Thursday, April 8, 2010

Those Were The Days My Friends


Now there has been some arrests of some anti-obamacare people. But I thought I would put it all into context for ya. There have been many more arrests of left wingers this year then right by far. But the left want us to talk about the two that have gotten arrested that are right wing. If anyone right or left acts out in violence then we need to speak out against that violence. The problem is the left think we are being unfair if we bring up the fact that the left have been the violent ones for decades. They never said a word. They have specials on McVey but the houndreds of left wing organizations that terrorize this nation they don't want to talk about it unless it's in a possative light. Yes, they do look at the acts from the left as being rightious. We conservatives are nothing like you. There are some crazies out ther but your whole idealogy is based on violence and control over others and their lives. Take a good look at what the left wing have been doing and then when a lefty says something about the two right wingers that are crazy and called in violence then tell them to sit down and shut up. It's time we start treating these libs like the violent anarchist they are. There is a reason why our jails and prisons are full of liberals and you need to remind them of that.


  1. Updated: As the night goes on speculation has moved to the guy smoking on the plane and being a jerk - joking about lighting his shoe. No explosives residue has been found.

    Today, the White House leaked that it was ditching the phrase ‘radical Islam’ from government language.

    Though details are still sketchy, early reports are that an Islamic radical attempted to blow up a United Airlines flight from Reagan National Airport to Denver tonight with a shoe bomb. However the news is changing rapidly and by the time you read this, Pete Williams at NBC is reporting it may have been something else.

    ABC News is reporting the bomber made it on to the plane and attempted to light the bomb, but was stopped by air marshals.

    The bomber is claiming diplomatic immunity from Qatar and worked at Qatar’s embassy in Washington.

    So we have now had two bombers make it through airport security and on to planes under Barack Obama’s Department of Homeland Security — a Department of Homeland Security that has been tweaking Bush administration era policies to make us safer.

    On top of these, we’ve had the recruiting office shootings and the Ft. Hood terrorist attack and the White House still wants to bring the GTMO detainees to Illinois.

    All of that talk about making our enemies like us and forgiving us in the post-Bush era isn’t really working out for us, is it?

    Now, all that said, before we start throwing blame, let’s get some answers. And let’s begin the countdown until Jane Hall Lute is thrown under the bus. Lute, the Deputy Secretary for Homeland Security, has been on “an outreach effort” to boost airport security. Her qualification for her job? Assistant Secretary General of Peacekeeping Operations for the United Nations. Yes, that peacekeeping operation.

    There is much we do not yet know. But we can see the game changing before our eyes with this diplomatic immunity issue.

  2. So what??? Both sides are violent and angry. We had a good reason,you are just racists.

  3. Wow, Chris digging deep to find fault with people. Its not like he was a major donor to the election campaign or something. Wait if your side was wrong and my side isn't near as wrong does that make me Joey 1 and 1/2 wrongs? Or is it that your acting hypocritical again only finding fault with the left while the right could do whatever it pleases.

  4. Joe I mentioned the few times that a right wing did what they were accused of. I said it is bad when a right wingeer does what the left do so stop with your,"Or is it that your acting hypocritical again only finding fault with the left while the right could do whatever it pleases." It is in fact you who wants to hide all those thousands of things the left have done. Joe did you know that there have been more threats on Republican and Blue Dog when they were trying to stop obamacare then there are threats to Democrats by apposers? Why are you talking about those Joe? Instead you want to deflect everything. Take the board out of your own idealogue eye first then you can worry about the splinter in the rights eye. Don't forget our prisons and jails are full of left wing radicals. Joe why are you so focuses on a "spit" spray and the "N" word that no video heard but the black caucuse heard 17 times?
    Sit down and shut up Joe.

  5. JayNey and Joe are both anarchists that think when the left do something bad it's rightious but when the right do something it's big news. Maybe it is big news when a right winger acts just like a left winger because it rarely ever happens.

  6. Chris and his rightwing circle jerk like to use semantics and ideologue statements to condemn everyone without proof of anything.

