Friday, April 30, 2010

Have You Ever Played "If I Win The Lotto"?

These are hard time in South East Michigan. Heck these are hard time around the world. My wife and I almost never play Lotto. But sometimes when the pot gets huge we buy a ticket. In hard times when things aren't going so well it's cathartic to talk about what you would do if you won that $108,000,000 lottery prize. It's a great way to have your mind take an escape from the reality of your real life. We would buy this and that. We think of how great it would be if we won all that money. We would make the little bit of the world around us as Heaven on Earth as we could make it. And after the dreaming ends and we find out we didn't win we get back to the real grind of life.  This morning when I got my boys up for school and they were sitting eating their breakfast we started talking like we always do. It started out talking about love. I asked my 5 year old who he loved. He went down the list. At the end of that list I asked his if he loves Jesus. He yield our a resounding "YES". This brought us to talking about Heaven and how cool it must be. We talked about what it will be like when we are all in Heaven together. We talked about what Heaven is and what we think it would be like to be in Heaven. We was a great talk that reminded me of winning the Lotto. What a feeling it must be like. It seems in my boys and my minds Heaven is better then winning the Lotto but without all the "stuff". It was a lot of fun escaping for a moment and meditate on Heaven with them. But it reminded me of the great escape God is and the final gift of Heaven. I think the next time I want to spend a buck to dream a little dream of "If we won the lottery" we are going to save that $1 and dream of Heaven and all it's riches. I'm not righting this to convert anyone. I'm sure you've all heard about Jesus and now it's between you and Him. But if you choose to talk about Heaven with your family have fun with it.  What's the worst thing that can happen if you talk to your loved ones about what Heaven is like? You might like it or you might not. But the look in their eyes when they talk about that is great. It's the same look as when they were scared at night I told them to call for Jesus and He will take care of those "monsters". They loved the fact that could call on Him to protect them. They are never afraid of those "monsters" and what's bigger then God for taking care of our fears?


  1. i can say that i have played that game and i know many others who openly lay it out like they are bargaining with God for the chance to be rich.

  2. Well Chris,

    As to the Lottery game I am sure most if not all (including myself) have thought about what to do with such winnings and most fall into the trap of greed and over-indulgence in their thoughts; expensive cars & boats (yachts), mansions, jet planes, endless travel and alike.

    What they forget is that if not wise with such riches the money is finite and they soon run into huge problems with over-extension (remind anyone of anything?)

    As to Heaven where money is not needed or required is not a dream but rather a destination that can wait.

    If we are to be have Faith in that we all have a purpose here in this Life then Heaven must wait as it comes after that purpose is fulfilled.

    Dreaming is just that,dreaming. Reality is what we must live. So live a good life, live by the 'Golden Rule' and the real riches will be awarded in the end.

    Just my take on this game called life.

  3. Chris you showed your sons what the true riches are. Nothing of this earth lasts forever thanks to sin. But heaven is forever and it's richer then any lottery.

  4. Christopher we can only dream of heaven because we don't know what heaven is until we are there. We have faith that heaven is real but we can only imagine what heaven is like. The same is true of hell.

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  6. To Anonymous said...
    "Christopher we can only dream of heaven because we don't know what heaven is until we are there. We have faith that heaven is real but we can only imagine what heaven is like. The same is true of hell".

    It is my sincere belief that we need not to dream of hell as that is where we currently are. How else to explain the BS thats occurs on this rock called Earth? If not hell it is certainly Purgatory.

    Either way I will stick to my own premise Thanks.

  7. So you think this is Purgatory? You think earth is hell? Do you believe in the rapture? Where did you get your premise if I may ask?

  8. To Hill,

    It comes from living life and paying attention.

    Whats your premise,,may I ask?

  9. My Premise Is Your Born, You Live And Then You Die. If Life Here Is Not Hell It Certainly Does Prepare People For Hell! I Beleive In God But I Also Beleive Being Here On Earth May Be Punishment For Prior Sins Just My Opinion For What Its Worth!

  10. To Hill,

    OK. Born and raised and taught in the Roman Catholic Church here so am very aware of those writings. I was also Confirmed by the Church at which point I became reformed and am now a simple Christian who follows Christ, not man-made religion.

