Thursday, May 13, 2010

Communist China Loves Communist ObaMao #1 Selling Communist T-shirt In China

Rejoice comrades! Our Dear Leader has been immortalized in China in the form of ObaMao shirts. If the ungrateful American public rejects Obama's progressive policies, perhaps he should move his family to China where he is appreciated. You do have to love the honesty of the communist in China. Not since Mao has a leader been so admired by the communist. I'm sure that a communist knows what a communist is even though the Democratic Party says that they are not communist. I call it commi-dar. It's like gay-dar but with communist instead.
I can't wait for them to start selling them here. A smart capitalist would buy a bunch of these shirts and sell them at the next immigration reform riot. Who knows ObaMao might out sell the Che' shirts we see at every left wing rally. Oops, I mean riot. Communist and Socialist around the world are the biggest cheerleaders of whart ObaMao is doing to America. My question is if the Communists,Socialist and anarchist like what the Democratic Party is doing why do you? Why are you standing with these enemies of America my left wing friends?


  1. That doesn't look too good does it?

  2. We are officially entering tyrant country here. Obama, Reid, Pelousy and the rest of the Socialists passed a law in which they are just now "discovering" that what the Republicans said is true; the health care tax law will sink this country. And now we have people like Holder and Obama and the rest of the libtards spouting off about an AZ law that they didn't even read, they only got their "impressions" from the newspaper and MSDNC talking heads?!?! WTF!?!?!?!

    Holder hasn't read Ariz. law he criticized

  3. They didn't read the the law? Even the Republicans weren't that bad.


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