Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Tea Party Was Off The Hook

The Tea Party was off the hook. I took some pictures of the 'challenged' liberal protesters. There were the liberals with the tinfoil hats chanting some nonsense but they were well watch by the police. They kept screaming, "don't touch me" and other 'speciel' slogans. The media was from all around the world and out in full force. The right wing is learning how to community organize and we are doing it better then them.


  1. Had A Great Time Today. What A Turn Out and For A MOB Well Organized. Talked To Many Tea Partiers From All Political Back Grounds And There Was Great Give And Take From The Mob! Most Want To Take Back OUR Country From The Radical Regime and Quit The Spending! Well Done to The Organizers! I Beleive We Are Becoming Pretty Good At This Community Organizing Thingy! John You Were RIGHT Just To Many To Find You! It Will Be Interesting To See Head Count From State Run Media.

  2. Twas nice to be with real Americans in Michigan. 'Twas quite easy to spot the socialists,,lol,,as they had no impact.

    What I found most promising in our State is that more Michiganians are awake now. I spoke with self-identified (after disclosing my UAW affiliation) that are on the same page.

    I have never looked so forward to a Michigan November as I do now.

  3. Did anyone see the guy with the libs that had a tinfoil hat? All those 11 people looked like they were from a group home. They looked like a comidy show.

  4. I was there too. Great morning. Surrounded by a lot of good people. I wanted to see the lefties signs as I was leaving at noon, but they were gone! Missed out on the comedy.

  5. I wish I could have been there. It was all over the news today.

  6. Great time. I didn't see the liberals but wish I had.Cox,Bouchard,Bishop and Brandenburg were there. Thanks for the free hot dog Brandenburg. When is the next rally?

  7. Fun fun fun. The tinhat liberal was the funniest thing I've seen. I'm still laughing. All those dumb liberal faces looking at tinhat man. We've got to see the video or pictures of them again.

  8. looks like the white folks had a good time.

    well at least your white peoples party had good weather. lol

    I worked. Chris, did you read that newsweek piece about how the Tea Party ranks are filled with people on social security or unemployment? thought that gave an interesting perspective to people protesting socialism.

  9. Newsweek? LMAO. My God man get out and meet people and stop sucking in the propaganda.

  10. I don't see one minority in your picture, Chris. Looks like a lot of people that are on Social Security and Medicare, you know, those socialist government programs.

    Looks like a whole lot of hypocrites to me.

  11. Joe they also said we are Socialist now. I had a post that showed who the Tea Party members are and it wasn't by a far left Newsweek.

  12. Hay Bruce, Social Sec. and Medicare is broke. Those people young and old are paying for SSI and we wont see it because of you buffoons on the left. Bruce your little protest of the rally had to PAY,yes I said it PAY,those blacks to show up. How sick is that? You have people there that were homeless with tinhats and other mentally deranged people. We had plenty of blacks and we didn't pay them like you guys did. They weren't in that picture. I have a lot of pictures that I have to figure out how to put them on the blog. The freak with the tinhat and the other mental case that kept screaming "don't touch me" to the crowd were what we have come to expect. It must really suck to be a liberal and a Democrat right now. We got Stupak out and we just got started little buddies.

  13. Social Security and Unemployment Benifits!

    The One Thing You Left out Of Your Opinion Is Freedom Of Choice!

    Iv Worked At Jobs Where It was Either Social Security or 401 Type Savings Plan. Its Matter of Choice.

    No Citizen I KNOW Has To Take Unemployment Benifits, Its a Matter Of Choice.

    Hows That Freedom Of Choice Work With Socialized Nobama Health Care Insurance. OH It Doesnt Citizens LOST Their Freedom Of Choice!

    Some Here Sound Like Little Kids NOT Invited To The Party and Pouting! Next Tea Party Your Invited Now Reccess is Over Back to Class!

    Joe Dont You Wish Private Sector Was As Good At Managing Businesses as Government is at Managing Entitlements.

  14. Macomb Daily Reader12 April, 2010 07:57

    'Change' is overwhelming theme among participants

    The Tea Party Express that rolled through Clinton Township on Sunday morning started a few minutes early and ended about 30 minutes later than scheduled.

    And James Marchand couldn't have been happier.

    Wearing an American flag over his back like a cape, the 53-year-old Shelby Township resident liked the tone of the comments he heard at the rally at the Civic Center.

