Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Left Wing Code Pink shows Tea Party just how sane it is [video]

Code Pink shows Tea Party just how sane it is [video]


“On March 20, there was an anti-war demonstration in Lafayette Square Park, across the street from the White House,” writes Roger Aronoff of Accuracy in media, which headed out to the protest to get a sense of just how civilized the protesters would be.  “One thing for sure, no one burned an American flag at any Tea Party gatherings, but they sure did here. Did you see any reporting about the hate-speech and flag burning? I guess MSNBC was too busy that day.”
Continues Aronoff:
The Washington Post covered it, but never mentioned the name Obama, though he was clearly a target of the protesters. The group that organized the protest, International ANSWER, claims there were 10,000 people there. Our estimate: 2 – 3 thousand tops, at least prior to the marching part of the demonstration. We didn’t stick around for that part.


  1. I see no one reads or comment on bruces blog any more. Must be because he doesn't post everyone like a pussy dictator. Go f#$k yourself bruce.

  2. Like I have been saying, it is going to be a hot summer and I ain't talking climate change or weather.

    That was the most ridiculous gathering. If these people had a brain between them I would be amazed. The only one who said anything close to reality was the woman who recognized the fact that this is Husseins war now.

    The close to last line about Vets and Service members was so stupid it is beyond belief.

    What does that uneducated, wannabe hippi know about duty? It is my sincere wish that the first Vet or CURRENT member of our Military who comes across this freak SHOWS him their duty and COLD COCKS him!!!

  3. Why did they blur his Iraq Veterans against War t-shirt? i had to look at a few other videos to see what his shirt said on it. I can't find much about him, but in another video he mentions he's a war resister which i'm not that keen on. Guess thats why i don't show up to those things.

  4. How bout them acorn videos?

    The right made a decent man lose his job and portrayed him as a human trafficer when he actually did the correct thing and called the police.

    I hope that dude wins millions suing the shit outta James Okeefe and hannah giles.

  5. Yea Exposing a Corrupt ACORN Using OUR Tax Payers Money was a STUPID Thing to Do!

    You Can SUE A Ham Sandwich, Have Not Heard of The Guy Calling Police Where Can I See or Read of The Circumstances?

  6. You libs just love to sue everything. NO WONDER WHY YOU DIDN'T WANT TORT REFORM AS IT'S THE LIBERAL LOTTO

  7. Chris, if someone illegally videotapes you and then shows an editted version omitting your side of the story and you lose your job, and people think you try to help in human trafficing when its not the truth, then you should be able to sue.

    I notice that you didn't decide to show any Christlike Compassion for a man wronged by FAUX NEWS and James Okeefe. The guy took the info called the police and he gets fired because of they editted the tape and created a false image of the man.

  8. Joey, claims to believe in God, calls everyone prison-bitches, whores, dumb bitches, then he asks where the Christ-like compassion is, ROFLMAO

    And the stupid hypocrisy of Joey Two Wrongs marches on .... BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. Have Not Seen The Alledged Whole Video! Any Body Know Where Its Located?

  10. John, do you believe in God? You call people bitches, fag and all sorts of other names. Does that make you any different than me?

  11. Al, here's the report from the California AG

  12. Joey Two Wrongs, I never said I believe or don't believe in God. You said you do, and look at what a good believer you are. Either you are a liar or you don't know the first thing about God and what he expects from you. It's your problem, not mine. So yes, that makes me much different than you, false testifier. I never called anyone a bitch that I can remember, and that guys name is djfag, so what is your point? I didn't pick it, he did. I call you an asshole because that's what you are.

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  13. JoeC What I read Did Inbdeed Say A Person Did Call The Police But NO More!

    The LARGE Magority of the Article Was Browns Investigation into ACORN and According to Him There Were Many Violations But Nothing Criminal Which Does Seem Odd Considering it Was Tax Payers Money Involved in The Matter! See ACORN Is Back With Same Employees Just Different NAME What a Shock!

  14. Batman,
    If you admit that taxpayer funding for "one" party (Liberal Fool Party) is legal, than you must be another proud alumnus of Harvard Community College. Wake up before your self-hatred causes you to off yourself or your parents.

  15. John, off the med again? Too bad

    I'm not going to spend all night going through all the names you've called people, but whiny bitch was used mulitple times by you.

    And i thought his name was DJTYG.

    lets face it, your just a punk. You and your little bananna bunch here think you can run roughshod over people and just straight up lie about what you say and how you act and you'll get away with it. The choir of non-thinkers here will back you because it would set their ideology back to admit your just as bad as a liberal.

