Monday, April 26, 2010

16% Of Americans Are Tea Partiers

The left wing media is at it again. They are saying that the Tea Party is nothing more then a fringe group at only 16%. Even Ed Rendell has come out calling the Tea Partiers a fringe group not worth worrying about. 16% is the magic number for liberals and the media. But what I have a hard time understanding is that liberals only make up 20% of Americans and they are calling us Tea Partiers,mind you 40% of Americans are conservative, a fringe group? Is 4% all it takes to become main stream in the liberal world? The good thing is as Tea Partiers keep growing,liberals are shrinking in numbers.


  1. Hey the Winston group pegged the Tea party at 17 percent and i don't see any posts on them. Wait, they are a conservative group. Shit you can't bad mouth a conservative group for suggesting that the Tea Party is a fringe percentage.

    The Winston Group
    The Winston Group - Making Ideas Matter. ... David Winston, a Republican pollster, pegged the group's makeup as 65 percent conservative, 26 percent moderate. ... - 66k - Cached

    there goes your whole its the evil Liberals theory. Crash and burn. better luck next time

  2. What % are Code Pink? And you missed the point that liberals only make up 20%. So if we are a fringe at 17% then aren't liberals also fringe?

  3. so, ignoring them didn't work...calling them racist didn't work...calling them violent didn't work. so now they are a fringe group!
    To misquote the "bard" thinks they doth protest too much!

  4. What is code pink? its a minority segment of the leftwing. Clearly its a fringe group. 90 percent of democrats/liberals/leftwingers have nothing to do with Code Pink despite your belief otherwise.

    Once again Code Pink is clearly a fringe segment of the left, just as the hypocritical tea party is on the right.


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