    "I believe this country has to change," said Marchand, a financial adviser. "I had heard these events were radical and full of turmoil so I came to find out for myself and it's not true."

    With the threat of morning showers giving way to sunshine by the time the three Tea Party Express tour buses rolled down Romeo Plank, an estimated 3,000 people had gathered to hear speeches, poke fun at Democrats and demand smaller government, less taxes and a reversal of the recently approved health care reform.

    They carried signs with handwritten messages such as "Obama — Here is Your Pink Slip" and another carrying an image of an angry child asking: "What? I Owe How Much?"

    Andi Walsh, 42, of Waterford in Oakland County, had

    a sign carrying the message: "Read My Lipstick — Party Like It's 1776," but was serious about the rally's purpose.

    "The future looks unacceptable," she said. "Just look at what is going on in our country today. We need to take back our government."

    The stop in Clinton Township was the final Michigan visit as the Tea Party Express continued its run of 47 cities in 20 days. The tour began March 27 in Searchlight, Nev., the home of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and concludes April 15 in Washington, D.C.

    Newly energized by Friday's last-minute retirement announcement by Michigan Congressman Bart Stupak, who voted in favor of the health care overhaul, tour organizers were heartened by the rally turnout in Clinton Township, which was higher than other recent stops.

    "The numbers here are way up — it's notable," tour chairman Mark Williams, a California radio talk show host told The Macomb Daily. "I think that's because the folks in Michigan, along with New York and Pennsylvania have suffered the most because of some of our government policies."

    Clinton Township police Capt. Richard Maierle said there were no crowd control issues even with the presence of a couple of counter demonstration groups. The only problem of the day came when a man with diabetes collapsed. He was treated by township fire crews and Medstar Ambulance emergency medical technicians.

    A small group of counter-protesters verbally sparred with rally visitors as they walked to the event. The protesters left less than halfway through the program.

    "We think this is a fascist, racist movement. (They) have misdirected their anger at President Obama and people of color," said Abayomi Azikiwe of Detroit. "Instead of fighting, they should help work together for the betterment of all."

    The rally attracted a number of people who said they have never been involved in political activism in the past and they liked what they heard.

    "I've never really paid attention to what's going on in politics," said Dana-Marie Serio, 33, a single mother of two from Chesterfield Township. "But I'm concerned about the future of our country now. I love this. I'll be back for more."

  15. I can’t speak for whether or not the ‘Crash the Tea Party’ thing referenced here is real, or just some dweeb on the West Coast who’s trying to sell t-shirts to liberal racists who don’t want to admit that they’re racists. Honestly, I could see either; one of the gratifying things about the Tea Party movement has been to see demonstrated that the Left’s vaunted prowess at organization and activism largely depends on having no standard for comparison. They’re really pretty lousy at this.

    That being said, the advice found here is pretty good:

    Plants have already happened, just not organized ones. Regardless, perhaps organizers (or attendees) need to have a few signs that say “Liberal Plant, not a REAL TeaPartier” and be on the lookout for these double-secret spies. When one is found, then pull out your signs and stand next to the plant. No violence or physical actions, just isolate and embarrass.

    And make sure that you get it on the record that you’ve done this. I will keep harping on this until the end of time: a camera is an indispensable tool for these things. Without cameras they would have been able to get away with lying about Congressmen being spit on and called racial epithets*. So get one.

  16. You neo-cons can go to hell. I wish someone would have beat that assholes head in with the tin-hat dancing like a retard. He was a plant by the radical right. We have our own video of it and you can see he wasn't for real. Who cares if some of the protesters were paid. That is our right.

  17. Chris, you're hysterical. You had plenty of minorities but they weren't in the picture.

    By definition, if you had that many minorities, it seems like a couple would have shown up in your group shot.

  18. Did Fealk change his hat fabric from paper mache to tin foil?

  19. Bruce where were the minorities at your event? The ones you didn't have to pay? The gig is up Bruce. It's all over the net that you libs had to pay protesters. One of the protesters said it on camera. I hear the tea partiers just laught at your dumb looking faces on the paid liberal protesters. There are over 3,000 people at the rally and Chris has about 100 in that picture. You do the math. Bruce when did you start using the tin foil hat? I told Steve about the tin hat and he said,"that's my idiot brother". Do you think someone is reading your mind?

