Friday, April 23, 2010

The Rochester Citizen And Bruce "The Thug" Fealk

Here is Bruce "the thug" Fealk in rare buffoon form. Think of this as an open thread.



    "...Fealk has had his own problems. On Oct. 18, his brother, Steven, sent out a fax to Knollenberg with a second line stating: "I would like to say that I am so embarrassed by my brother's action."

    And that was about the kindest thing said in the body of the message. Steven Fealk went on to accuse his brother of misusing his name on a Republican-looking Internet site set up - he said - to collect e-mail addresses of Knollenberg supporters interested in attending the Republican debate that was held in Dearborn so he could "start harassing their e-mail boxes."

    "I am furious," Steven Fealk wrote.

    "...Steven said he sent the fax to Knollenberg because of the "embarrassment my family is experiencing due to Bruce's continued harassment to Mr. Knollenberg, his staff and family."


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  3. * you have a disgusting showing of lack of political savvy and sensitivity for the times we live in, especially when you couple this with the actual violence that is being incited at Fox News.
    * What has this country come to? Racism and homophobia cannot win. If I were a Teabagger (a slur that Bruce KNOWS is a slur), I'd be ashamed of these people and call them out for their actions.
    * The tea party people have been saying their opposition has nothing to do with racism. I've thought differently all along. (So remember TEA Partiers, and conservatives as well, Bruce says you are a racist. Unless you subscribe to his paper I guess. Then you are a paying subscriber/sucker)
    * Do You Have to Be Stupid to Be a Teabagger? That's a Rhetorical Question
    * Democrats, Listen Up!
    Michael Moore, appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show last night urging Democrats in Congress to do something. Take a stand! (Wow! Michale Moore on Maddow! I bet SHE really threw him some hardballs!)
    * We have many "rights" that may impose something on someone else. (Name ONE Bruce).
    * Friends- The right-wing, racist Tea Party Express is scheduled to rally
    in Clinton Twp April 11. The Michigan
    Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice, the Moratorium NOW!
    Coalition Against Foreclosures, Evictions and Utility Shutoffs and
    Workers World Party (these are all socialist/communist organizations by the way) are calling for all progressive individuals and
    groups to protest this racist, anti-worker, neo-fascist movement. Let's
    let them, the media and the nation know that Michigan doesn't welcome
    their message.

    This, folks, is Mr. Bruce Fealk in his own words and in all his splendor. Quite a fella. I sure wouldn't trust him as MY first news source, would you? "

  4. Diarrhea of the mouth.....

  5. I love how he just starts complaining about conservatives and acts like he is the harbinger of truth! LOL, he's supposed to be defending his bipartisanship but instead just proves what a whack-job Hypocrat radical left-wing idiot he is. Seriously, if you know you are such a liar and partisan hack that you have to give the political stories to other people, you have to know there is a big problem there. Then this loser insults more than half his intended readership on a daily basis ... WTF does this idiot expect?!?! LOL

    Oh yeah, and apparently the Rochester video wasn't good enough for this mouth-breather, so he had to set up his own camera. God save us from idiots like this Comrade Bruce FAILk!! LOL I particularly enjoyed the part where he says "Bruce Fealk is a Big FAT IDIOT"! I'm going to take this video and edit it on a continuous loop of FAILk saying that!!

  6. Chris, thanks for posting the video. Reasonable people, none of whom read your blog, will understand perfectly what I was saying.

    I don't expect the people that hang out here to get it.

    Which part exactly do you think I was being a "thug?"

  7. Liberalism has destroyed the beautiful and once hard working state of Michigan, and the loony libs blame conservatives??????

    Michigan has bled out over 70,000 jobs in the past 10 years. Where did they go? China? India? Mexico?

    No. They went to Texas, Tennessee, the Carolinas...

    Somebody please explain how this is Bu$Hitler and the Rethuglicans fault?

  8. Silverfiddle, liberals did NOT destroy, Michigan. John Engler did that all by himself, along with his Republican enablers.

    The jobs did go to China, India and Mexico, thanks to NAFTA, which I have to admit, Bill Clinton bought into, which was a disastrous policy for Michigan and America. Ross Perot was exactly right about the big giant sucking sound of jobs going to low wage countries.

  9. I posted this video because it puts you in the light. You think all the things you've done in your past and present for the furthering of the Socialist agenda is all good. Most Americans,even on the far left blogs,think you are wack job. Just listen to the way you evangalize liberalism and put down conservatism in your rant. You can't help yourself.

  10. Bruce,Silverfiddle is right most of the jobs Michigan lost was during Grandholm and to other conservative small government States not other business friendly countries. You just keep lieing to yourself Bruce.

  11. Fealk could screw up a one car funeral.

    First get thrown off the OP, now force the city of Rochester to waste time and ultimately eliminate functionality from their DDA facebook page.

    And once again, none of it is his fault. What a pathetic little man.

  12. Bruce makes me sick, quoting JFK. Jack is spinning in his grave with this asshat Bruce claiming he cares about other people. All this idiot Bruce cares about is making a name for himself by being the biggest jerk out there. Remember that friend that said she was losing her health care and now what does she have to do Bruce, buy it or get fined???! LOL

    You're a douchebag Bruce.

  13. Bruce is a cancer to the city of Rochester. Did you see how he wouldn't give his address? It wasn't because he was afraid of, or received any, threats (we all know Bruce would be running straight-away to the police if he received ANY semblance of a threat); no it was because he DOESN'T LIVE IN ROCHESTER, and his business ISN'T IN ROCHESTER. Nobody is keeping Brouche-bag FAILk from making his own Facebook Page. Brouche-bag FAILk wants to co-opt the Rochester DDA page to flaunt his rag. What a loser, LOL

    And as anonymous says above, Bruce makes his appearance, ruins it for everyone, and then blames everyone but himself. Typical liberal douche-bag.

  14. Hey Chris, Bruce disabled your video. Maybe you could post mine? Also let me know if you are interested, I downloaded all of this hilarious video and I can post it to my YouTube channel if you would like. That way I can get all the views and Bruce can sit and spin on it. LOL

  15. Whoa, so idiot FAILk, was it Engler or was it NAFTA? You are a real idiot. I guess Granholm had nothing to do with it? She was a real trailblazer in destroying the economy of a state. Other states did just fine under NAFTA; hell Texas hasn't even seen a recession. I'm still waiting to be blown away (other than jobs of course; those started being blown away as soon as Jenny's policies took hold).

    And look at what complete and total Hypocrat control has done for Detroit. That was Jenny's test kitchen for all of her fine economic policy. How a Hypocrat would ever be elected for anything after these fine examples is beyond me.

  16. How many people does it take to call fealk an idiot before he gets the drift?

    (bruce fealk that is, no offense meant to his brother)

  17. He sounds drunk.

  18. He talks like a little kid or a drunk. What was he talking about?


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