Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What A Contrast From The Tea Party Rallies

In Denver, El Marco caught the Aztlan/anarchist mob at its best (er, worst). Here, the illegal alien advocates accuse us of being the invaders. Really:

The (professionally printed) Nazi card was out in full force in Dallas:

So was more unabashed reconquista sentiment, as  previewed on Saturday.
Behold the culture of open-borders entitlement:

And requisite Tea Party-bashing:

Robbie Cooper has a report on the Che worshipers and socialist agitators at the Austin TX May Day rally. Check out these lovely attendees.  “One of these masked clowns is a reporter for Univision Channel 62 in Austin:”

A citizen report on the extremist May Day protest in Atlanta GA:

In Minnesota, what do they want?

And how do they want it?


Reconquista revolution without borders! (Photo credit: El Marco, Denver)


  1. What is with all the radical Che' signs? That guy is a murderer and they put him up as their man.

  2. Behold the America-hating left in all its glory. We need to publish these pictures of Obama's Democratic party far and wide.

    Some of these people may actually put down the hopium pipe long enough to stagger to the polls, so do your part Americans, register and vote!


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