Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another Racist Democrat Is At Rest And The Media Is Errasing That History Already

It seems that the media has forgotten Sen.Byrd racist history. The do that a lot with the Democratic party. RIP Sen. Byrd you are a hero to the Democratic Party and they will forget your KKK past or at least justify it. Did you notice the cross on his hood? God did and he is being judged right now for it. If I was black I would be pissed to all hell by the we the Democratic Party and the media have errased his racist past. But they are the party of segregation with a smile instead of the hood now.


  1. i never knew he was kkk.

  2. everything i heard about him discussed his KKK membership and his apology for it. just like this Washington post piece.


    if i was black i would be mad at the Party of No Minority republicans for their sanctification of a Man who used racial politics to divide us, Ron Reagan. ANYONE REMEMBER THE 1980'S "WELFARE MOMMAS" PLATFORM????

    that was much more recent than Bob Byrd. but what about the acceptance of segregationists into the rightwing after the Dems started to move dixiecrats out of the party? How do you reconcile that you took in people whose racial politics didn't change and therefore didn't fit what the dems where becoming?

  3. So Joe when did two wrongs make a right? It seems like you don't care that he is a racist but that they are Republicans. That sounds like a slip of the liberal racist tongue Joe. It bothers you more that a Republican did less then Byrd. Typical racist responce Joe.

  4. Reagans Platform Regarding Welfare Mommas Had To Do With Welfare Fraud And Abuse. I Dont Think This Rises To Being A Card Caring Member Of The KKK!

    Also Remember 60s And Dont Remember Republican Politicans Using High Pressure Hose On Citizens That Wanted Nothing More Than There Rights As Citizens.

    Also Dont Remember Republican Politicans Standing In Front Of School Door Turning Away Black Students Who Wanted NO More Than Their Right To Education Which To This Date Still Is Sadly Failing Them Do To Feel Good Liberal Ideas.

    Once Again Democrats Did All They Could To Stop/Discourage Integration And To This Day Have Done What To Actually Improve The Lot Of Our Minority Citizens?

    Civil Rights Has Never Been Priority Of Liberals, VOTING Blocks Have, And Entitlements Is The Liberal Chains On Minorities To This Day!

  5. Well said AL. Somehow when a Republican spits it's the same as when a Democrat is the Grand Pooba of the KKK. It shows how racist they are as they only see partisan as racism not the true racism. The left are racist by commition and omition and lots of excusses for it.

  6. Chris, you haven't discussed how i showed your piece was once again wrong. Like all the others. His racial history is being discussed, despite the fact you said it wouldn't be. If the WAPOST is mentioning then the mainstream media is mentioning it.

    Hey, are you going to the Glenn Beck gathering at the Mall? You know the one that is on the anniversary of that great civil rights and union leader Walter Reauther's speech? Or maybe the one on the anniversary of the speaking of that great civil rights leader and Democrat John Lewis? You going to any of those?

  7. Joe you Democrats are all about show. You go to the civilo rights things and talk all good. Just like you do about charaty. But when it comes down to it the Democrats are all show and no action. Just look at how little liberals give to charaty compared to conservatives. Joe when I say give it air time i mean like they gave to Strom Thermans segragationist past. What a difference and (R) and a (D) make when it comes to the main stream medias reporting. Denigh it if you like but it is as true as the earth is round. Joe you go and hold hands in the sand and act like you did something. I am going to get together with a group to try and reverse some of the segragation you on the left have worked so hard to keep. I was just wondering Joe,I live in a neiborhood that is about 30% black. I just got back from my 90 year old neigbors two doors down from me. I seen him out cutting his grass and thought him and his wife might like a fresh salad. We talked about their flowers and their family. I think of them as my grandparents. I'm sure you care more about the color of their skin then I do. I never think of their skin color. But thanks to people like you I'm reminded of their color all the time. When I lived in Japan I was reminded of my skin and hair color all the time. But that country is almost all Asian. We are a mixing pot and all you Democrats want to do is separate us. I was in the hospital ER the other day and I had two separate friends their with family members. One was an elderly man and the other was in his 40's and both are good friends of mine. And yes both happen to be black. I didn't think much of it till a black nurse said,"you have lot's of black friends" to me. My answer to her is I just have friends and maybe that is why. on the list of things I find important about people,color is the lowest.


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