Friday, March 19, 2010

Washington Times:Impeach Obama

The Democrats are assaulting the very pillars of our democracy. As the debate on Obamacare reaches the long, painful end, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is confronting a political nightmare. She may not have the 216 votes necessary to pass the Senate's health care bill in the House.
Hence, Mrs. Pelosi and her congressional Democratic allies are seriously considering using a procedural ruse to circumvent the traditional constitutional process. Led by Rep. Louise M. Slaughter, New York Democrat and chairman of the House Rules Committee, the new plan - called the "Slaughter Solution" - is not to pass the Senate version on an up-or-down vote. Rather, it is to have the House "deem" that the legislation was passed and then have members vote directly on a series of "sidecar" amendments to fix the things it does not like.
This would enable House Democrats to avoid going on the record voting for provisions in the Senate bill - the "Cornhusker Kickback," the "Louisiana Purchase," the tax on high-cost so-called "Cadillac" insurance plans - that are reviled by the public or labor-union bosses. If the reconciliation fixes pass, the House can send the Senate bill to President Obama for his signature without ever having had a formal up-or-down vote on the underlying legislation.
Many Democrats could claim they opposed the Senate bill while allowing it to pass. This would be an unprecedented violation of our democratic norms and procedures, established since the inception of the republic. Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution stipulates that for any bill to become a law, it must pass both the House of Representatives and the Senate. That is, not be "deemed" to have passed, but actually be voted on with the support of the required majority. The bill must contain the exact same language in both chambers - and in the version signed by the president - to be a legitimate law. This is why the House and Senate have a conference committee to iron out differences of competing versions. This is Civics 101.
The Slaughter Solution is a dagger aimed at the heart of our system of checks and balances. It would enable the Democrats to establish an ominous precedent: The lawmaking process can be rigged to ensure the passage of any legislation without democratic accountability or even a congressional majority. It is the road to a soft tyranny. James Madison must be turning in his grave.


  1. ROFLMAO. That's the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Deem and Pass is a rule that was invoked over 200 times by Republicans since Ronald Reagan was President. Oh, here's some more fun information.

    Republican opposition to health care reform is backfiring -- instead of driving down support for reform, GOP obstruction is actually encouraging more people to support the bill than to oppose it.
    Some new polling:

    QUESTION: Does the fact that every Republican Member of Congress opposes the current health care proposals make you more likely to support the legislation, less likely, or doesn’t that make much difference either way?
    More likely to support legislation: 27%
    Less likely to support legislation: 20%
    No difference: 51%

    QUESTION: Does the fact that President Obama supports the current health care proposals make you more likely to support the legislation, less likely, or doesn’t that make much difference either way?
    More likely to support legislation: 36%
    Less likely to support legislation: 21%
    No difference: 42%

  2. LMAO ... I prefer a professional poll, done by a reputable company, a poll of likely voters, dumbass Comrade Bruce:

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 23% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-four percent (44%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -21. That matches the lowest Approval Index rating yet recorded for this President (see trends).
    Each time the President leads a big push for his health care plan, his job approval ratings suffer. For Members of Congress, the impact may be more tangible. Just 34% say they’re more likely to vote for someone who supports this legislation. Fifty-percent (50%) are less likely to vote for a Member of Congress who supports the health care reform plan proposed by the President and Congressional Democrats.

    But Comrade FAILk, you just keep going on believing whatever bottom-of-the-barrel polls you want to. LOL

  3. Bruce you do know that it has never been used in such a cowardest way before this. This is just playing politics to get the Democrats what they want against the will of the American people. This health care bill is the biggest POS bill ever made by Congress. Even the Democrats can't agree on this far left bill. It is more spending and voodoo math by the Democrats. Bruce the fact is that Americans are learning to hate Obama and the Democratic Party thanks to their progressive agendas.

  4. It's not the rule idiot Comrade Bruce. I hope they do use it and it's tangled up in courts for years, whether or not Obummer gets impeached. Because it will be a yearly reminder of what the Hypocrats hath wrought, and they will be out of power for a very. long. time. LOL

    I love what Obummer has done to your party. I warned you, months ago, that he was pushing them into a corner from which their only choices to get out are either "bad" or "worse".