    Just a point of interset, but are you aware of the The Apocryphal Books ? Canons deemed by humans to be excluded from the Holy Bible by the direction of the Roman Empire?

  11. Christopher those books were also writen by man but inspired by God. God created everything so to think He ispired which books should stay and which should go is quite easy for me to believe. If you look into why those books were removed from the Bible it's easy to see why it still sticks with todays
    Biblical theologins. That doesn't mean that those books have no meaning. They just didn't belong in the Bible.

  12. And Christopher as another point about the Roman Empire. God used the most useless people and cultures. Just look at the 12 apostales and who they were before Jesus came into their lives.

  13. I've dealt with the christian church most of my life so i know hell exists here on earth. lol...

    Is this the recurring part where Christopher bites the head off a fellow conservative like Ozzy with a BAT?

    Con on Con crime its just a shame.

  14. JoeC had to excuse himself, the Christian versus Christian got him overstimulated...

  15. Interesting theory Chris. God inspires those to keep his words silent and even destroyed (book burning of the time)

    I find it interesting that most will protest the strong hand of centralized government now but refuse to see it occured in the past with the Roman Empire in colusion with the "clergy".

    I guess keeping certain canons OUT of the final product it could be percieved as the 'Fairness Doctrine' of its time. Really inspirational there?

    I suppose you attend church every Sunday. If so, did you know you are breaking one of the 10 Commandments?

  16. Thinking on this more, as a Christian I have Faith in God and the fact He is infalible.

    That said along with my previous statement I must reject your theory out-of-hand. You are suggesting in a round about way that words inspired by God were a mistake, so he then inspired a dictator to eradicate them in favor of what a human thought correct.

    I must warn that this is exactly the reason Islam is false. Muhammad claimed the same infalibility in God in his 'inspired' writings and then when popular (human) opinion went against his writings HE changed them, thereby saying God made a mistake and in doing so nullified anything more written by him which is now known as the Qur'an.

    To read up on this I suggest 'Satanic Verses' by Salman Rushdie, but for a quicker explanation of this subject;

  17. Christopher why do you read so much into things? Everyone knows what the Romans did. I never saidthe Romans was a great and wonderful empire. I am not so high on myself to think I know(Gnastic)God when I don't know women,kids and almost nothing. A lot doesn't make sense to me and the only thing I know is the only referance I have is the Holy Bible. I have studied many many many religions and I still believe,key word,that the Bible makes the most sense. And Christopher God being ifaliable He can make good out of bad. Knowing the sins of man doesn't bering us closer to God. We will never ever stop sinning while on this planet. But our sins or those of the Roman Epirer would not have effected God making the Bible through a bad government. I've got to go but I like hearing different views of God.

  18. "Christopher why do you read so much into things"?

    Simple, people type words into comments. Communication is key to understanding and words are key to reading. Is that not why blogs exsist?

    With that said, please expound on your following statement:

    "But our sins or those of the Roman Epirer (sic) would not have effected God making the Bible through a bad government".

    To me, there is no way to justify those words except to use an old cliche (modified}; 'Lets just throw the baby out with the bath water'.

    p.s.; Mine are not so much 'views' of God but rather views on man. God can take care of Himself. Hence my often used term of 'man-made religion'.


  20. What about God made religion? And throwing out the baby with the bath water is why some people throw out the Bible because man had his hands in it.I said, "But our sins or those of the Roman Empirer would not have effected God making the Bible through a bad government". In other words God can work around our sinfull selves. The only think that I know of that tells us about God is the Bible. If I was to trust my iner feelings or knowlege then I would be wrong more times then not. I'm sure if God made everything in the univers he could work around the ineptness of the Roman empirer. How else can you explain the fact that we still use the same Bible? Did you know that the books that they left out were left out because they were too far removed from the deciples? And yes not only does God take care of himself but the whole univers as well. Funny how it is "man" that uses knowlege"Gnostic" to for thew man-made part of religion. If we stick to the Bible and not add in our own "feelings" we wouldn't have to worry about the "man-made" parts of religions. I stick top what is in the Bible as that is my only referance to God. If it aint in the Bible then it's most likely "man-made".