  20. Hey Bruce, take a look at this. Don't be afraid, it won't hurt you.
    Tea Party Patriots come from all walks of life. Young, old, rich, poor, white, black, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, etc.
    We don't look at someone skin color first, like the left does. We don't count how many of each race there are in the crowd, like the left does. We don't care how old or young they are, like the left does.
    We care that they're Americans first, not socialist first.

    But just so you lefties understand, we'd thought you'd like to know, since you can't seem to come up with a viable argument, watch the video...

  21. You are racist. I've never seen so many white people. It was a nazi rally.

  22. All These Libs/Progressives Pointing Fingers at Tea Party and Minorities!

    Lets See What Have They Done For Minorities Any Where! Libs/Progressives Have Entitlement Programs That Have Done ONE Thing To Minorities. Make Them Dependant on Government Programs That DO Not Address THEIR Problems. Education and A Pride In Their Own Labors Which is What This Country Is All About. Libs See Minorities As A Voting Block No More No Less! Look at ANY Large City With Liberal Control and Its All The Same. Poverty and Dependence on Government! Progressives Do Not Cast Stones in Your Glass House, Cause You Should BUT Are Not Ashamed Of Yourselves and Ideaology For What You Have DONE!

  23. Yesterday morning my sisters and I decided to check out the tea party. We were scared of all the stories that we had heard about the racist tea partiers, but we decided that if four or five of us went we would be okay.

    We parked a ways off because we saw a lot of people doing it and walking. Being a beautiful day we decided to do the same thing. We parked on, I think it was the corner of Garfield and Romeo Road? I'm not too familiar with the area.

    We started walking where everyone else was heading. We approached a group standing between the sidewalk and the road, just past a (huge!) library. Now I was REALLY frightened, we all were, because there was a guy with a megaphone yelling and frankly his face was just an ugly color of rage and hatred. The group, there were probably 20 or so, and they all looked really angry. I did see the guy with the tinfoil hat, crazier than a blank-house rat. There was also a REALLY angry guy that had a speech impediment, and he was YELLING like a fool at some guy to not touch him, spitting all over when he yelled (because of his speech impediment, I don't think it was intentional, the spitting I mean)! Well I thought it was a pretty small crowd from what I had heard about the tea partys, so I was surprised at that. But as we got closer I realized that these were people protesting the tea party!

    Well we scooted past that group as fast as we could, and tried to avoid making eye-contact. They were really violently scary and unhinged.

    Then we saw the real crowd farther on, I don't know how many because I'm bad at estimating crowds, so I'll leave that to the news, but I did hear them say on channel 4 last night that there were several thousand.

    We hung around the edges because there were a lot of white people there. But we did see other black people, Asians, mexicans (I apologize if that is not the right term). Then to my surprise, when the actual "show" began, the Tea Party featured several black folks! We ended up relaxing and having a good time. We met several people that were handing out flyers and circulating petitions. I didn't sign some of them, because I'm still not sure about this health care thing and I want to give it a chance.

    What struck me most after enjoying the (somewhat corny, hokey show) was the difference between the two protests. One was an angry group (not big enough to be a mob ... yet) and the other was a joyful, optimistic sunny group. The other thing that struck me was that the angry group was protesting a group that wants smaller government and less taxes. Does that mean that they want larger government and more taxes? It sure seems so to me.

    It turned out our fears were unfounded. Nobody called us the "N" word, instead we were welcomed with open arms. We felt a lot more welcomed by the tea party than we did by the group which included fellow blacks holding signs decrying racism!

    Since when does wanting less government and lower taxes mean racism?

  24. BBL said... "You are racist. I've never seen so many white people."
    So being white automatically makes someone a racist?
    Isn't that racist unto itself?
    You do know you sound pretty pathetic and show no bases for your argument.

  25. Since there wasn't scones at this party i seethat it was all TEA AND CRACKers!!

    Had some middle of the road friends show up and they said the lack of minorities was evident.

  26. So what are you saying, Joe?
    BTW 'crackers' is a racist statement. Thx for proving us right. :)

  27. God Bless America

    (just had the urge to write that ;)

  28. JoeC was grilling his friends for a minority count. What a racist. JoeC might attend next time, now that he knows there aren't any minorities there.

    JoeC, did you friends see the black guy up on the "stage", Lloyd Marcus?

