Thursday, April 1, 2010

This Is Who The TEA Party Is

Pam is great. She is who I see at the TEA Party rallies. She makes sense and actually makes Dave look like a moderate.


  1. Now that we have looked at video of who the TEA Party is, let's take a look at video of who the Hypocrats are. Here's a hint: They are idiots, lol:

    Hypocrat Hank Johnson fears Guam will Tip Over:

    Will Joey Two Wrongs be taking a trip out to Guam to balance the other side and keep it from tipping over? Let's send all the Hypocrats over there, make them useful for something! LOL

  2. Why ruin Guam? I was hoping to move there someday.

  3. Poll: Dems just as much to blame as GOP for violence and threats By Eric Zimmermann - 03/31/10 04:12 PM ET

    Americans believe Democrats are just as much to blame as Republicans for the violence and threats surrounding the healthcare debate, a new Gallup poll finds.

    Forty-nine percent of respondents said "controversial political maneuvers" by Democrats were a "major reason" for the threats, while 29% said it was a "minor reason." That's a total of 74% who assign some blame to Democrats.

    Meanwhile, 46% said criticism of the bill by "conservative commentators" was a "major reason," with 26% calling it a "minor reason." That's a 72% total.

    As for Republicans in Congress, 43% said their crticism was a "major reason," with 29% selecting it as a "minor reason," for a 72% total.

  4. john, while we're looking at crazy people lets look at the Baggers star....Sarah Dumb Bitch Palin

    and you the party of the birthers and truthers has no credibility in criticizing anyone for their out there beliefs

  5. Joe "Truthers" are from the left. Did you forget all your liberal talking points during the Bush years? You liberals were off the hook with hate and anger towards Bush, Cheney and now Palin.

  6. Joe Would YOU Talk Like That With Your Mom In The Room. Shame on Ya! Every Time You Get That EVIL Feeling Think Of Carter and All Else Will Seem NORMAL! So Much Rage So Much Anger, Hope Your Venting Or Poof!

  7. Crhis, truthers are from the right too. We went into this before. You can keep denying it, but your side has its fair share of truthers. like self proclaimed paleo-conservatie radio host Alex Jones.

  8. And Joe your side also has birthers. But for the most part the right has the birthers and the left have truthers. Why must you take the exections to the rules and consider them the rules?

  9. Truth hits close to home and Joey Two Wrongs starts foaming at the mouth about Sarah Palin and his truther buddies, like airplane man. Keep up the good work Joey Two Wrongs, BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

    Check out this racist Hypocrat scumbag:

  10. John,
    What truth. I just added balance to your overtly partisan postings.

    And i was ranting about your truther buddies not mine. She's still a dumb bitch though. I'll take your excuse on this one. Just like you say about Bruce, she deserves it.

  11. The truth that the Hypocrats are the craziest bunch of f**ks on the planet Joe. That truth.

    LOL, Joey Two Wrongs is the partisan police. Keep up the good work Joey Two Wrongs!

    Joey Two Wrongs, and his God that approves of him calling people "bitches". I'm glad you don't associate yourself with any church Joey Two Wrongs, you would give them a bad name.

    What did Sarah Palin ever do to you to deserve what you call her Joey Two Wrongs? Bruce has accused me of wanting him dead, and wishing harm on him, all lies. Did Sarah Palin ever do that to you Joey Two Wrongs? I didn't think so. You keep up with your MSDNC talking points and hate-mongering, you're being a good little Hypocrat soldier Joey Two Wrongs.


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