Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Violence From The Left Wing Immigration Protester

 The left wing is getting more and more unhinged with every protest. People are putting up graffiti about killing cops and blowing up Arizona. When will the media put as much effort into this as they put into making up things about the dangers of the Tea Party rallies? They all have the right to protest but this violence must stop. And the media and the left wing better put a leash on those liberal dogs. They expect us to to denounce everything the right does and yet they all stand silent when the left act violent. And this is real violence not the made up crap the left push. We have video after video of the left acting like animals and when some guy spits when he talks it's a federal offence in the eyes of the left wing. These animals are not "freedom fighters" like the left wing is trying to portray. Not even close. They are thugs not different then the SEIU and New Black Panther thugs. But the left want to turn this into a racial riot. Maybe Obama and the Democrats can push for a racial riot in Detroit and Chicago. Oh Chicago riots already started. In fact things are soooooo bad in Chicago that they are asking for the military to step in. WTF. I thought things were supposed to get better? And in Obama's hometown of all places. Where did all the "HOPE" go? Well as long as they take our mind of of the economy and the jobs market things must be good. LOL


  1. I wonder how all the state and local law-enforcement likes being portrayed as racists and racial profilers? These regressives have to understand that words, including their baseless accusations, have meaning and consequences. Baseless accusations of our protectors as racists, fascists, and Nazis sure is one interesting method of debate that the Hypocrats have landed upon. What they fail to realize is that there are a lot of minorities in law enforcement that they are pissing off. LOL

    It's so easy to just sit back and let the lefties shoot themselves in the foot. It's especially hilarious when that foot is firmly planted in their mouths!

  2. While praised by many immigration reform proponents, the law passed in Arizona that seeks to limit illegal immigration by making it a crime to be in the state without documentation has stirred controversy among many ethnic organizations.

    Last week, the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce criticized the law, saying it will result in the racial profiling of Latinos. It has now been joined by The Hispanic National Bar Association, whose representatives claim that the legislation raises "grave constitutional issues."

    In addition to racial profiling, the alleged constitutional violations include freedom from unreasonable seizures and lack of due process guarantees, according to the association.

    HNBA National President Roman D. Hernandez said that "if enacted, this law will create an impediment to effective police enforcement of major crimes."

    He cited local law enforcement officials as saying that "Hispanics in general and undocumented persons in particular will be less willing to cooperate in providing information to police."

    The Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act was passed earlier this month and it makes it a state misdemeanor to fail to comply with Federal law requiring that foreign nationals register and carry their documents with them.

    Moreover, it directs police officers to inquire as to immigration status on a "reasonable suspicion" that an individual is undocumented.

  3. The progressives are making a mess out of this once great nation of ours. We were better off under Bush and the Republicans. The grass sure as hell ain't any greener on this side of the fence. Our debt is out of control and the economy is fucked but the Democrats keep playing their fucking games. My friends in Chitown said crime is through the roof. Detroit is third world now. Thanks for nothing Democrats.

  4. John The Lefts Feet Are In A Dark Area On This Issue And I Dont Believe Even Preperation "H" Will Help Them! Leaders Lead And Nobama Choses Immigration Law Breakers Over Arizona Citizens!

    Progressives What Ever Happened to "The Rule Of Law"? I Guess Progressives Can Pick and Choose Which Laws To Enforce And That Should Worry All Citizens! I Beleive Nobama Used The Word "Harrassment" When Giving His Take On Arizona Law But Says Nothing About Citizens and Their Rights.

  5. Al, what ever happened to the constitution? I guess conservatives can pick and choose when they want it to be enforced and that should worry all citizens.

  6. Joe when the left make us buy a produce and show proof to the governemnt or get a fine how can you say that it's unconstitutional now to aski fo9r a valid ID? Are you that lost about the constitution?

  7. The Arizona law copied from the Federal law. If the Arizona law is found unconstitutional so will the Federal law be found as well. Liberals are fighting for law-shirkers because they are kindred spirits, i.e. law-breaker = DimocRAT

  8. Batman loves screaming about the constitution, but when you press him he just changes the subject...

  9. Joe Your a Copy Kat! Ouch

    Gotta Go Hit Golf Ball Hope You Have Out Lets Cause Seems Lately You Need Em!


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