Friday, March 19, 2010

The True Cost Of Obamacare Is Over $2 Trillion

The Weekly Standard took a look at what the real cost of obamacare is. After they stripped away all the Voodoo math that was given to the CBO they found out that things aren't what the Democrats are telling us. Big suprise politicians that don't give the whole truth.
From The Weekly Standard: […] For a variety of reasons, this tally doesn’t remotely reflect the bill’s real ten-year costs.  First, it includes 2010 as the initial year.  As most people are well aware, 2010 has now been underway for some time.  Therefore, the CBO would normally count 2011 as the first year of its analysis, just as it counted 2010 as the first year when analyzing the initial House health bill in the middle of 2009.  But under strict instructions from Democratic leaders, and over strong objections from Republicans, the CBO dutifully scored 2010 as the first year of the latest version of Obamacare.  If the clock were started in 2011, the first full year that the bill could possibly be in effect, the CBO says that the bill’s ten-year costs would be $1.2 trillion.
But even that wouldn’t come close to reflecting the bill’s true costs.  The CBO projects that over the next four years, less than two percent of the bill’s alleged “ten year” costs would hit:  just $17 billion of the $940 billion in costs that the Democrats are claiming.  In fact, the costs through President Obama’s entire presidency, should he be reelected, would be $336 billion.  What would the president leave behind for his successor?  According to the CBO, he would leave behind costs of $837 billion during his successor’s first term alone.  If his successor were to serve a second term, he or she would inherit a cool $2.0 trillion in Obamacare costs — about six times its costs during Obama’s own tenure.  This legislation is a ticking time-bomb.[…]
We are seeing the fruition of Chicago style politics and we will be the ones that get cought holding the obamacare bag when this thing goes south. This weekend you need to find a rally against this health care bill and let the government know what we expect of them as our servants. If this bill passes then good luck when you get ill. You'll need it. Read the whole Weekly Standard article it will amaze you what the Democrats are trying to push through.


  1. Chris, have you read the recon of this thing??

    Anyone above the 200% FPL ($29504) gets $0.00 credit for the calendar year. And those between 100%-200% FPL only get 1/12 (one month’s) credit subsidies and ONLY if you have a plan that goes through the exchange.
    I sat down and figured this whole thing out, remember the $6 savings/month I mentioned a few days ago... wiped out with this. My monthly premium will shoot up $88.

  2. I did the same thing as Mark did and found out it will cost me almost $100 a month. I can't give another $100 away. I don't mind giving but it's that taking that bothers me. I wont even get a tax credit for that $100.

  3. But Obama sucks more.


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