    Too bad Obummer didn't keep his promise to focus like a laser on jobs. These Hypocrats are now F**KED. Especially with that memo being leaked out about what a sham this all is. I mean, we all KNEW it, but now we know that they were covering it up, with the media and everyone! LMAO

  5. Well, I'm not sure where the comments are going. I know Comrade Bruce had one and I had a couple. It shows four but when I click on it it isn't showing any. Weird.

    Anyway, Comrade Bruce, in response to your poll, if this bill is such a slam-dunk, why are House members complaining to the White House about the pressure they are getting? If it was such a beauty, why don't you have the full support of the House Dems?!?!? LOL ... if your poll is correct, this thing should have passed weeks ago. You don't have the votes and you know it Comrade Bruce. Not today at least. EPIC FAIL by the Hypocrats and Comrade Obama! LMAO

  6. Who were you trying to fool with that poll Comrade Bruce, us or yourself?


    “As of right now, do you generally support or generally oppose the health care proposals being
    discussed in Congress? Is that strongly or somewhat?”

    Lump the strong/somewhat “Support”
    strong/somewhat “Against”

    Ind= 20+16= 36%
    Rep= 4+9= 13%
    Summing Strong/somewhat, you have 75+36+13= 124/3=41.3% ave

    15+48+80=143/3=47.6% ave


    I guess the Republicans are making the case after all.

  8. John, admit it, you've lost this fight. You and your comrades can try to tie it up in court if you want to, but it will only hurt your cause.

  9. John, Nancy Pelosi has NEVER lost a vote. Never.

    My money is on Pelosi and the fact that when she takes the vote, the bill will pass.

  10. Hurt our cause? Are you on drugs or something? People are falling off the Democrat wagon faster then you can believe. But Bruce you and you ilk are so diluted on the reality of the falling Democratic party and the Progressive movement. The problem isw the Democratic Party is falling and bring the rest of America with it. Come Nov. things will be a changing and we conservatives will be the ones driving the bus this time.

  11. Bruce, the sad thing is that my cause is for everyone. My cause is the cause of freedom and a less onerous government, lower taxes for everyone. A free marketplace where people are free to buy what they choose, or spend their hard-earned money the way they want to. I feel sorry for you Bruce, I really do, because your cause is the cause of tyranny, and oppression. Your cause is the cause of the government telling the people and businesses what they can and can't do. You should be ashamed of yourself Bruce. You know the Hypocrats are only passing this turd for the power. It is proven that it does nothing to control costs. It will increase costs, decrease quality. Everyone will suffer. And for what? Everyone already HAS access to health care, so it can't be that ... oh, yeah, that's right, it's for Big Insurance, Big Pharma, Unions and Trial Lawyers. It's funny, because THOSE are the causes you are fighting FOR and I am fighting AGAINST. Don't you think that's hilarious Comrade Bruce? I sure do. You are fighting for legislation that will kill innovation and health care developments that are literally the ENVY of the rest of the world. You are fighting for legislation that will enslave your fellow Americans to a failed health insurance system, all so that your fellow Americans can be squeezed for even more money to give to Big Insurance and Big Pharma, and Unions and Trial Lawyers. And I am fighting against the insurance model. Pretty ironic, isn't it? LOL

    Did you read that confidential memo Comrade Bruce? Sure makes YOU and the Hypocrats look like a real sucker.

  12. By the way, Nancy Pelosi, meet your Waterloo.

    First time for everything Comrade Bruce. Pride cometh before the fall.

    And the only reason she has never lost a vote before is because she never tried passing legislation that she didn't know she had the votes for. She may be stupid but her handlers aren't. Do you really think she would have taken a vote for something that she didn't know she had the votes for?!?! Don't you think she would take the vote RIGHT NOW if she had the votes? Bruce, you really are quite dim. You're a DIMocrat! LOL

    But now, it's time for Nancy's Waterloo. She was forced into this vote, hence the shenanigans she is resorting to. Slaughter solution?!?! LOL I mean, this has never been attempted before, or they wouldn't have had to vote for the rule, right?

    Comrade Bruce, you Hypocrats are screwed. I'm enjoying the show.

