Friday, April 9, 2010

Learn To Speak Democrat By Thad McCotter

Make sure to share that video with as many friends as you can. It’s just as true – perhaps even more so – about Democrats today as it was when he talked about it on the floor of the House in 2008.
Come to think of it, I’m shocked that some enterprising individual hasn’t made a thorough dictionary of “Democrat speak” to sell to the public. It would sure make our jobs as political junkies a whole lot easier if we didn’t have to explain the meaning behind the left’s double speak all the time to those who don’t follow politics closely.


  1. As much as I hate to say, "I told you so".

    I'd love to hear the liberals response to this bit of information. Most likely their silence will be deafening.

  2. Fuller Underpants09 April, 2010 20:45

    ObamaCare Dominoes Falling
    C. MacLeod Fuller

    The predictable consequences of forcing companies to sell healthcare insurance to people with pre-exisiting conditions are unfolding. On Tuesday, American Thinker reported that a mere two weeks after President Obama signed ObamaCare into law, one result was that Massachusetts Democrat Governor, Deval Patrick, "rejected 235 of 274 insurer requests for premium increases for individuals and small businesses over the coming year" -- requests made by that state's three largest nonprofit insurers, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim, and Tufts Heath Plan.

    Later in the week, the insurers simply stopped selling policies.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, three of the four largest suffered net operating losses in 2009 and the Democrats' "arbitrary rate cap will result in another $100 million in collective losses this year [...making...] it impossible to pay the anticipated costs of claims, and threatening the near-term solvency of some companies." The Journal noted,

    ...state officials have demanded that the insurers-under the threat of fines and other regulatory punishments-resume offering quotes by today and to revert to year-old base premiums. Let that one sink in: Mr. Patrick has made the health insurance business so painful the government actually has to order private companies to sell their products (albeit at sub-market costs).

    The article also reveals a number of interesting facts, including:

    - Massachusetts' "insurance regulators have concluded the reason [that state's] premiums are the highest in the nation is the underlying cost of health care, not the supposed industry abuses" imagined by President Obama and Governor Patrick.

    - The unsurprising fact that because Massachusetts' universal healthcare mandate prohibits exclusion for pre-existing conditions, people simply "wait until they're about to incur major medical expenses before buying insurance and transfer the costs to everyone else."

    - Once the medical emergency has passed, short-term enrollees drop their coverage - because they know they can demand "insurance" the next time they want it.

    - Blue Cross Blue Shield reported "short-term customers ... ran up costs more than four times the average" and dropped coverage "within three months." Harvard Pilgrim's experience with such hit-and-run enrollees is that they remained with the plan "fewer than five months and on average incurred costs about 600% higher."

    Of course, when their next medical stubbed toe happens, such short-term "purchasers" will return. Under ObamaCare, Massachusetts foreshadows the future of all 50 states - with a socialist-inspired financial vengeance.

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  4. I'm sure there's a Palin dig in here, maybe Joey Two Wrongs can come up with something. You know, those failed VP candidates and private citizens are really the ones we have to worry about!


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  6. wow, a threat of violence by the right. Thats highly unlikely isn't it? lmao.

    Now i almost gotta go to this thing. I wanna see the tea party PAIN BRIGADE.

    Where is it at? What time?

  7. No threats. If there is any violence at this Tea Party event it better not be from the right. I know Bruce and his liberal ilk get people mad. That is what they want. They want to make us strike out against them so they can say we are as violent as they are on the left. Prove them wrong. Please do not hurt any of the anti-tea party protesters. I errased what the right said even though I haven't errased the threats some on the ledft have made in the past.Mainly Jay-Ney Higgins. That is because I do hold up the right to a higher standard. We are above the left as long as we are peaceful. Let them throw the first punch. Get them on video trying to inflame the tea partiers. And play their games on them but be nice while doing it. The Tea Party will be at the Macomb County library in Clinton Twp. It is Sunday from 10am till Noon. Joe I hope to see you and many of your left wing friends as it just lets us know that you all validate us as an organization. But I think you should put on your pink shirts and protest the war that you all forgot about. We still laugh at you on the left the way you abandon your "principles" with the political wind. You on the left spend all you time and energy going after Beck,Hanity,Palin,Tea Partiers and Fox News instewad of the politicians that put us in this spot. You stopped protesting everything that is still happening when you protested Bush for it. Now I see you didn't protest what Bush did just Bush. Baaaah baaah baaah my little left wing sheeple.


    Voicemails Expose Left’s Racism
    by Monica Crowley

    In an blockbuster interview airing this weekend on my nationally syndicated radio show, a prominent black conservative blew the lid off the racism of the Left. Dr. Christopher Metzler, Associate Dean of Continuing Studies at Georgetown University, told me of the racist attacks he endured after going public with his opposition to the Democrats’ health care bill and President Barack Obama’s overall agenda.

    After an appearance a few weeks ago on “The O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel, Metzler began to receive despicable, racist voicemail messages. One caller swears at him profanely and tells him to get his “black ass back to Africa.” Hear it here:

    Another caller tells him that he looked like a “slave” and expresses his “embarrassment” over Metzler’s public position. Hear it here:

    As Metzler explained to me, the Left engages in exactly the kind of disgusting, racist behavior which they unfairly and incorrectly accuse the Tea Party and all others who oppose Obama of engaging in. Unlike the Left, Metzler actually has the evidence to prove it. During his stunning interview, Metzler exposes the Left’s hypocrisy and dishonesty—and its very real racism.

  9. I tell ya, I have to hand it to this guy; I have read several of his articles, and he is hilarious for a liberal. I would say this is something that Joey Two Wrongs would write, but it is way too creative for Joey Two Wrongs. But I'm sure he'll enjoy it:

    April 10, 2010
    Palin, Bachmann, Seek Two Additional Horsemen

  10. Paul and Fuller great find. I see the left said nothing on that subject of how crappy obamacare is. I have a friend in the insurance business and he said they have gotten call for the "free insurance from Obama". He said they get pissed when they find out there is no such thing and the Democrats lied to them. They have to wait 4 more years to see what they are looking for.

  11. I'll see you at the Tea Party Express tomorrow. I'll be the one laughing at any liberals that show up. I hope they wear helmets like the last time.

  12. Chris, after anon threatened them (which you removed the evidence of...nice) I'd wear a helmet too. I wanted to see the Pain Brigade in action though. Too bad i'm leaving for work soon.

  13. "I see the left said nothing on that subject of how crappy obamacare is."

    And you never will. Even when presented with verifiable proof of failure, like Medicare, Social Security or Medicaid, the left will never admit that their socialistic programs are terrible. All you will hear is ignorant voices shouting out, "we needed to do something".

  14. Paul there was a good article either in Time or Newsweek about how many of the anti-socialist Tea Party types are getting either unemployment checks or social security checks.

    Is Social Security terrible? Never heard that one before. Please explain that.

  15. "Paul there was a good article either in Time or Newsweek about how many of the anti-socialist Tea Party types are getting either unemployment checks or social security checks."

    What's your point?

    If someone needs to explain to you why ponzi schemes are terrible, then you are beyond help. Some friendly advice, don't buy any investments from an unsolicited telephone call. Good luck!


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