  21. Christopher please clearify,"p.s.; Mine are not so much 'views' of God but rather views on man. God can take care of Himself. Hence my often used term of 'man-made religion'." Because you are a man and doesn't that go against your "man-made religion" premise? Or am I missing something out of where you get your beliefs. From you or God?

  22. My point is it is NOT the same Bible due to man doing a run-around God.

    What part of this do you not understand? This is real history based in fact.

    By deleting certain canons they directed power AWAY from God where it belongs and to themselves so as to supress the populus and control them.

    Again I will refer to the Sabbath and Gods Command of keeping it Holy. The Sabbath is on Saturday, always has been and always will be. It is the Roman Empire now refered to as the Vatican that CHANGED it to Sunday. Why? In abject rejection of Gods Law and in turn those of Jesus Himself.

    You say you have studied many religions which is admirable, but when speaking on the one you choose to follow a little more research would be helpful in understanding its roots and those roots may indeed alarm you.

    I agree the Holy Bible offers words inspired by God, but by God read the entire Books as intended by God and not just those published by man.

  23. Chris, I am not a religion. I am a man indeed but follow Christ just not man-made religion.

    You see a belief in God takes FAITH not religion. Any and all 'religions' are created by man NOT God.

    I defy anyone to show me where, anywhere, that God in all His grandure ever, repeat, ever claimed to have created a religion.

    Over and over in many texts you find; follow me,believe in me,follow my commands and alike, but nowhere can I find 'I am God Almighty and have created 'religion'.

    No my freind, 'religion' is man-made so therefore I do not adhere to it.

  24. Before anyone mentions Jesus' quote;

    "Upon this rock I will create my church", I must remind you that He was referring to FAITH, NOT a religion.

    You will have to dig deeper if that is what you wanted to comment on.

  25. Christopher are you saying that the Bible we all use today is different then the Bible of King James? It has all the same book brother and a lot most theologins looking at all the uncannonized and connonized books. There is good reason why those books were left out. But you don't believe God has the power over man to keep His words pure even though He is working through men. How can anyone limit Gods powers by saying God didn't have control over His word? I don't have the time to go over all the books and the reasons but feel free to understand why all the books of the Bible stayed the same since then. So Chris where do you get your knowlege of Christ? Is it from the Bible or just what you feel is right in your heart and mind? I still wonder what makes you think that you know better what books belonged in the Bible? Take a look at what some of the criteria was for having those books go into the Bible. And don't forget they were all letters and sermons not a book at that time. It's interesting how they did it. I did some research on this matter myself so I know where you are coming from. Chris I have looked at the roots of the begining Church mostr likely a lot more then you have. The problem is you see what man did and blame the Church. I see what God did and see what man did to mess it up. No one and no Church is purfect. But God gave us the Bible and that is the only thing I know I can trust. If I go with what I feel or think God would want or do then that is when it becomes a religion of men.

  26. Now God gave Moses the Torra the first five books of the Bible and the was the first religion God started and there is your proof. And Jesus Christ started Christianity. And both religions have been ruined by us. That isn't God's fault but ours. And the men that went after Jesus preached to death. All but one. Now I'm fine with you not bewlieveing in the Bible as being Holy. But to say God didn't inspire Jewdism and Christianity just says yuou don't believe God made the Bible. I believe He did. So what??? I'm cool with that as long as your cool with that. Sorry it took me so long to get back with you on this but I've been busy today. Chris I'm OK with people believing in whatever they want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. So Chris may I ask where do you refrence your beliefs from? Where do you get your knoledge of God from?

  27. Chris, Alot to work with there but what 'popped-out' and keeps me grounded in knowing I am right is your belief that Jesus, well to use your own words; "And Jesus Christ started Christianity".

    No he did not. Jesus sought to correct the 'chosen' people in their current beliefs and bring them salvation and His arrival was foretold.

    You must understand, Jesus never said He was or they were to abandon their FAITH in God the Father, but adjust their way of living that FAITH. In simple terms, He sought to bring the reality of that FAITH to His Fathers' flock on this Earth.