  13. Look at what they Hypocrats are resorting to: calling the cops on constituents that call their office! Just another day in the life of a corrupt Hypocrat loser. This kind of thing must make a tyranny-loving Bruce Fealk happy as a clam! LOL

    The Heat is On: Congressman’s Office Says Constituent Calls Are ‘Harassment’
    by Capitol Confidential

    Yesterday, I decided to call Rep. John Garamendi’s (CA-10) office in Washington, D.C. He’s my representative and I wanted to voice my opposition to the Senate Health Care Bill. I spoke with a female staffer and politely told her that, while I support health care reform, I oppose the Senate Bill because it wasn’t true “reform.” She said the Congressman thinks it’s a good bill and that he campaigned on health care reform. I told her I knew that. I also mentioned that I voted for him. When I tried to give her specific reasons why the Senate Bill would harm our system rather than reform it, she refused to listen. She said she was very busy and hung up on me. Being the persistent person that I am, I kept calling back. Each time I tried to finish my point, she hung up.

    I called one more time. This time she said, “If you call one more time, we will notify Capital Police.” I asked why my conduct warranted involving federal law enforcement agents. She said I was “harassing” her. I tried to explain that trying to convince a representative to change his or her vote didn’t constitute “harassment.” Before I could fully explain, she hung up again.
    I called back. This time, I asked to speak to her supervisor in order to report her repeated hanging up as well as the threat she made. I was placed on hold. Thinking I was holding for her supervisor, I was shocked when a Federal Agent with the Capital Police picked-up the telephone.
    At first, the Agent was curt with me. He claimed I was harassing Mr. Garamendi’s staff by continually calling after being told to stop calling. I asked him when it became a federal crime to lobby a congressman. He said that it wasn’t but it was a crime to “harass” congressional members and staff pursuant to 47 U.S.C. 223. I told him I was an attorney (which I am) and that I would research the statute he had cited.


  14. By the way Comrade Bruce. Comrade Peters' voicemail is full. I'm sure it's full of constituents congratulating him on voting for the Hypoturd. Or ... maybe they are messages like the one I left, congratulating him on flushing his next term down the drain since he's going to vote for this turd. BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  15. Oops. John, by the way, the memo you mentioned is a fake.

  16. Comrade Bruce, it cracks me up that you were digging around the net looking for MoveOn talking points to reply to something I said! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA!

    This sure isn't a fake:

    Medicare fix would push health care into the red; Rollback of Medicare cuts to doctors, if added to health care bill, push it into the red

    On Friday March 19, 2010, 6:33 pm
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Congressional budget scorekeepers say a Medicare fix that Democrats included in earlier versions of their health care bill would push it into the red.

    The Congressional Budget Office said Friday that rolling back a programmed cut in Medicare fees to doctors would cost $208 billion over 10 years. If added back to the health care overhaul bill, it would wipe out all the deficit reduction, leaving the legislation $59 billion in the red.

    The so-called doc fix was part of the original House bill. Because of its high cost, Democrats decided to pursue it separately. Republicans say the cost should not be ignored. Congress has usually waived the cuts to doctors year by year.


  17. I wonder who will be the 9th District's Scott Brown ... LOL

    Gary should just pack everything up in a box when he gets back for the Easter break.

  18. Oh, and then there's this that isn't a fake, and yet it addresses many of the same things that the fake (maybe) memo does:

    House Leaders Work to Alleviate 11th-Hour Medicare Concerns
    By Nicole Gaouette and James Rowley

    March 19 (Bloomberg) -- House Democrat leaders worked to defuse an 11th-hour rebellion by more than a dozen lawmakers angry that hard-fought increases in Medicare reimbursements for local hospitals were removed from health-care legislation.

    The lawmakers’ concern arose after House leaders released the latest version of legislation to overhaul the U.S. health- care system. House leaders are pushing for a March 21 vote on changes to Senate-passed legislation. Left unchanged is Senate language that these lawmakers say won’t go far enough to ease geographic disparities in Medicare reimbursements.

    Such a provision was included in House-passed legislation to win votes of lawmakers who say hospitals in their districts would be paid less than other facilities for the same services.

    “My state is getting screwed,” said Representative Peter DeFazio, an Oregon Democrat. “They have to fix it. I’m a ‘no’ vote unless they fix it.”

    Lawmakers representing health-care providers in 17 states are affected by the change, he said. As House leaders corral votes in favor of the legislation, DeFazio said “there are a number of people who may be miscounted at this time.”

    House leaders, trying to round up 216 votes to pass revisions to the Senate bill, are working to craft a provision on the Medicare payments that would survive parliamentary challenges by Republicans when the measure is debated in the Senate.

