Thursday, May 13, 2010

Criminals Love Obama And The Democratic Party

OBAMA has become the shirt of choice among criminals. It is common knowledge that our jails and prisons are full of liberals. But now they are coming in with the shirts to make it easier to identify them.  If you want to do something fun go to the court house or jail and count Obama stickers on the cars.
Then see if you can find one car with a McCain sticker. It's no wonder why the Democratic Party is pushing for convicts to vote. Who can blame these people for stealing? They only took from the "rich" and that is what the Democratic Party does, isn't it? All these criminals are doing is cutting out the middle man, Uncle Sam. There are thousands of pictures like these on the net and a few of conservatives. The left will point out the few conservatives and call it equal but we all know what equal looks like. I'd like to know why the liberals think that this anomaly is happening? When was the last time you saw a mug shot of a person wearing a Bush,Reagan or Ford shirt? Let me know when you find one would ya?


  1. As a Detroit cop I see a lot of those shirts.

  2. If You Do The Crime You Must Do The Time!

    If You Did The VOTE You Are The Goat!

    No Hope Only Change In Pockets!~

  3. If you overly capitalize then you full of lies...

    By the way, where did you steal this from?

  4. If You See The Truth And Call It A Lie You Are Diffently A Liberal Full Of Drivel!

    God I Love Poetry And All CAPITOLS!

  5. but you can't ryhme well and lets not talk about your ability to spell.

  6. Ryhme and Spelling Are NOT As Important As Common Sense And As Harwell Use To Say Joe On A Called Third Strike "You Are The House Standing Along Side The Road"! At Least This Time Joe When Critizing Grammer You Got It All RIGHT Which Aint Bad Considering Your From The Left!

  7. Al, there's little common in your sense of things. And typically the use of that term is attached to some inarticulate partisan bullshit as a way to make themselves seem more correct.


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