Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pro-Choice Argument Is Dead. Obamacare Takes Away The "My Body My Choice" Argument Away

Who knew the most pro-abortion president in the history of the United States would so effectively obliterate the deceptive front the abortion movement has been able to sustain for nearly 40 years?  But hats off to Mr. Obama for a job well done.

First of all, I have to admit that I find it appalling that we can be living in the 21st century, living in a country whose creed espouses the unalienable right to life for all people, living in a nation that has spent over 200 years struggling to extend the blessings of liberty to all men -- and yet there are still those who are so backwards in their thinking and so void of moral conscience that they can actually advocate a supposed right to dismember infants in the womb.

Scientifically, medically, constitutionally, morally and ethically, the case for abortion rights is so intellectually bankrupt it is a national embarrassment that we take those who argue it seriously.  Moreover, the fact that any individual who espouses a right to kill children cannot only escape the loony bin, but actually be elected to a position of authority in our society is a devastating commentary on our people's commitment to human rights.

Nevertheless, I must also admit to finding great satisfaction in finally being able to lay to rest one of the most offensive, hollow, and illogical arguments of the pro-abortion lobby.  The euphemistic label of not being pro-abortion, but rather "pro-choice" has plagued this debate for decades.  Intellectually speaking, this argument has always been beyond silly.  To say that you're pro-choice is absolutely meaningless unless you acknowledge what act you believe people should have a choice in doing.  The question has always been, "choice to do what?"

What's interesting is that through the years of engaging those who claim this label of "pro-choice," I've found that they are many times the most anti-choice people you could imagine.  Whether it is their insistence on carbon regulation that limits our travel choices, their forbiddance of private investment of our own Social Security deposits, or their refusal to allow school choice for those trapped in failing educational environments, if theirs is the face of choice, the word has no meaning.

Yet despite this reality, these anti-human rights activists on the left have been successful at tempering the inherent evil of their position by falsely representing themselves as fierce defenders of "a woman's right to choose."  No matter how many times this fraud was exposed, the myth perpetuated thanks to a complicit media that refused to acknowledge how barbaric one's mindset must be to – in this enlightened age – still believe in the savage ritual of human sacrifice.  But no more.

Those iconic placards carried by NARAL and Planned Parenthood agitators that proudly declared "My Body, My Choice" and "Keep Your Government's Hands Off My Body" must be officially retired.  Though it was always an empty, irrational argument (sure we all have a right to control our bodies – but not in a way that results in the slaughter of another human being), we can now know for certain that they never meant it anyway.  All the overblown rhetoric about privacy rights and how the government should never interject itself between a woman and her doctor was nothing more than a public relations cover for their true fascination.

How can we know?  Because the great champions of "choice" themselves – Obama, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, et al. – just crammed through a healthcare bill that intentionally thrusts the government directly between every woman (as well as man and child) and their doctor.  And they did this with the blessing of the criminally misnamed "choice" lobby!

ObamaCare opens the door to government access of your most personal medical records.  It mandates government-enforced purchase of government-approved health insurance that will cover government-permitted procedures.  It stands to take the most critical and private decisions about your well being and place them in the hands of a faceless bureaucratic board that is more concerned with cutting costs than extending your life.  They will determine whether you need the pacemaker, the bypass or the stint.  You, meanwhile, are left with no...choice.

So if nothing else, Barack Obama and company just accomplished proving something pro-lifers have been fighting to demonstrate for 40 years.  The abortion movement has never been about choice.  It's never been about privacy.  It's never been about personal liberty.  It's always been about a macabre obsession with advancing a legal right to kill kids for convenience.  That's pure, unadulterated evil.


  1. Exactly how do it do this? You forgot to give us that part during your diatribe. Shouldn't be too hard should it?

  2. Are you that stupid joe?

  3. JoeC obviously has taken advantge of the free lobotomy now availbe under Obamacare.

  4. Come on now Joe. You have gone into the rabbit hole like Chris said.

  5. so you guys don't have an answer? thanks. I see the rhetoric and the assumptions but i don't see the answer to the question?

    If you want to convince someone who doesn't just accept the RNC talking points, you have to talk to them, not call them names and stuff. I'm sorry if i don't take your word for it. Please explain it to me.

  6. Joe, what is your question? I'm just coming in on the middle of this conversation, is this a holdover from a previous conversation/topic? All Only question I see is where you say "How do it do this?", which, by the way, is not proper English.

  7. I was asking Chris to be more in depth about this blog. I wanted to know how this bill did what he suggested it did.

    Not rhetoric but actual reaosns and evidence.

  8. I got ya Joe. I think the point is, if I may:

    Take a guy like me. I prefer to not have regular health insurance. In an ideal world I want a HSA (health savings account), earn interest on my pre-tax health dollars and pay out of pocket. MAYBE a high-deductible plan.

    Well now, thanks to the Hypocrats I can't do that. I will now be forced, against my will, to submit an application for health insurance from a private corporation that will share my private information with the government. I have to fill out all my previous medical information, including previous abortions (well, that I don't have to worry about I guess, but a woman will), STD's (again, not a concern of MINE, but still), etc etc. This information will now be part of a private company's information, and the government will be able to access it in numerous ways. It's an invasion of privacy unfathomable before the Hypocrats took over. Oh, and I have to submit to a contract which I have no option to refuse or dispute. So forced against my will. So much for rights of the individuals. I think that is what they are getting at.

  9. Freedom Of Choice Has Been Taken From US By Government And They Call It Health Care!

    Any Freedom Lost To Government Will Never Be Given Back To The Citizens. Our Forefathers Greatest Fear Was Big Government Control Over Citizens. Constitution Is OUR Safe Guard From Government And This Regime Has NO Respect For It Or The Citizens! November Will Be The Point Of NO Return For OUR Nation! We Have Two Choices, Take OUR Country Back Or Sit Back and Watch ONE Freedom After Another Eroded Away Until We Are Indeed a Socialist Republic.

    Politicans Who Took Oath To Up Hold OUR Constitution Will Be Held Accountable For Their ACTIONS!

    Any Progressive Out There Know What Happens In A Few Years When More Citizens Rely On Government Hand Outs Than Actually Pay The Taxes To Support Them! Just Wondering What Brillant Progressive Out There Has The Answer.

    John Good Response As Usual!

  10. Thanks Al! Missed you at the rally ... Unless that was you with the tin-foil hat ... ? LOL

    Oh well, maybe I'll catch ya next time!

  11. Had To Use My Hat To Wrap Baked Potatoe In!

    That Space Cadet at The Tea Party. The Ole Saying "A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words" Fits Perfectly. The Whole Group Looked Like The Over The Hill GanG!


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