    ‘Legitimate Concern’

    Asked about the issue at a press conference, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters “we do want the language to be closer” to the House measure, which satisfied lawmakers “who have a legitimate concern about the reimbursement to their states being unfair.”

    “We are working on that language,” the speaker said.

    Read more here, but their problem is, add it in and it will be in the red even with their skewed accounting. Leave it out and possibly lose more votes. I thought she had the votes already Comrade Bruce, why is she sweating the small stuff?!?! BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

  19. The funniest part of this whole thing is how HARD Comrade Bruce worked to get Comrade Peters elected, and Peters is going to be a 2-years and out failure. All because of Comrade Obama's socialist takeover of health care fixation. ROFLMAO

    AND no matter how hard Comrade Bruce works, there will not be another Hypocrat in my District for a long. long. time.


  20. If that memo is a fake I hope someone hunts down whoever wrote it and prosecutes them. This bill makes itself look bad, there's no need to make things up.

  21. Bruce why do you think you are the only one still crowing about how good obama and the democrats are?

  22. Even the Roman Catholic Church says that this health care bill must be voted down. They aren't the only Church either. Now there are some progressive churches that might think this bill is God pleasing but they also think that abortion is OK with God too.

  23. Chris the Catholic nuns have come out in favor of the bill, or hadn't you heard. Given your attitude toward women, that probably doesn't matter to you though.

  24. Nullify the Health Care Bill!
    Type: Causes - Protest
    Date: Sunday, March 21, 2010
    Time: 2:00pm - 3:30pm
    Location: Capitol Avenue in front of the State Capitol Street:
    100 N. Capitol Ave.
    City/Town: Lansing, MI
    View Map 100 N Capitol Ave
    100 N Capitol Ave
    Lansing, MI 48933

    DescriptionThe US Congress is poised to "deem and pass" one of, if not the most damaging bills in US history.
    They are doing this despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans are against it.

    It's time to put pressure on our elected officials in Michigan!

    If there is no way to kill this bill, then Michigan needs to exert it's 10th Amendment Sovereignty and NULLIFY this bill!

    A number of states, like Idaho, are passing provisions that would either prohibit it from becoming a law in their state, or would require the state to file a suit.

    Michigan has such a provision. House Joint Resolution, HJR YY introduced by Rep. Opsommer, that is in the Judiciary Committee.

    This Joint Resolution would amend Michigan’s Constitution to create a Federalism Committee charged with monitoring and reviewing federal laws and mandates to determine if they violate the Michigan Constitution or if they violate such areas as the 9th and 10th Amendments of the US Constitution.

    Federalism Commission determines a violation exists, the law will provide for an expedited process for the commission to then push appropriate legislation to the floor to nullify.


  25. My attitude toward women? You are the one that favors rape Bruce mand there is a blog that tells the whole story. The Roman Catholic Church and leaders are against the bill. The Lutherans have also come out against this bill. I heard about some nuns saying they favored the bill but the leadership of the Catholic and Lutheran Churches have spoken out about this bill. Bruce tell us more about the raping of a girl in your old high school. Why did your daughter leave the country to get away from you? Do tell Bruce. Were you liberal with her? Why would you try and make it sound like I'm the one with an attitude with women when you have a past? The web has a lot of info about you on it Bruce. And with a little searching we can find out a lot of sick things about you and your past. Would you like to tell us about why you thought you were put into jail? Was that your "attitude about women"? I'm sure Steve and Sue would like to tell us about what kind of a jerk you are towards women and blacks. By reading your posts and blog I can see you have attitude with everyone that isn't you. In other words you don't give a crap about anyone that doesn't serve you and your interests.

  26. Chris, you are one sick puppy. Just making shit up again.

  27. Thank you Anon. We need to go to this protest.

  28. Bruce didn't you make up the attitude toward women BS? What did I say that was made up? Is there not a blog titled with Bruce Fealk Favors Rape? Did your daughter not leave the country because of you? Bruce you may have gotten away with your bullcrap with other conservatives but you will not get away with it with me. If you want to play that kind of game go for it. My skin is thick and you would be suprised how much I found out about you from a conservative underground member that knows you well. I know what kind of person you are and what you have done in the past. Have fun little buddy. I see even your blog is quit. The liberals are falling by the wayside. Thanks to you the liberals can't even stand you anymore.

