL THIS BILL and CUT HealthCare COSTS FIRST.

    We must make every effort to fax, call and even personally visit every key congressman in their offices in Washington DC.
    Select Here SEND YOUR FAXES NOW!

    There is no way to stop ObamaCare in the Senate since Obama has ordered Reid to use reconciliation, FORCING THE BILL TO PASS WITH 51 VOTES. But we can beat it in the House! Dozens of Congressmen who voted for the bill last time are re-thinking their support as tax increases and special deals to buy off Senators are included. And, since the bill passed by only 220-215, Pelosi has no Democratic margin for error.

    This is the biggest gamble of Obama's presidency. Nancy Pelosi may not have the votes to pass the healthcare bill through the House. So, Obama is telling the Blue Dogs that he is prepared to sacrifice them in order to get ObamaCare. Will they cave in and throw away their chances in November, or will they finally live up to their "conservative" label?

    America Cannot Afford To Wait Until November

    Americans have already rejected ObamaCare. A Quinnipiac poll showed Americans disapproved of Obama's healthcare plan by 54-35 percent. Rasmussen said 56% opposed and 41% approved, and both Pew Research and PPP said 50% were opposed to it. WE MUST KILL THIS BILL AND CUT HealthCare COSTS NOW!

  2. Chris, can you prove any of your assertions? No, you can't.

  3. Not a very good comeback Bruce. I take it you just made the shit up? If you could prove Glenn wrong you would have by now with some cut and paste op-ed.

  4. I can't prove a negative, Paul. How can I prove that something isn't in either the House or the Senate bill. Glenn is just making stuff up and he knows it and so does everyone else.

  5. What is in the bill Bruce? You didn't read it so how would you know? You just spout out like a terret without knowlege just assumtions.

  6. Martin from London06 March, 2010 19:12

    Hi Chris,

    What a wonderful utopian world is described. However not one communist country has ever succeeded without total domination of the working class, and without the country eventually requiring assistance from a capitalist country such as America as she now is. No communist country has ever existed that did not terrify it's neighbours and indulge in saber-rattling. Every socialist country soon produced it's own elite classes, that is - those that belonged to 'The Party', and these privileged classes dominated and mistreated the working proletariat far worse than anything their former bosses ever did.

    There has never been a communist country that did not eventually implode and had to either rely on outside intervention to save the population or revert to some sort of capitalism, where the country had to rely on individuals, entrepreneurs, to bring wealth and employment to the beleaguered workers.

    This idealistic society where everyone is equal and no one wants to better themselves or have a better home or more money than their neighbour does not, and never will, exist. Human nature cannot be changed because a particular party or system demands it.

    Contrary to what this article says, socialism, communism, Marxism or whatever other name you wish to call it is not the new saviour of the world, but the dying embers of a tried and failed system that was brought into existence by bloodied revolutions, which brought nothing but hardship, maltreatment, imprisonment and death to millions of citizens.

    To try to recreate this idealistic form of government to America or any other democratic country will only result in more misery and exploitation of the population and eventually result in civil disobedience and war which will bring a great country to it's knees.

    A good example of this must be China where this enormous country has shown huge prosperity for its population with the introduction of capitalism into it's formerly communist ruled country. Manufacturing has boomed and there are now more millionaires in China than anywhere else in the world. In the former Mao Tzu Tung ruled country, everyone was reduced to a number. Free-thinkers', professors, artisans etc. were 'retrained' to recognise and toe the party-line. Since those policies were abandoned China has developed into a vibrant commercial successful country. Of course it will take time for all of the communist traits to be eliminated, at which time China will, no doubt, be the next superpower.

    So, I believe, America must not, under any circumstances try to emulate those countries that flirted with this 'utopian' form of government; to do so will result in disaster not only for the U.S. but for the whole of the civilized world.


  7. John, you mean this small groups of libs formed a circle to see peters? Sounds disturbing.

  8. Well as to the original post, no-brainer. Americans are awake EVERYWHERE,and are very aware of the B.S. in Washington.

    p.s., Chris, To comment on my blog is simple,just read where you see "admin" at the bottom right.

