Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Watch: Ad - McCain Is a Border Guard


Now he wants to fix the fence. Well Johnny come lately, it's better late then never. Our boarders have been left open by too many Republicans and Democrats over the decades and Obama and this Congress rather start a racial war in America rather then deal with this huge problem of ours. We gave all that money to Greece and we can't find money for a fence to protect us. This isn't a money problem but rather just another government problem. And if these politicians want to fix the problem with illegals coming into this country we better start looking at the reasons they come here in the first place. They come for the illegal drug trade between South America,Central America and North America. This means we have to look at the war on drugs in a different way because the old way isn't working even a little bit. The next thing we must do is give harsh,and I mean harsh punishment to anyone or any company that hires them.  This low wage illegal immigrant labor practise is nothing more then modern day slavery. If we make it too costly to hire an illegal, then the illegals wont have a reason to come here. And third we need immigrants,the legal kind. They are the future to our Social Security Insurance and Medicare shortfalls. We need high quality immigrants to fill positions. Because our birth rate in America is so low we need to encourage the best and the brightest to come and make a better life for themselves and their families. We need to make it so our migrant workers can come and go with proper papers and if you don't have papers then send them back. We need to make sure we are letting in the good not the bad immigrants. This is our country and it should be up to us who can become a citizen or not. Not a bunch of violent thugs rioting and the companies,unions that hire them. Since the Democratic Party has taken over they have changed us from a country of laws to a country of men. To have our president scold AZ for taking over their own protective measures,that the fed should be doing, is just putting men above law. It is a crime in this country to be here illegally and the Obama admin and the Democratic party is just trying to play politics with the lives of Americans. And it is high time we start putting the needs and wants of the states and it's people before illegals and drug dealers. Michigan and others states are looking at doing what Arizona did. I would just like to add that Arizona and Michigan need to add a punishment to the companies and people that use the illegal immigrants trade as a modern day slave trade. I know the Republicans haven't done any better then the Democratic party but it is the Democratic party that has total  control of power right now. And the Republican party if they are serious about redeeming themselves with Hispanics they better look at what the voting Hispanics want not the rioting criminal Hispanics.


  1. Chris, the problem with the whole illegal immigrant debate is it always rotates around the poor immigrant. Not the businesses that hire them, not helping mexico come to grips with poverty and corruption, but some poor spanish speaking person trying to find a better life.

    Imagine if Conservatives were serious about stopping the flow of immigrants. they could boycott businesses that hire them especially big chains like Wal Mart, politicians who bow to business pressure to protect them, like the Chamber of Commerce, the Farming industries.

    But we won't have that because its not easy to fault the friends (donors) of our Friends (conservative candidates). Better for conservatives to fault the friends (latino groups) of their enemies (rogressive candidates)

    But the amnesty bill of 86 was in large part due to pro-republican supporting ag-business, but not one of you has gotten all made about that.

  2. Read a great story on Fox about Maricopa county sheriff and how they raid 21 businesses and found 200 plus illegals yet cited none of the business for hiring illegals.

    Yet its not racism. Punish the Brown Guy but the white company owner goes free. lamo.


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