  29. Chris, just because John started a blog doesn't mean he knows what he's talking about. John is full of shit.

    My daughter left the country to go to school and her husband was living in another country at the time. They live here now.

    Once again, you are full of shit, Chris.

  30. That is what you say but I have proof that you are the sick one. Bruce I hate to say it but people don't like you. They don't like your attitude towards women and your own family. Just ask Steve Fealk and Sue. Bruce it seems your mission in life is to hurt people. Bruce you have been cought lieing so much no one believes you. We all know that if you say I'm full of shit then you must be lieing. Otherwise you would have broken what I've been told. You need to change your attitude towards women,your family and unborn babies. In other words go screw yourself.

  31. Comrade Bruce, does the fact that you can't dispute ONE. THING. I write show that I know what I'm talking about? How about the fact that everything I predicted came true, including the fact that this bill is a big giveaway to Big Insurance? LMAO ... if I don't know what I'm talking about, then you must be delirious. EPIC FAILk, what a loser. LOL

    Enjoy your good-old-fashioned family values rape Comrade Bruce.

  32. Chris gave Bruce Fealk the beat down.

  33. Chris, using an angry delusional bloggers ass-umptions on his ridiculously titled blog doesn't prove anything except that bloggers sheer hatred towards his fellow man.

    Not that I'm on Bruce's side, he's got his own problem, but you might not want to use anything John does as proof of anything, other than he's got some demons to work on.

  34. At least we both agree that Bruce has a lot of problems.Bruce likes to play little games like the "attituted towards women" remark but he gets all cranked up when his game is played on him. Bruce doesn't realize that when he plays me I'll play him back. If he can't handle it ,and it looks like he can't,then he shouldn't dish it out. John Bruces "family values" are the killing of babies before they are born.

  35. Chris, my family values are that women should have control over their own bodies.

    I trust women to make their own decisions about what to do in reference to their own pregnancy.

    I wonder if you'd feel the same way toward abortion if men had babies. I'm betting not, but I could be wrong.

  36. Bruce Simple Question Would You Be In Favor of Pro Choice if YOU Were The BABY? Babies DONT Have Choice! NEVER Mind Bruce After the " Would You Feel The Same Way Toward Abortion if You Were a Man " Statement Medication Does Seem in Order!

    Pro Choice on Abortion! No Choice on Health Care! Cherry Picking Bruce and You Are The PITS!

  37. Bruce like I said you fality values are for the killing of babies while still in their mothers womb. Will you go after the elderly next? Anyone that sanctions the killing of babies doesn't have far to go to kill anyone else. To call it "choice" to kill another human being is just your liberal way of playing word games. You respect women that kill their babies more then you respect the babies. Is that because one will vote with you and the other is just dead? Real good family values. Only in the Progressive culture is killing a unborn baby a value.

  38. Bruce I could care less about the men or women part. And you could care less about the dead baby. It's clear who is on the civil side of the issue and who is the barbarian. Why don't you care about the babies?

  39. Chris, you are misinterpreting my position. I do care about babies, but I also think women should have control over their own bodies and be trusted to make those decisions, not have laws passed prohibiting them form making those decisions and certainly not laws made mostly by men.

    You on the right only care about babies till they're born, then you don't give a shit. What kind of pro-life agenda is that?

    Health care is a pro-life position.

  40. LMAO ... Comrade Bruce, who is forcing these women to get pregnant? Do they not have control over their bodies at that point? Do they not have the right and every possibility to be responsible for themselves and use inexpensive, readily-available contraception!!?

    You don't care about babies Comrade Bruce. If you did you would do everything in your power to stop the slaughter of innocent lives. Lives brought into being by the irresponsibility of women having complete control over their bodies. If I punch a pregnant woman in the stomach and cause a miscarriage, I can be prosecuted for murder. If the same woman has an abortion, that's all well and good?!?! You are a monster Comrade Bruce. Have fun practicing eugenics and population-control like China.

  41. Comrade Bruce, who passed SCHIP? You say the right doesn't care about babies but they passed SCHIP. I would say the left doesn't care about anything but telling people what to do. You want to allow the government to force women to buy health insurance, against their will. So I guess having control over their bodies doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot to you. Hypocrite, you have been exposed once again.


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