Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From Freedom Works and More Left Wing Thugery

Tabitha Hale is sharing some of the lovely phone messages FreedomWorks has received ever since that nice young man from Geico was unjustly fired for no good reason. Also, whatever happened to freedom of speech? Etc.
Warning: Don’t watch this video if you can’t handle the truth, presented in a calm and rational manner.
P.S. More FreedomWorks news.


  1. The left-wing advocacy class who hide behind press credentials have for the past year tried to make the tea party and Republicans agents of domestic terrorism.

    It was Barack Obama’s own Organizing For America that labeled them “right-wing domestic terrorists.”

    Well, the RGA puts up an advertisement called “Remember November”. These “journalists” get together on their Journolist — an email list where they conspire together to develop a common theme that they can repeat over and over as if it is fact regardless of whether or not it is — and decide that the GOP is talking about Guy Fawkes in a “political terrorism” theme.

    The Huffington Post is the latest. Michael Sherer at Time and Josh Marshall before him all got in line.

    Never mind that the ad is clearly about Election Day. No, to these guys, the supposed shortbus riders of conservatism, when not choking on NASCAR fumes and tea bags, are smart enough to collaborate together on a Guy Fawkes theme.

    These people are beyond parody.

    We also know, by the way, that they view this RGA web ad as a serious production and serious threat. Otherwise they would not be going out of their way to paint it as advocating destroying government.

    By the way, the ad does advocate blowing up the Democrats, just doing so at the ballot box. The geniuses of the left have no ability to distinguish between politics and violence when it comes to the right, but applaud violence as politics when the purple people beaters are on full display.

    Closing question: Does it not say more about the effete liberal elitists who want us to be more like Europe that they would seize on a bit of British history and claim that a bunch of people connecting the present times to the American revolution are instead actually connecting the present time to something most of them could care less about and certainly did not study in the failed liberal run public schools of the United States?

  2. WOW. I... mean... WOW!!!! I am really not surprised about these Neanderthals.
    Wonder if Freedom Works has passed this on to those who were threaten.
    Lastly, be prepared, at all times.

  3. Thing will really heat up this summer. We are dealing with dangerously out of control people. These are people who think Bush took the jobs from Michigan and gave them to Kentucky and South Carolina. These are people who think Dick Cheney blew a hole in the New Orleans levees with his Halliburton cannon...

    Hey! Where's that oil I was fighting for???

    Obamaism will continue to unravel, and the goose stepping Demogogicrats will scream even louder...

    Chris, do you know these people, Jay-Ney, Batman Joe, Bruce Fealk? Do you work with them? You are really in lala land my friend.

  4. I'm scared of what they will do next. So much hate and anger and we might be their next target. The democratic party screwed this country up big time.

  5. Silverfiddle, talking about lala land, hows life among the birthers? Now you got the return of the black helicopter new world order militia's and it seems to be heading for a rerun of the 90's when conservatives stopped talking and started blowing shit up.

    Hey we've already had Scott Roeder, Richard Poplawski and the musuem shooter James von Brunn. How many more conservatives are going to lose their minds and attack innocent people?

  6. Silverfiddle, I do not know Joe,Bruce or Jay-Ney. Joe seems harmless enough to me but the other two seem more likely to do scary things. You say I'm in lala land,what do you mean?

  7. Joe ,one man in the 90's is all you on the left have. The left have been blowing things up in greater numbers them the right could ever imagine.Heck just look at the Weather Undergrownd. They blew up the Pentagon,police amoung other things and now their two leaders are working for Obama in the White House. That is like Bush making Tim McVey part of his admin. We are nothing like you on the left. Right now as we speak there are things being destroyed by liberals because they don't like law and order.

  8. Van Jones, Obama's ex-Green Jobs Czar, is a 9/11 truther. Just saying.

  9. Joe You Have Really Turned Into a Citizens Who Apparently Does Not Have Any Use For Truth Or Facts. Your Going Back Into The Past Race Baiting And Pretty Much Showing A Great Distain For The Country That Has Given You So Much. You Were Given The Freedom To Choose And Succeed But Appear To Have Turned On It! Dont Know Why Dont Care. Government Is To Serve Us NOT The other Way Around.

    We Have Always Been The Melting Pot To Legal Immigrants And There Have ALWAYS Been Rules That Had To Be Followed And Enforced! Cultures Were ALLOWED To Enter OUR Country And Assimilate To Our Culture and Enjoy The Freedoms We Have!

    Amnesty Will Now Be Pushed To The Front Burner By This REGIME Not To Aide The Illegals BUT To Gain Another Voting Block For This Regime!

    Once Again Joe Push One For "COMMON SENSE" Ya Really Need A Refill!

    Chris The La La Sure Came Out Of No Where And Dont Know Why? Strange!

  10. It looks like silverfiddle has been hitting the glass dick in la la land again.

  11. JoeBatman: I am not and never have been a birther. Deal much in stereotypes?

    Chris: "you live in lala land" came out wrong. I was in no way insulting you. You live in Michigan and live and work among liberals, and you've documented their idiocy quite nicely. That's what I meant. No offense intended!

  12. I thought it was something like that. I think this year we might get a Republican Governer. Now lets see if he/she is conservative or not. But you are right about Mich. becoming la la land. I am living in the heart of liberalville. But that is why I'm so thick skinned.

  13. I looked up glass dick and it is a crack pipe.


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