    How about the Hispanic rapper? Or do Asians, native Americans, Arabs, Hispanics not count, only blacks?

    The counter-protesters hired homeless black people to hold up their anti-racism signs, I couldn't believe it! A lot of the counter-protesters wouldn't even stand next to the blacks that they had hired. You could smell the tension in the air. I saw several of the counter-protesters take their wallets and put them in their locked cars when they realized blacks were going to be there. Disgusting.

    This one counter-protester guy got out of his car, realized there were blacks there working for them, and sheepishly put his white hood and robe (neatly pressed I might add!) back on the hanger and hung it back up on the hook in the back of his car. I hope he didn't get it dry-cleaned just for this Anti-TEA Party thing! Then he grabbed his bull-horn and started screaming something about shutting down the Pentagon. What a bunch of nuts.

  29. What was with that bull horn guy? Tin foil hat guy? "Don't touch me" freak? The "baby killer" women? The "racist" man?
    And the guy that looked like he rolled himself in shit? WTF is wrong with those liberals? Those people scare the shit out of my wife and I. We watch them scream at everyone and putting it on tape when a tea partier got pissed off. They never grew up. Why would they want to close the Pentagon? I also noticed that the black protesters far away from the white ones. Actions speak louder then words. Nice blog.

  30. After Listening To What All These Libs/Progressives Have To Say About We Tea Party Members , Im Even More Positive WE Are In the RIGHT! All The Libs Talking Points Are For ONE Reason and It Is Fear! They Know in November There Time Has Passed!

  31. The left wing tried to do their thing but it backfired. Even on the Tea Party article people are talking about these fools. It sounded like a bunch of Fealks. Screaming give me free stuff.

  32. mark, crackers is a snack that you eat. Just like a scone. Now typically you have scones or biscuits at Tea parties, but crackers seem like a decent substitute.

    Yes, i'm a bigot. i hate white people. thats me the caucasian hater. lol...Don't you guys ever chill the F-out and relax.

    I'm glad that you had a great time at the get out the white folk rally on social security to protest socialism rally. I really am. More power to you. I worked and went and played baseball with my kids. You went to the soon to be co-opted by the republican rally.

    Guess what will happen? I can see it now. Its 96 all over again. you'll get your the republicans elected and they do just what they did then, abuse power and become corrupt. the next Duke Cunningham will emerge, the next Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Jack Abramoff and you will defend them forgetting what they did the same thing last time. All that work for nothing. Me, i'll be at home remembering that i didn't waste my time.

  33. AHH Joe, trying to be the comedian... don't quite your day job.
    You want people to 'chill' you'll need to drop the 'I hate whitey, righty' attitude. It belittles your side of the fence and diminishes any disagreement you have with others.

  34. Joe you seem to loose it fast. Take a deep b reath enjoy your ride down. Nov and 2012 is coming fast and it will be all over for ya. But you will still be blaming Bush and the Republicans skipping right past the Democrats role in government. The rabbit hole is where you belong.

  35. Loose it. stop with that BS. I'm perfectly okay.

    You seem to think anyone who has as vocal an opinion as the ones you proclaim is "unhinged" "loosing it" and all this other garbage. Yours and other conservatives who act the same way are all right but not lefties. Its a double standard.

    How do you answer the fact that the contract for America, the last big rightwing push to remake American conservative politics was a disaster and led to more corruption than is occuring now? The Tea Party seems to be going the same way, with candidates such as Carl Paladino.

  36. Joe you on the left have had a double standard forever. Things are changing thanks to the progressives pushing us over the edge. At our rally the left had a guy yelling at us on a bull horn,a guy spitting on people "don't touch me",a paid black man that called all of us "racist" as we entered the rally and a guy with a tin foil hat saying "we want free stuff" and "we are racist". If we had the same % of wackos as the left there would have been chaos instead of peace. And if you would have looked down at the mess the libs made vs. what the thousands of Tea Partiers there was more trash from those 15-20 liberal freakshow winners. Just the candy wrapers and cigeret butts alone would have pissed you off.

  37. Chris its not like the double standard on the right just started yesterday. Its been constant throughout the years.

    I don't like counter protests. Too much anger for me. People get all crazy and wound up. Bound to be bad blood. Personally let you guys have your day and be done with it. It doesn't affect my life that deeply that people i political disagreements with plan a gathering.


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