    In no way,shape or form did Jesus seek to create His own reality, but rather to bolster that of His Fathers. He did not create a religion. Humans who happened to hear His words and believe did not create a religion. People who encountered those people and did not agree called them Christians, which at the time was derogatory in meaning and they to did not create a religion.

    It is those who sought power and control,humans, that deemed it a religion seeking to play on peoples FAITH.

    If one seeks solace in the company of other like-minded people in an organisation called religion I certainly have no problem. But if questioned as to why I will not participate in such a organisation or my reasons why or premise thereof you will hear me loud and clear. It mirrors why I do not follow liberal dogma, they do the same in ignoring and or leaving out pertainit historical fact.

  28. Chris, Just a mention about youR reference to which "version" of the Bible that I or anyone reads.

    The word 'version' should alert you to what I speak of, but that aside the incomplete text published by humans that Graces my home is the KJ.

    This in of itself is troubling as I have at least 10 dating back decades to Ireland. These versions are very old and I may add beautiful but also see many 'human' changes to what was intended to be read.

    Those changes are due to human desires,not Gods.

    Things are not what they seem.

  29. Christopher you are trying to seperate Christians and Christ from Christianity. How does that make you right? Somehow you think Christ came and left and nothing more then that? In Christianity or at least in Lutheral we use both the old and new testiments of the Bible. That is what makes it whole. I do know that all the Bibles I see have both testements in them so I don't get what you mean. The Gospels are clear that Jesus is one in the same the triune God. God the Father,Son and Holy Spirit. For some reason you keep looking at the sins of the Church and of the men in the Church rather then the Bible. I'm still wondering where is your reference to who Jesus is and what was His ibntentions if it isn't from the Bible? And if you read the Bible and keep Jesus tells us to "commune" with Him and where more then one come together in His name. That sounds like a religion to me. He also told us to go forth teaching all nations and "baptizing" them in the name of the Father and the Sona and the Holy Spirit. See I believe in the words of the Bible. That is my only true referance to God. Now a days their is the History Chanal and what not. I don't believe everything the History Chanale tells me unless I check the referance I know to be true. You aren't solid in your belief in the Bible being the inspired word of God. I didn't always believe it was just like you. I looked into it and I asked religious theologins to explain some of my many doubts about the Holiness of the Bible.Christopher you said," In no way,shape or form did Jesus seek to create His own reality,". He did miricals and did more to change the reality of our sins. Just because the sinful nature of man and the men that run the Church on earth have corrupted the Church doesn't change the fact that Jesus was sent to
    save us from our sins and the old testement shows us our sins. Chris you also talk about the versions of the Bible. All versions of the Bible have gone back to referance the original. I also believe Gods insired the translation of these Bibles to many languages including our modern day English. Our langage has changed over time and I'm sure God has the power to give us a Bible that we laymen will have little problem understanding. And that is why God gave us His word and Pastors to look after us in our understanding of Him through His word. I do see where you are coming from though Chris. But it isn't the Bible or the thousands of languages the Bible has been interprited into but the sin in us all that makes us not understand the Bibles that closes resembles our language and dialect of American English. I know of a theologine that is a pastor at Resurection Lutheran Church in Detroit Mi. He is the only pastor there and is as knowlgeable as anyone I've ever met on religion. He love it when people ask the hard questions. That is what I did because I wanted to make sure that I had all my questions answered as if my soul depended on it. It does as far as I'm conserned. This man gave me the proof I asked for. I don't trust the words and opinions of men just like you don't Chris. That is a good thing unless that is where you are getting your info from. You have a real aptitude towards religion. If I were you I would find someone to either prove your beliefs right or wrong. I wanted the truth and thank God I found it and asked for it. Take the time if you would like and call up the pastor at Resurection Church and challenge him and all that he bleieves in. The good thing about him is he doesn't give opinion. He backs up everything with Biblical reference. He lo9ve the debate so if you feel the calling to quiz him then please do. He likes that kind of thing.

  30. Your first sentence ruled out the rest.

    I am not trying anything of the sort.

