Monday, May 10, 2010

Video: LA Teacher Calls for Mexican Revolt in the US

This kind of  public outcry for a revolt and violence needs to stop. The left wing media and many of the Democrats in Congress warned of the Tea Parties and the coming violence from them. The left demanded time and time again that we conservatives denounce what never happened.  We rallied by the millions without one incident while the left have a hard time just making it though one of their rallies without it getting violent. Now the left will never do what they asked us to do as they are not big enough to stand up to their own.                                                                                           I would like to take a look at why all these left wingers are calling for a revolt.  So lets take a close look at what these radicals and Obama are so upset that they are willing to destroy another property and attack innocent civilians and the police over. The Democrats are feeding the flames rather then asking for civility in this matter so it must be a grave injustice to them. This is what it all boils down to for them. They are willing to revolt over the fact that AZ made it a CRIME to be an ILLEGAL in that state. That is what this is all about. I think AZ needs to take a close look at these violent protesters and start the law from there. The legal immigrants are for this law and value our laws.  If the Republicans want the legal immigrant vote they better come up with a comprehensive plan to make legal immigration easier while making our boarders secure from the illegal immigrants. It is not enough for the Republicans to stand against these illegals but we need to stand for the legal immigrants that busted their butts to come to this country and value it unlike the thieves that came over here and took it.

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  1. These are stupid people who have no stake in civilized society. They just want to watch it all burn...

  2. Chris, i love how you use "the Left" to describe them, instead the correct "Latinos". Not all latinos are democrats and alot aren't involved in politics at all. So if 8,000 hispanics show up to protest its not the democrat party showing up, its hispanics.

    And any Hispanic, latino or other ehtnic group that calls for a violent overthrow is wrong. Thats includes the militias of the rightwing, the hispanics, the lefty anarchists. Wrong all of them.


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