Monday, April 12, 2010

Union Members Are So Racist Said The VP Of SEIU

SEIU VP Says Opposition by "White Workers" to "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" is "Racist" - Video

WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE         This is the same union that beat a black conservative at a Tea Party rally. Now lets get past the racism within these left wing unions and take a look at what he is saying. If the union brass get imagration reform it's bad for the union members but good for the union brass. For the union members to fight within itself over the color of their skin is silly. But that is trhe liberal way. Within the union membership the whites are against the reform because it's bad for them. The union members are saying that the blacks are just too dumb to get that immigration is bad for the workes. It's not always about the color of ones skin.


  1. How is immigration reform automatically bad for existing union members?

    Despite your rantings alot of conservatives exist in union shops. And most of the time they fight with the union attempting to do whats bad for the union and the workforce, but better for them individually. Thats a pretty standard thing with conservative anti-union workers in union shops, always trying to cut deals to benefit themselves solely. Alot of them are bigots too. Got plenty of conservative bigots in my crib.

  2. 40% of union members are conservative Joe. I know that. Joe it seems like the unions in general are racist. You said it and the VP of SEIU said it. Maybe the unions need to clean up the racism that is all over the unions.

  3. Chris, get rid of conservatives and most of the racism would be gone. Of course you would say Unions in general, not the people in unions and especially not say conservatives in general and in unions. But in my work area its the cons who are the most openly racist. thats just how it is.

    but lest discuss Unionism and Race relations. Take for instance the Union i belong to, the UAW. Known for its very liberal stance in its leadership on race in America (notice not dem o repub, but liberal) and its long history of civil rights involvement. One of its presidents, Walter Reuther even spoke at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963 that was the 2nd "I have a Dream" speech.

    You can claim that unions are racist and even that the SEIU members who attacked the protester were bigoted, but what i saw on the video tape didn't confirm that. It showed two black people fighting and one white guy yank a black man off of another. How did the black SEIU member end up on the ground and Gadney or whatever his name end up on top?

  4. Ya right Joe. Nice try. I worked in those plant. The "cons" say nothing for fear of you libs in the plant. You wouldn't know a "con" if he was sitting next to you in the lunch room. There are some UAW conservatives that still speak out. Your posts scream of "white guilt". The question is why do you feel guilty? Could it be the fact that you see people only in colors and not as just people? When you meet someone do you see them as black,white,red or yellow? Are you that lib? Do you think blacks are helpless so they must be cared for using the tax payers money? All you libs care about is color. Even the counter protesters hired some "blacks" to work as "protester" on racism. They wouldn't even stand next to the blacks unless a news camera came near them. I find it ironic that a "black" union boss is calling you "white" union member racist. Now you guys are calling each other racist. How Live by the sword,die by the sword. How true. It seems like every time you guys call the Tea Partiers racist another video comes out of the racism from the left. Just look at the network MSNBC calles us racist more then any network and they don't have one black,Asian,Hispainic or just plain old non-white. That's that white quilt thing I'm talking about.


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