    Prove it. plain and simple. Stop with the stupid words games and prove it. Get over the 60s and the dixiecrats and use the reality of liberals in this day and age.

    you and your ilk make these big claim without ever overing one shred of evidence. nothing but word games.

    Prisons are full of liberals...prove it!

  7. LOL ... nice hat in the video Joe, how was Al Gore's speech? BWAAAAHAHAHAHA

    Did you have to sign a waiver to let them use the footage with you in it Joe?


  8. lol...nice to see your in a good mood today. gotten back on the meds huh? good for you.

  9. Nah, I don't need meds like you do Joey. Stop projecting your shortcomings on everyone else, LOL

    I'm always in a fine mood, reading your nonsense and laughing at how stupid you are Joey Two Wrongs. LMAO

  10. I'd just like to remind everyone to check out the NON-PARTISAN "Downsize DC" at;

    You can pick and choose the campaigns that concern you the most, and it has a handy tool for submitting letters to your Representative and Senators.

    Here is a portion of today's campaign letter, I thought it was very interesting. The Hypocrats should like it because it is regarding a McCain EPIC FAIL:
    Portions of John McCain's dietary supplement legislation may be inserted in S.510, the Senate's Food Safety bill. McCain's draconian bill would have damaged an entire industry, and punished the 150 million Americans who take supplements, just to benefit a few pro athletes!

    Overwhelming public pressure forced McCain to abandon this effort. Do you think we now want its key provisions included in another bill?


    We do not want one bill to die, just to see parts of it resurrected in another bill. I demand you oppose the insertion of dietary supplement regulation into the so-called Food Safety bill.

    * There is no evidence that nutritional supplements are unsafe
    * The FDA already has authority to control any substance containing anabolic steroids
    * Products are already required to list all of their ingredients, so mislabeling is fraudulent and already illegal

    Please kill the McCain vitamin control provisions, and vote against the so-called Food Safety bill too. As this op-ed in the Billings Gazette shows:

    * regulations that may be reasonable for large industrial processors are excessive for small growers who sell locally
    * the fees and compliance costs imposed on small, local growers will run many of them out of business

    Also, the bill is unnecessary. Each state has an economic interest to make sure the food it grows has a reputation for being safe. Just a few examples:

    * Montana has licensing requirements and health standards that small producers and processors must meet to do business
    * Georgia, where the peanut salmonella scandal originated, toughened its food safety laws shortly after the outbreak
    * and in Florida, where tomato growers were hurt by false rumors two years ago, a tomato safety bill is expected to become law shortly

    Finally, I notice that the House didn't pass a Food Safety bill until July. The Senate put it on the back-burner until this Spring. This tells me that not even Congress believes federal legislation is really needed to protect us from food-borne illnesses. If a bill really was urgently needed, you would have passed it a year ago.

    All of this makes me think that what politicians really care about is power and control, not health and safety.

  11. Look at this Chris, even Australia is bagging on what a liar Duhbama is about the White Sox, LOL

    Uh, ah, er, um
    by Andrew Bolt

    Andrew Bolt has the video and then this after:

    Question: Who was one your favourite White Sox players?

    The painful, painful sound of a politician pretending to be the long-time sports fan he never was. And an insight into how inarticulate Obama really is, and how ready to filibuster with class war rhetoric.

  12. Tea Party ROCKS Progressives Look Like a MOB and Nothing But HATERS and Of Coarse That Is What They Are! Why Else Celebrate The LOSS Of Freedom and Personnel Choice!

    Never Hear Any Libs Here Say How Well Nobama is LAZERING in on those JOBs. Oh Hes In Europe Lazering in On A Peice of Paper That to The Russians Means NOTHING. Wonder How That Lazer Working. Maybe It Was Outlawed By This Useless Piece of Paper.

  13. John well im glad your laughing. If i can be of service i'm glad to help you on the road to recovery. Even if it means you laugh at logic and listen to insanity. Anything that keeps you on the straight and anrrow.

