Monday, May 10, 2010

Get Ready For A Volatile Ride In The Markets Today

Futures are way up due to the EU bailout that happened this weekend. There is an infusion of $1 Trillion into the European economy. If you want to see our future then watch the markets. If they are unstable and volatile then our future will be. It will also tell us what Wall St. thinks about the odds that this infusion of our money, as well as other nations, will fix the problem.  I think there will be some big gains and then a sell off and it will push investors to look at what the causes are for such volatility in the market.          My opinion is we keep looking at this as a economic problem and the only fix for that economic problems is an infusion of mass amounts of money. This isn't an economic problem in Europe or the US. This is a government problem. The governments keep spending like there is no tomorrow. And as long as they and we keep spending without fixing the problem of the liberal governments then we will be back in this mess in no time. We can't afford our on liberal government and we sure as heck can't afford to bail out yet another liberal government or entity. The Democrats that are running this country better start thinking about the US for a "Change" or we will be the ones revolting. This country has been reeling out of control since the Democratic Party took over both houses of Congress and they better get this country back on high ground before they bail out anyone else. They are making major risks to our economy by putting OUR MONEY into the hands of a failing country. Why would Obama take our hard earned money and use it to tie Greece and our economy together? Now if they fail and go under they will take us with them.

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