Thursday, April 8, 2010

Surprise Provisions Tucked Into Obamacare

I thought that the middle class wasn't going to see any tax hikes? Is this what you voted for? Is this why the Democrats don't want anyone looking at the obamacare tax bill? If obamacare was so good they would be telling us all about it. They would have showed us all 2,700 pages and they would be out bragging about what they just did to us. But all they are doing is saying the Republicans are full of crap. That's not good enough.



  1. The 2700 Pages of This Bill Will In The End Bite All In the Ass. Maybe Not Now But Down The Road!

    Seniors Will Be the First To See Cuts In Their Health Care!

    Any Lib Out There KNOW How We Will Pay For This Massive Entitlement Without Raising Taxes On All.

    With This Regimes Unwillingness To Get Economy Moving and With Unemployment Still Just Under 10% Wheres The Money Coming From!

    This Regimes Purpose is To Redistribute Wealth Taking From Those That Earn It And Give it to Those Who Dont Earn It! Question Libs: What Happens When There Are MORE Who DONT Earn It Than Who DO Earn It? Some Smart Lib Please Give Me the Answer Cause This Regime Is Not Going to Lazer in On Jobs Period!

  2. Al, raising taxes have been part and parcel to this health tax boondoggle all along. How else do you think they planned to pay down the deficit? Only way to do that is to raise taxes. That's all this thing was, a trojan horse for increased taxes. The really sad thing is that, not only will it raise taxes on everyone, but it will also cause the costs of health care, and health insurance, to skyrocket. The good part is that the taxes start now, and the benefits not for 4 years. It's like buying a car for 5 years and THEN taking ownership of it. Hypocrats are such idiots, they think that people will vote for them after they have been taxed for 5 years, but before they get any benefits from the taxation! LMAO

    You're right too; not really sure how Duhbama being over in Russia performing a Clinton "non-sex" act on the Russkies is helping with the job situation, other than the fact that the less he concentrates on something the better it is for all of us.

  3. I Beleive The Raising Of Taxes Will Not Go Toward Our Massisve Debt John, But Will Be Rerouted into Other "Feel Good " Programs That Will Add Nothing to Our Economy or Private Sector. This Regime Is After The Private Sector Which Will In Effect Distroy JOBS and In the End the Regime Has Met Its Goal Which Is Government Control in All Citizens Private Lifes!
    Citizens Have GOAL Of There Own And November CANNOT Come Quick Enough For Me! Novemeber Will Be OUR Last Chance to Preserve This Nation as Our Fore Fathers Meant it To Be and it Was Not Meant to Be Ruled by a Regime With Europeian Ideaology!

  4. Al, you are correct sir. Spot-on as always.

    Are you going to the TEA Party Express in Clinton Twp on Sunday?

  5. John I Will Be There With The Rest of The MOB! Gotta Have a Cup Of TEA!

  6. Al, look me up, I'll have the big 1st US Navy Jack Flag: , Not sure of too many other people that have it.

    Hope to see you there, but it's going to be a huge crowd.


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