    As to the Bible, it does consist of both old and new testements but it is the latter that is incomplete by design. Those that designed it incomplete are the ones separating, not I.

    Sorry you went to all that trouble based on something I did not say.

  31. Christopher you said,"Those that designed it incomplete are the ones separating, not I." This is the difference between you and I. I believe God inspired the Bible and you don't. I think you need to take a good look at your posts to understand my first sentance.

  32. Thats why i use the remastered version of Bob Markey legend CD as my spiritual guide.

  33. Again you are incorrect. I never said it was not inspired just that it was incomplete. You wish to put words in mouth to prove your point but it will not work on me.

    Being that all the books, repeat ALL were inspired then who are humans to delete them?

    To separate of course. Separate the power of God and transfer it to man.

  34. Chris,

    I believe you are confused between who 'wrote' the books and those that 'put them together' in the New Testement, they are two totally different groups of people that did not even live on the planet at the same time.

    The 1st group who wrote their books were the ones inspired by God.

    The 2nd group are the ones I fault (and still do - the Vatican) for denying the Earths population of the complete and unvarnshied
    publication of Gods words.

    If the 2nd group is not inspired by God and wishes to supress His words then it begs the question of who or what exactly inspires them and to what end?

  35. Christoppher said,"Being that all the books, repeat ALL were inspired then who are humans to delete them?" Ok there you go now saying God didn't have control over the making of the Bible. You give "humans" the credit for deleting the Bible thus taking away God. Get it??? And Christ6opher before Constintine there wasn't a Bible. It was a bunch of letters, likie I had said in past posts. You give man credit for dismanitling the Bible and you give man the credit for putting together the Bible we have today. For some reason you didn't read or understand what I was saying. That is how you took Christ out of the Bible. You writew as though only the sinful man had a hand in the making of the Bible. And that is why I said you have taking out Christ out of the Bible. And you make light of the fact that God uses men of bad backrounds to work through. And then you call it man made religion. Whoi gave you your religion? Where did you form your beliefs from?
    Is it the Bible,other works of liturature or from your own common sense or thoughts? And in your beliefs isn't it still a man made religion you are following? You said you are a Gnastic. Isn't that at it's core a man made religion? Unless you think God is inspiring you to know things we do not know. You are willing to call out the "man-made" religions and yet that is what you yourself is following. And for some reason you still think that God wants those works that aren't in the Bible in the Bible. Good thing you know bewtter then all the Biblical scholars what belongs and what doesn't belong in the Bible. Once again you have taken God out of the making of the Bibler. I also think God inspired the writing and the assembly of the Bible. You look at it as all being inspired and man screwed up the Bible. Have you ever found out why those books where left out of the making of the Holy Bible? Why don't you see why.? Many of those sermons were too far removed from Jesus and his deciples. Or they couldn't be verified by other writers. And isn't the real supression of the Gods word come when we stop believing that God has the power to make the Bible whole for all times and languages as a gift to us? You give man more power over the making of the Bible then you give God. I believe just the opposite. You are still stuck on the thought that first there was a Bible that had many books now we have a Bible with fewer books. If the Bible wasn't compete then do you really think that all the Bible schoolers since the making of the King James Bible are all dumber then those that haven't studied as much as them? I'm not saying that those works a bad. I'm saying that they didn't belong in the Bible. I've read those books and read why they were NOT PUT INTO THE BIBLE. Before Nicia we didn't have a Bible. You write as if there was a Bible and then the council of Nicia took that Bible appart and made the King James Bible. That is far from the truth. There wasn't a Bible and that is why they came together,God inspired. The History chanelle isn't the best place to get your knowlege from. You might like to read up on what a mutt Constintine was before Nicia. Talk about God picking the most unlikely people to lead. And then take a look at the inspired Council of Nicia. It is some cool history at that.

  36. Chris, Again you are not reading what I am typing but rather claiming things I did not say.

    I did not say "dismanteling", where are you getting that from? What does it mean anyhow? How can one dismantle anything if it does not yet exsist?

    I will make this real simple for you. Remember when you were a kid building a model and after you thought you were finished there were still pieces left over.