    You and i know the truth though. Your just a scared punk ass motherfucker who loves playing the tough guy on the internet. It allows you to overcompensate for your little penis.

    Hey i won't tell anyone though. good talk brother

  16. Al, yes they had likely violations and mishanlded paperwork. And likely they will be required to pay fines for it. Nothing that egregious. Those things happen all the time in business.

    The reality is that the tape is was editted to create a false impression. And that the media like Faux News cost a man who did the correct thing a job and created a hardship by portraying him in a false light.

  17. Mikey motor bikey,

    Can i get that again minus the catchphrase rhetoric? Don't know what your trying to say.

    Yeah, Harvard Community college
    Antonin Scalia
    Alberto Gonzales
    John G. Roberts (Chief Justice)
    Ted Stevens
    Elizabeth Dole
    John Chafee
    Barack Obama
    and I all went there. You got me. We're all fools and our degree is not worth the paper its written on.

  18. mike, you know not everyone gest the same education. Some go to college, some spend time in Columbus on sandhill and Harmony church. Ones not better than the others. Its not like your special or something.

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  20. Wow Mike, you really touched a nerve with Joey Two Wrongs on the education thing! LOL, check out the time stamp, he was really obsessing over what you wrote!

    See Mike, Joey is a shop rat, and jealous of powerful women and educated people. He even asked me to stop using big words because he had to use a dictionary to understand what I was saying! Poor uneducated Joey Two Wrongs, doesn't even know the difference between "your" and "you're", even though I politely tried to explain it to him!

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  22. Joec Was The False Impression That ACORN Was Routing Tax Payers Money Into Ileagal Enterprizes Such As Whore Houses. Most States That Ileagal! Another False Impression They Were also Going to Use Under Age Girls in The Whore Houses Which I Am Positive is Ileagal in ALL States. Edited Or Not The Impression is NOT False!

    Other Than The Guy Making a Phone Call Still See Nothing Of Him Losing His JOB! Hes Probablly in ACORNS New Named But SAME Organization Or Like You Say Hes Suing Either Way Corruption is Corruption and That Is Not A False Impression!

  23. wow, john talking about snapping.

    You are a fascinating study of a person obsessed with attacking other not like you. Its not surpising that similar actions to mine by you and your cohorts here are perfectly okay, but if i do them its time to going flailing away like a rabid berserker.

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    I swear and thats bad. you swear and its justified.

    The only difference between you and I is the side of politics we're on. And you think your better than other people. have a good day brother..

    ohhh. i worked late the last three nights. That might explain why i'm up at 4 in the morning.

  24. Al, in case you didn't read the report or understand it. The Acorn office was not invovled with any form of prositution and didn't offer to help them put federal money into a prostitution ring. The video tape was edited to look like that, but it wasn't true.

    I don't know how much clearer i need to be. The guy in the video who was fired in sept after the video came out did not help them get federal funding for anything. He talked to his cousin a police officer and then made a report.

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  29. Hey Joe I ONLY Put One Sentence Together With YOU Cause Thought Thats All You Could Handle Without Calling Somebody Names! I Will Try To Do Better But Part Of Your 9:11 Post Is Unreadable! Looks Like You Got Flustered When Saying I Could Not Put Two Sentences Together Which is ONE More Than You Did! I Could Have Sworn ACORN Workers When Told Of the Situations Said They Could Help Which To Me Is Prima Face Evidence They KNEW What Was Happening!

  30. John, you said it. Don't lie to cover it up.

    You gonna man up and leave the family out of it, or be the little boy your acting like now?

    John, i'll admit it. I'm a sinner.

  31. Al, look the AG specifically said in his report that things were not as the severely edited tape would suggest. He did not find that they were trying to help them secure funding for prostitution. He did not find that they violated any laws.

    How many times can you be told that and still believe something else?

  32. The Workers DID Reply To Statements Made On the Tape Regarding What The Hell Weve Been Debating I Saw It. Crime Or Not Dunt Matter They KNEW What Was Being Suggested and Responded to It! If YOUR Comfortable With Them Passing Out Your Money Great. I Dunt Want Them Within Mile Of MY Tax Money! KNUFF Said! See Ya at The Tea Party

  33. Al, read the report again. They weren't trying to get them any tax money. Your just stuck on something thats not real and won't let go.


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