Friday, April 16, 2010

More On Gary Peters and bfealk and Gary's New Thug

A video  Conservative Teacher has done some great work lately teaching us about the Rules For Radicals that Gary Peters uses. Peters has used people like Bruce Fealk to harrase his apponents. Bruce has been doing these kind of radical techniques on people he disagrees with. I think what A Conservative Teacher is doing is great. They are showing Peters and his minion for the sick twisted thugs they are. Put a big light on what these Democrats are willing to do. And to help I will promote any sight that futhers the conservative causes. Take a look at  a Conservative Teacher and watch as Peters is brought down this Nov. At the next TEA Party they need to sart pointing out this new thug and the old. Do what they are doing. Take pictures and video and make a blog diary of these left wing radicals. "Fight fire with fire." "They can dish it out but they can't take it".

Gary Peters Up to Same Old Tactics   just click and read the post.The whole story was covered by the American Thinker, linked here. Here is a picture of Fealk, in case you are interested.


  1. I'm gonna get flamed again, but that stuff goes on by both right and left. Hell thats not the worst either of the parties have done. I seem to recall a chicken suited person being sent to someones rallies but i can't remember whoses

  2. That chicken-suit story sounds hilarious, give a link if you can find one. I can appreciate some good humor, but this Paul guy is just a creep.

    Anyway, the only stupidity I heard about in the last 9th Cong. District race was all on the Gary Peters' side, with Bruce Fealk and the MoveOn dipwads. I'm not aware of any Joe Knollenberg people doing this kind of stuff with Gary Peters. Maybe they did, but I don't think so.

    It just makes me laugh when I hear the liberals saying how we have to tone down the rhetoric and stop all this craziness, when frankly it's them doing it all. Like trying to smear a group that is merely peacefully protesting against bigger government and higher taxes. It's like, what, only the liberals can protest? And when the conservatives do it bigger and better and more peacefully, the libs start their smear campaigns. Disgusting. I never went out and tried to smear a liberal protest. If it's a whacked-out campaign they'll smear themselves, like the funeral protesters you were talking about a while ago. If you have facts on your side you should be able to debate about it, not resort to lies and smear campaigns. We all see how Bruce behaves, and he strikes me as the typical liberal activist jerk. Joe, I wish you would get involved with their protests; frankly they need a voice of reason telling them to chill the F**K out! LOL

  3. Oakland County Has Peters But Lets Not Forget Macomb County Who Is Represented In Congress By Sandy Levin. Perfect Example Of Getting Elected Time After Time , For Just One Reason Hes A Liberal!

    Macomb County Citizens Complain About Their Fair Share From State And Government and Then Re Elect The SAME Politicans Who Have Done What For Macomb?

    I Know Its Off Topic But VENTING Does Help!

  4. LOL ... don't worry Al, none of us will ever be accused of staying "on topic". By all means, rant away! Your rants are far and away more interesting than FAILk's lies.

  5. "Chris, whatever e-mail you're talking about is not from me. You and your friends are making shit up again."

    "I did forward the e-mail to my personal e-mail list."

    For the record, I'm putting in a lawsuit today to sue Mr. Fealk for libel. Mr. Fealk can expect to be served a subpoena in the near future (possibly this afternoon).

    Further I am seeking a protective order against Mr. Fealk. I'm also suggesting, though select channels, that Congressman Peters also seek a restraining order against Mr. Fealk.

    As a final effort, I've been in personal contact with the local news media to let them know the formal expulsion of Mr. Fealk from our official movement.

    If you have any questions, please phone: 313-680-5508

  6. John the videotaping of campaign speeches and such has gone on for a while now. I haven't seen it at the lower levels so much (mostly money issue) but i know that both W and Kerry did it to each other, as did George Allen and Jim Webb. Thats where the famous "Macca" line came from.

    here's the link for some conservative on conservative crime....namely chicken suits

  7. Aw, man, I was hoping for some video of the chicken suit guy! I wonder what the hell he thought he was trying to accomplish by dressing up in a chicken suit, or what point he was trying to make? LOL ... smacks of desperation, no? I guess he was trying to paint him as a pacifist or something.

    Yeah, campaign speeches, but to stand there for a couple of hours and videotape just hoping to catch one little "Matlock" moment, that too, to me, smacks of desperation and true "gotchya" politics/journalism.

    But your point about $$ is probably right on; now that video cameras are relatively less expensive it will most likely become more prominent in the more local levels.

  8. Go get 'em anonymous!!!! LOL, that would be hilarious. Bruce, let us know how the lawsuit goes; if you need a witness you know we're all on your side, BWAAAAHAAHAHAHA!

  9. lol...I don't think that's worth much, but funny still.


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