Thursday, April 15, 2010

Clinton Twp Wasn't The Only Thug Counter Protest Of Freaks

Lacking the patience to follow the game plan of shouting racial epithets while posing as patriots, screeching moonbats from USW 8751, a union representing school bus drivers, crashed the Tea Party in Boston today:
The attack was organized by the International Action Center.
Is scum like this going to determine the future of our country? Only if we let it. These liberals are out of control. They have become unhinged and looking to start violence. They antagonize the police in all their liberal riots and now they are trying to antagonize us into violence against them. They think they can do whatever they want to get what they want. It's time they get a little of their own medicine. When you see scum like this coming be peaceful and creative. Wouldn't it have been funny if they tripped right then? Or if a slushy fell on those idiots pushing through the crowd like they are better then everyonene else. But if the crowd surounded them and didn't let them pass they would have gotten the point of who is in control.  We can not let these liberals control us for even one second. These people have become our enemies by their choice. We now know how they work and what they are trying to do to us. They are trying to make us angry and lash out. We must never ever do what they want. We give them control of us when we take their bait. If they try and get you pissed ,laugh at them. Gather around them and laugh at them. If they want to act like animals and push through you in the crowd. Don't move. Make them move. Make them react. Make them crack by laughing at them or making people laugh at them.  Never ever try and reason with them. You can ask them questions but don't reason with them. And if you see protester like them start laughing at them it will make other follow your lead. Point and laugh. It may sound childish but that is all these libs understand.


  1. Our Fore Fathers Cry Was The "Brithish Are Coming"!

    Tea Party Cry Should Be " The Union Shirts are Coming"!

    Reminds Me Of A Time When Brown Shirts Were Used To Disrupt Lawful Protest.

    Libs Are On The Wrong End Of This Crap,The More They Disrupt The More Popular The Tea Party Becomes But They Are So Blinded By Their Ideaology They Dont See It! Sorta Like Regime Now In Power Ideaology Means More Than Citizens/Country!

  2. Al, you had a great point and the you go and ruin it by accusing the left5 of the same thing the right did.

    Yes, the libs are giving too much attention to the TEA Party by counter protesting and being way to aggresive.

    The pendalum is swinging back towards the lefts ideology after 8 years of an ideology driven conservative admin. You can't get mad at lefties on the swing back after having an almost purely ideologicallly driven administration of your own.

  3. But Joe do you remeber what the left was like during the Bush years? It was just more of the same crazy radical protests that destroyed property and person. They called for the death of Bush,Cheney and Rove on every 15th sign at their protests. There has yet to be one TEA Party that looked like the left wing wacko fest in Clinton Twp. and yet they were saying we were like them. Since the right haven't acted like the left the left are trying to make the right wing crack. And Bush's last two years in office the Democrats controled Congress and Bush signed throu what they wanted. That pissed of the right. But the right has grown as intolorant of the left as the left has always been intolorant of the right.

  4. Joe November Will Show How Much The Pendulum Has Swung and Which Ideaology Is Favored By Majority Of Citizens!

    No Doubt About it Bush Administration Made Big Mistakes!

    Nobama Administration After 15 Months Has Pushed Bailouts and Nobama Health Care. Next Cap and Tax Along With Amnesty. Do Any Of These Administration Policies Address Creating Jobs. Administration Has NO Problem Keeping Unemployed Dependant on Government BUT Putting Them Back To Work Does Seem To NOT Be a Priority, Wonder Why!

    Administration Dam The Citizxens Is Going to Do As Much Damage As They Can BEFORE November When a Great Deal Of There Power Goes Back To Its RIGHTFUL Owners, The Citizens.

  5. All the Democrats have done is change private sector jobs for govt jobs. Thats not what you do in a recesion.

  6. In a way Chris, I have to agree with "they are trying to antagonize us into violence against them But if the crowd surrounded them and didn't let them pass they would have gotten the point of who is in control."
    They know full well we won't lash out at them physically or they wouldn't have shown up. BUT, as in this video one or two of them did put their hands on someone (in the beginning, and he didn't give up his ground) and that guy had every legal recourse to defend himself. I am glad he let it go, but these socialist/progressives are trying to insight. Where were the cops during this?
    Second, one of their signs said "Your racist, sexist and anti-gay" but then the left uses 'Teabagger' to try and humiliate the movement.
    Pathetic Americans, they are.

  7. Mark, pet names or nicknames used as slights is not the ground of only lefties. Like at what democrats get called here and other places like Free Republic and RedState. I wouldn't put much stock in that argument simply because the right uses as bad as names in many places.

    Having seen the signs of both Tea party and republicans the ground your walking isn't real solid. both parties and their followers have shown horrible taste in their choice of words and signage. For every W is Hitler reference there seems to be an equal and opposite Obama is Hitler reference now.

  8. So Joe, your comparing 'Teabagger' to 'Socialist'?....

    As for the Hitler thing, That is a Lyndon Larouche campaign, an insane Democrat.


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