  9. From Bruces Blog06 March, 2010 20:14

    Saturday, March 6, 2010
    Is Fear All the Republicans Have Left? Yes

    Last week an internal document from the Republican National Committee was leaked. In the document were the Republicans' plans on how to raise money from their donors. What was not in it was even one new idea. The only way the Republicans figure they can win the election is to scare people into thinking President Obama is a Socialist, even though they don't seem to know exactly what that means. For some reason they think that will be enough to scare their low information voters into voting for Republicans, even though they haven't done one thing to help this country deal with our problems except say no to anything Democrats propose, even if they used to be for it, now they're against it because it's coming from Democrats.
    Is this Bruce guy for real? Him M.O. is just inflamitory retoric and lies.

  10. RNC Fallout: 'Ashamed' donor closes checkbook

    A prominent Evangelical figure and Republican donor says he will end his contributions to the organized Republican Party in reaction to the leaked fundraising presentation that advised using "fear" to solicit contributions and displayed an image of President Obama as the Joker from Batman.

    Mark DeMoss, who heads a major Christian public relations firm in Atlanta and served as a liaison to the Evangelical community for Mitt Romney in 2008, wrote Chairman Michael Steele yesterday that he was "ashamed" of the presentation, calling depictions of Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Majority Leader Harry Reid "shameful, immature and uncivil, at best."

    "I’m afraid the presentation is representative of a culture and mindset within the Republican National Committee," DeMoss, a past member of the RNC's "Eagle" program for top donors who gave the party $15,000 in 2008, wrote in the letter to Steele, which he shared with POLITICO. (DeMoss hasn't given this cycle.) "Consequently, I will no longer contribute to any fundraising entity of our Party—but will contribute only to individual candidates I choose to support."

    The letter was copied to House and Senate Republican leaders, whose campaign committees DeMoss said he'd also stop supporting.

    Read more:

  11. OK, as I have done on many newspaper website across this nation about this...
    "end his contributions to the organized Republican Party in reaction to the leaked fundraising presentation that advised using "fear" to solicit contributions and displayed an image of President Obama as the Joker from Batman."
    The RNC, Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Nation, etc... is NOT responsible for this depiction. The DNC has willfully attached this image to the RNC.
    It is an Out & Out BS LIE!!!!!!!!

    Everyone of you who holds that, this image of Obama painted up as the joker as a product of the right, and adhering this to ANY one of the groups mention above needs to get a fucking CLUE!!!

    This is a Lyndon LaRouche campaign design and widely used portal of Obama image.
    Lyndon LaRouche IS A MEMBER OF 'THE LABOR PARTY' & 'DEMOCRAT' Party.
    It has been denounces by ALL of the political groups activists named above.
    SO drop the assertion.

  12. Mark, you are WRONG! That image was used in the RNC presentation to its fundraisers. It was in a document leaked from the RNC.

  13. What? Are you saying the RNC is acting like the DNC? How could

  14. Bruce Calm Down and Change Your Panties WOW!

    Scare Tactic Must Be One Of those Liberal/Progressive "Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste" Thingys! How Many Times in the First Six Months Did We Hear the Word CRISIS from This Administration! Is That NOT a Scare Tactic!

    You Know Swine Flu Global Warming/Climate Change! My Memory Aint What it Use to Be BUT I Think I Saw The Bat Man One BEFORE Just Cannot Put a Finger on it NOW!

    This Reminds Me of Libs Getting Bent Out Of Shape By Limbaugh Playing The " The Magic Negro Song" Until They Found Out it Was Written By A LIB and Appeared in The L.A. Times.

  15. Chris, you would never see that kind of document coming out of the DNC, ever. We respect our donors.

    You'd be smart as Republicans to denounce the way they treat their donors.

  16. Bruce the DNC used every viel image of Bush they could muster up. Give me a break Bruce don't play that game that the Democrats don't do that kind of fearmongering etc...

  17. Bruce, I am not denying the image weren't used in the RNC document. I am telling you the Joker image was NOT a RNC created image and was pulled off the internet and used WITHOUT RNC approval and that the poster IS Lyndon LaRouche campaign design image. Last year I came across many LaRouche fundraising stands with both the Hitler and Joker posters on them. I asked the volunteers where did they get the posters and they admitted to me that the LaRouche campaign designed them.

  18. Chris, i liked the faces of bush/faces of a chimp image. that stuff was awesome....

    you know the one were they make the same face...


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