    The model was inspired by a toy manufacturer and the builing of it left up to you. In your rush to put it together you did not follow the instructions leaving the model INCOMPLETE. This is not what the manufacturer intended.

  37. Christopher aren't you claming that there was a Bible that was before this Bible? You are talking about the Bible not being compete and that men are the reason it isn't compete? So like I hacve been saying all along you think you know what should have been in the Bible rather then the Council of Nicia and all the theologines since that have agreed with their assurtions that those other books aren't God inspired. There were a lot of things that didn't match up with all the known first hand Gosples. So you think that they made a mistake and left out some things that should be in there. It is "INCOMPLETE". So who decided that this Bible isn't "what the manufacturer intended"? Should Conversations With God be in the Bible? It is Gnastic and almost the same as the Gnostic Gosples but they go against what the first hand writers wrote. What books are missing from this "INCOMPLETE" bible? Now I do know what you are talking about when it comes to man made religion. The Roman Catholic Church has many things that a Roman Catholic doesn't find in the Bible but have become tradition. Those were the things Martin Luther said were man made. He wanted to bring the catholic(small c)Church back to following the original Church throught the Word of God(Bible). That is our only reference as Christians. Nothing against Roman Catholics. The Church on earth is full of the sin of man. If you read and understand the books that didn't make the cut to become the Holy Bible you will see why in most counts. Once the Bible was assembled the Gnostic books and theology fall to near nothing when it came to a religion. That is until the History Chanal did some things on the forgoten writings. You should study the early Church and look at the 3 Creeds and how it was all put together. Read up on Constintine and the council you'd like it.

  38. I do not know how to explain this to you?

    I have tried in many ways to no avail as you cannot or refuse to understand what I am trying to convey here.

    You keep on putting words in my mouth that have nothing to do with what I am saying and this is simply not useful in real communication.

  39. Just because I don't agree with you doesn't mean I don't understand. I think I understand better then you think. Where do you get your beliefs? I get mine from the Holy Bible and it is that simple. You think the Bible is both man and God made and i agree. But I think it is whole and Holy and you think it was messed up a littlew by the hands of man. So where do you get your knowlege of God?

  40. Chris,

    Here you go again? I never asked or expected you to agree with me. Apparently one of your readers took exception to a comment of mine which kicked this whole thing off.

    As to where I get my knowledge, I already covered that in answering the same reader I believe.

    Now onto:
    "You think the Bible is both man and God made and i agree. But I think it is whole and Holy and you think it was messed up a littlew by the hands of man".

    That is not accurate and requires clarification once again: I, like you believe the Books that make up the Holy Bible were indeed inspired by God, we have no disagreement on that. I do not believe nor ever said the Holy Bible was "messed-up" but yet again I said incomplete.

    Obviously we disagree, but here are but just (3) corrections that show you do not understand what I am saying. It would seem you wish to change my thoughts thru your minds eye and again it is simply not helpful.

    Bottom line; Faith is not politics but in my view that is exactly what humans did with it and that is truly sad and dare say very dangerous.

  41. Samantic Christopher. You said you were Gnastic. I'm not trying to change your mind but correct your misconseptions. You bet many Churches have fallen short of the glory of God. I said I believe the Bible to be the whole and Holy words of God. You said that the Bible was "incomplete". To me "incompete" means not complete thus messed up. Sorry I don't use your words. You think that the Gnatic gosples should be in the Bible. I told you why they aren't and told you top look into it more for clarification. You said,"Bottom line; Faith is not politics but in my view that is exactly what humans did with it and that is truly sad and dare say very dangerous." I agree we have ditorted the meaning and the use of the Bible. Since you get most of your knowlege from many sources and you being a human aren't you part of the problem that you speak of? God gave us the Bible to referance our beliefs and follow what is right. I don't pick and choose what is right and what is "incomplete". That is when the human aspect comes in and we missinterpret or misunderstand. It is the human that says that can't be right with the Bible. So all in all you think God started the Bible with man and then kind of stopped thus leaving it "incomplet". I also didn't think of this as politics but religion does play a big part in politics.

  42. Oops I didn't mean to call you samantic as a name. I meant to say that just samantics Christopher.


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