Friday, April 23, 2010

Open Thread: Pledge of Nonviolence (MLK)

Congress of Racial Equality conducts march in memory of Negro youngsters killed in Birmingham bombings, All Souls Church, 16th Street, Wash[ington], D.C. 
Pledge of Nonviolence
1. As you prepare to march meditate on the life and teachings of Jesus
2. Remember the nonviolent movement seeks justice and reconciliation - not victory.
3. Walk and talk in the manner of love; for God is love.
4. Pray daily to be used by God that all men and women might be free.
5. Sacrifice personal wishes that all might be free.
6. Observe with friend and foes the ordinary rules of courtesy.
7. Perform regular service for others and the world.
8. Refrain from violence of fist, tongue and heart.
9. Strive to be in good spiritual and bodily health.
10. Follow the directions of the movement leaders and of the captains on demonstrations.

The Five Principles of Nonviolence
1. Non-violent resistance is not a method for cowards. It does resist. The nonviolent resister is just as strongly opposed to the evil against which he protests, as is the person who uses violence. His method is passive or non aggressive in the sense that he is not physically aggressive toward his opponent, but his mind and emotions are always active, constantly seeking to persuade the opponent that he is mistaken. This method is passive physically but strongly active spiritually; it is non aggressive physically but dynamically aggressive spiritually.
2. Nonviolent resistance does not seek to defeat or humiliate the opponent, but to win his friendship and understanding. The nonviolent resister must often express his protest through noncooperation or boycotts, but he realizes that noncooperation and boycotts are not ends themselves; they are merely means to awaken a sense of moral shame in the opponent.
3. The attack is directed against forces of evil rather than against persons who are caught in those forces. It is a struggle between justice and injustice, between the forces of light and the forces of darkness.
4. Nonviolent resistance avoids not only external physical violence, but also internal violence of spirit. At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love.
5. Nonviolence is based on the conviction that the universe is on the side of justice. It is the deep faith in the future that allows a nonviolent resister to accept suffering without retaliation. The nonviolent resister knows that in his struggle for justice, he has a cosmic companionship.Make Your Pledge
If you agree to abide by these principles of nonviolence, sign your name below.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did some of the most amazing things a man has ever done. He brought the love of Christ into his work and his life. He wanted everyone to be given the same and equal rights. He wanted Equal Justice not Social Justice. He wanted every person in America to be judged by their character. Yes judged. He knew that the civil rights movement would be judged harsh by the media. He knew that if their was any violence from the civil rights movement they would be looked down on. When MLK and the civil rights movement started the media was very hard on them. Almost like what they are doing to the TEA Partiers. If we want to win over the hearts and minds of Americans we need to keep being nonviolent and peaceful. We need to walk in the same shoes as MLK and the civil rights movement walked. Take the same pledge of nonviolence as MLK and the civil rights movement. And thank God he sent Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his amazing love of what is right.

Now look to your right at the pictures of the counter protesters and tell me who looks peaceful? We are being judged by what they do but we are winning the hearts of Americans. Keep up the great work my friends.


  1. America owes Reverend King a humongous debt of gratitude. He is our Gandhi, even a Christ figure, as it were.

    When many were advocating violence (with plenty of justification) he used the force of moral persuasion, placing our Christian values squarely before us and challenged us to accept them completely. To do otherwise would be to stand convicted by our consciences. Brilliant!

    Were we not a Christian nation, this never would have worked...

  2. Very well said Silverfiddle.

  3. Great topic and I concur with Cathy, great comment Silverfiddle.

    Nothing enrages these liberal losers like the fact that there has been zero violence from the TEA Parties. It's so damned peaceful that they have to go try to stir it up!! LMAO

  4. Did you see this Chris? Not only are the liberals trying to play the race card, they're also trying to play the violence card! LOL

    Liberals and the Violence Card
    Conservative protest is motivated by a love of what America stands for.

  5. When Martin Luther King Was Killed His Vision Lived On. Politicans Have Blurred His Vision Of Equality Through Government Programs That Have Done What? Certainly Not Given Minorities The Education They Deserve or The Chance That All Citizens Are Guarenteed To Succeed Through Their Own Hard Work. Look At Any Government Program or Entitlement And Doea Anybody See Where It Has Provided ANY Minority With The Chance To Succeed And To Move Up Either Socially Or Economicly. Look At Any Large City and Show Me Where The Citizens That Live In These Cities Are Improving There Lot Through Education To Escape The Posistion They Are In. For 45 Years They Have Been In A Revolving Door With NO Hope Of Exiting Their Situation.. MLK Had He Lived I Am Sure Would Have Fought Legislation That Has Done Nothing To Improve Minorities Lifes or Education And Only Made Them Beholding To Government!

  6. Off topic, but here is the obligatory "Comrade Bruce FAILk is a total idiot" comment:

    In Case You Needed Another Reason Not to Buy a Prius by Van Helsing

    In addition to being an outrageous waste of money, goofy-looking Priuses make us even more beholden to the communist Chinese:

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    When it comes to production sources, there is some hope in the near future, says Bryce. The U.S. does have substantial rare-earth reserves of its own, but it just hasn't exploited them.
    That's probably because our moonbat rulers don't approve of exploiting resources, except when it's done behind the bamboo curtain where they can't see it. After all, despoiling the environment defeats the whole purpose of puttering along in a Pious — never mind that Hummers are more eco-friendly (


  7. Here is a perfect little encapsulation of how large companies cause problems, big government thinks they need to step in and "regulate", big company spends $1.5 million to make sure they don't have to conform to regulations, or at the very least that the regulations will only hurt their competitors. This is disgusting use of big government and crony corporatism. Just the kind of thing that Barack "Goldman Sachs" Obama and the rest of the Hypocrats love:

  8. John Good Points As Usual. Also Wonder How With So Many Using Their Computors at Security Exchange Commission For PORN What Else They May Have Missed. From What Iv Seen Some At SEC Were Watching and Downloading PORN All Day At Tax Payers Expense.

  9. Just don't forget how Northern liberals like the UAW stood side by side with him on those marches while southern dixiecrats and northern conservatives attacked them.

  10. HAH! Never ceases to amuse when liberals try to whitewash their sordid and mentally unstable past by re-naming. Democrats become "dixiecrats" and liberals/socialists/communists become "progressives". LOL

    Just don't forget that it's the DemocRATS that elect, and continue to elect, racists.


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