  14. Joe come on. Everyone knows that our prisons aren't full of conservatives or moderats. And how much more proof then all the pictures and videos of the left I have given on this blog. You believe the Tea partiers called the black caucus the "N" word and not one video out of the thousand there heard it. Joe you are in denial. It must be overwelming for you on the left. Out of all those liberals that used to defend the liberals don't even try any more. But Joe you guys make the bet out of the the one terrorist that is right wing Tim McVey. Obama has left wing McVey's in his own admin. Jeff Jones,Van Jones,Bill Ahers... Talk about stupid. Obama puts a guy from the Weather Underground in his admin. Those left wing terrorists bombed buildings and killed Americans to stop the war in Vietnam and Obama puts them in his admin. Not only are our prisons full of these kinds of left wing radicals but so is the White House thanks to Obamas love of them.

  15. Chris, why are they liberal? What makes them liberal? I'm being serious. Show me.

    i mean its not like Royal oak, Ferndale and Ann Arbor are the hot beds of criminal activity despite a huge liberal presence.

  16. You mean Ann Arbor, birthplace of the "Hash Bash"? Like it or not Joe, smoking marijuana is a crime. So there's a ton of criminals right there, breaking the law, LOL

    Joey, too bad I can't give you utter stupidity like you give me to laugh at. Guess you will never recover, unless you learn to laugh at yourself, BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

  17. See Joe you are taking it that I said all liberals are criminal. Not all liberals are criminal. I don't paint with the same brush you on the left do. I said our prisons are full of liberals. And if you need any more proof then you liberal rallies that end in violence half the time while the conservatives have yet to have one violent act provable in court thewn you are too far gone. If you went into a prison and asked them if they think they are liberal or conservative what do you think they would say? "Conservative"? Bwaaaahahahahahaha."Republican"? Bwahahahahahaha. Now you go and prove that anyone called anyone the "N" word,other then SEIU and it's on tape,to the black caucus. Joe if you can prove that you get $100,000 and yet there is still no proof. I think we both know that if you asked prisoners in prison very few would say they are conservative or Republican but I'm sure you would find a few here and there.

  18. Chris, no i am not. I asked why are they liberal? So what makes them liberal? you haven't shown me anything.

    You have this rhetoric which i asked you to show me how its real and the best you can come up with is "what do you think they would say?"?(Personally i think they would be mostly apoltiical but thats me)You can do better than that.

  19. John, the Hash Bash? Thats the best you can come up with? Thats the major crime of Ann Arbor?

    So because once a year a bunch of people go to ann arbor, smoke dope and get the munchies and its a criminal haven? You fucking kidding me?

    And your laughing at me. I always thought the Hash Bash was a RIGHTWING THING. you know the Libertarians, The DOPE SMOKING REPUBLICANS.

  20. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA ... Joey Two Wrongs, that's not the best I could come up with, that's the first thing I came up with. And now here you are poo-pooing crime. A crime is a crime Joey, and just look at you snap with the swearing! I guess obeying law, that's just for right-wingers, is that right Joey?!

    And now you are trying to say that Ann Arbor is full of right-wingers?!?! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA ... Joey Two Wrongs, you just proved my point, because you, a regressive libtard, are smoking SOMETHING STRONG if you think conservatives smoke more pot than liberals!!! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Wow, you're either HIGH or DUMB or BOTH!

  21. john if you can't figure out sarcasm when you see it then you must have a messed up life. Please get back on the meds brother. It'll even you out.

    oh yeah i'm sorry for swearing only the saintly john can decide who deserves to be cursed at and why? His is the righteous cursing.

  22. LOL ... Joey Two Wrongs, life coach, BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    I don't care if you swear or not Joey Two Wrongs; I didn't say anything about it being right or wrong. I'm laughing at your hypocrisy, claiming to believe in God and then swearing and calling people all kinds of names. Mmm mmm mmm, that's some stunning hypocrisy there Joey! You sure are a light unto the world, thanks for showing us all how to live by example! BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA ... and then you bitch about the churches and how hypocritical they are?!?! You're a straight up joke Joey Two Wrongs! And a very very very funny one at that. Hell, the way you behave, with you complaining about the Catholics being child molesters that would lead me to believe you are as well, since you are such a hypocrite.


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