Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dick Morris: Sestak Bribery Is Impeachable Offense


For three months, the White House has refused to say whether it offered a job to Representative Joe Sestak to get him to drop his challenge to Senator Arlen Specter in a Pennsylvania Democratic primary, as Mr. Sestak has asserted. This smells of a cover-up to me. I hope our president didn't have anything to do with this bribery case. We can't afford another president getting impeached right now. But we are a country of laws and the left wing keep thinking we are a country of men not laws. We will see.


  1. Chris, was Dick Morris on Fox news three months after Nick Smith was offered a bribe? No, and why? Because this is a PARTISAN HACK ISSUE. These types of things have happened for years and now you and Dick are worried about it.

    Besides he's the perfect type to be on Fox. A tas cheat, who pays for male prostitutes there is no one around to better serve the conservative christian movement. Yes, that shoot the messenger, but you have to admit he's a shady character to be trusting.

  2. We Have Always Been A Nation Of Laws. Ignoring A Law Is A Slippery Slope We Should Not Follow. If A Bribe Is Normal Procedure In Washington Indeed This Nation Is In BIG Trouble. First We Should Have That Transparentsy Thingy And If Its Not A Bribe We Move On. Administration Could Clear Up Issue By Just Explaining There Interpetation Of What Occurred. Just Seems So Simple. Im Afraid With The Elite 535 In Washington "Shady Characters Are The Norm". I Trust Any Politican About As Far As I Can Throw Them. Thank Goodness When Bush Was President There Was NO Partisan Politics. Well Its Time Now To Start Looking At November Elections And Our Political System Is Getting So Bad The Best Vote May Be For Anyone Thats NOT a Incumbant! Might Be Citizens Only Way Of Term Limiting ALL Politcans And Regaining Control Of OUR Government.

  3. AL said... Thank Goodness When Bush Was President There Was NO Partisan Politics. have Al's heimers disease. you forget reality all the time


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